Saturday, January 1, 2011

My first Posting of Lyrics. I've turned to the dark side.

So in the spirit of all this self worth we've been finding lately, here's the opening verse and chorus of a song I've been liking recently. It's called If the lights go out and it's by Katie Melula.

They say the world must end somehow,
They say the end's not far from now;
I think they're wrong,
Don't worry your life away,
Start living for today,
Don't think about tomorrow.

And if the lights go out on all of us,
In just a year or two.
And if the sky falls down like pouring rain,
Then I'll be here with you.
I'll go down with you.

And like many a great song, I first heard it on the Woolies instore radio. A lot of my teenybopper co-workers diss it, but I think someone's done a damn good job, and they don't get any recognition at all. So Happy New Year to that person too.


  1. Thats because when you're a teeny bopper you think you're immortal and death is a bloody long way off. When you get to my age you realise it actually could be tomorrow, or in a year or two.

    I love the lyrics Sara.Happy New Year. Hope the 18 drinks didnt do too much damage !

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