Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I... what... yeah... um... nah, dunno.

I fell asleep 3 times today. Normally I never sleep during the day, but I got up earlyish (10) because Bob and Esther were at our house for the morning, and proceeded to fall asleep on the floor. And then on the couch. And then on my bed.

Clearly, I'm not pulling up very well after the weekend.

Actually, that's an understatement. I'm struggling to think two coherent thoughts in a row*. Still, there was some happiness to be found in the bag of raspberry twists we bought on the way home in Meningie.

And this was really the only nice photo I took all weekend.

All the others had drunk people spoiling the view. Often with their pants down. I put those ones on facebook instead.

*It's taken me over an hour to write this post.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


I'm home.

I'd forgotten how much I loved my toilet. Sooo much better than a portapotty.

I may love my skinny jeans but after a weekend of looking bitchin in them and my boots, I'm loving wearing trackies right now.

I'm loving the decision we made to not unpack the car. Not that half the stuff is home anyway - the boys we met up there managed to blow up the engine in their ute so we had to bring them home, leaving our swags, half my clothes and two of the eskies up there with the ute. They orgainsed another ute and a car trailer and are already on their way back up there to tow it home, but we are quite happy here in showered and in bed.

It was a good weekend. After the little bit of rain while we waited to get in, it cleared right up. We were at the top of a hill and had an amazing view of the lights of Adelaide a long way away. There was a boy called Lushy, a great many Cruisers, dancing till my feet hurt (even though I was in my comfy boots) and my hands are still blue. Fingernails - the dye gets stuck in the cuticles. But I don't know why I always end up blue. There's so many other pretty colours.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I have arrived!

We were stuck at the gate for an hour and a half because there was a rally in the way but we're in the ball. The rain only lasted an hour or so, while we were waiting, so I've decided that was the plan all along - that we couldn't get here till the rain stopped. It's still damp and my all leather boots aren't particularly waterproof :( But they look damn good, so we'll forgive them.

It's still 3 hours till the ball proper (and there could be masses of people on the other side of the rally) but there isn't as many people here as I was expecting. Tickets were capped at 600 and they were suggesting that people prepay so some of the people we're with think that not many people will show up to pay at the gate.

Hopefully I'll have a heap of interesting photos to show you all in a couple of days, there will probably just be a lot of the same faces.

Friday, May 27, 2011

BnS Balls

Some of you may have read the initials BnS on my blog recently and thought to yourselves, what the bloody hell is that? Especially if you're from overseas, and have never had chance to encounter this delightful Australian event.

BnS stands for Bachelors and Spinsters, though I'm making a motion for it to be changed to Blokes and Sheilas. It's just more Aussie. A BnS Ball is therefor a really big party for single people to meet one another.

Helen has told me that 20 years ago this was all very polite. Well, polite by the standards of a massive pissup in the country. The idea is that towns take turns to host them, with any profits going to local community groups, and people travel to them to catch up with friends who live a long way away, meet new people and maybe find that special someone.

Oh yes, and participate in massive amounts of drunkenness and debauchery, show off their utes, do some keybangers and spit food dye at one another. Which is both strictly prohibited, and traditional. I've packed 8 bottles, but I might get some more.

Tickets are usually in the $100-$140 range and include all you can drink Saturday night, a place to camp and usually all you can drink Sunday morning too (recovery) As well as some barbequed meat, live music, a tshirt, a bumper sticker, a stubby holder and usually, a custom printed eartag. And a chance to catch up with your mates, meet some random boys and girls and do the kinds of things you wont be able to tell your mother about. Actually, I will anyway, for all that she'll go 'I don't want to hear that"

For those of you looking for more information, go watch this video. I bowed out of this ball (Birchip 2010) at the last minute after working 38 hours in the four days leading up to it. And just as well - the girl in the short white dress saying she couldn't get on farmer wants a wife is my little sister Becky and the one making out with the dreadlocked guy is my other sister Casey.

Tonight, I'm off to Adelaide because tomorrow is the Myponga "Cow Tippers" BnS ball, and I'd much rather drive the 60km from the city on the day of the ball than the 500km from home. I'm being chill right now, because there's still stuff to be done before we go, but I am So. Freaking. Excited.

*ute (n) - Australian version of the pickup, but, um, better.
*keybangers (v) - Are done by putting the key in the ignition, turning the car on and revving the shit out of it. Have been known to empty the fueltanks of LandCruisers with 350chev engines in under 10 minutes. Sounds, and looks, like gunfire from the exhaust.
*stubby holder (n) - insulated cooler for you drink.
*eartag (n) - little piece of plastic onto which they print the name of the farm/owner of the cow it tags. Can often be seen on the hats of bogans indicating which BnS Balls/18th/21st birthday parties they attended.


Oh. My. God. There's these doughnuts at Woolies. We only got them in two days ago. They are super fluffy. They have chocolate icing all the way around. Like, top and bottom. No, I don't know how they do it either. They have clumps of molten chocolate in the middle. I've ordered 12 to take with my to Myponga for the weekend, but really, I don't think it's enough. I need to borrow Dad's shotgun to defend them. They are chocolatey, doughnutty perfection.

Of course, if I had to pick one meal to eat for the rest of my life, it would still be the satay chicken sticks from Burnside Noodle Bistro. I'm making Casey go to Adelaide a day early just so we can have them. I'm thinking I might go easy on the drinking on Sunday too so I can drive up and get them again. I know it's a 2 hour, 120km round trip from Myponga. Care face?* Exactly. They're that good.

Change of subject now - I've had a play. It's not finished, (obviously, the white bits) but it shouldn't be too hard one day when I'm able to concentrate (ie, not at 3am when I'm watching QI and playing with google earth)

There is, so far, the same number of each colour of triangle. It's hard to remember it. Question though - does it still count as a pinwheel? Don't care. I like rainbows.

*When someone's whinging about something, or telling us not to do something, in our house, we put on our blankest expression, point to our face and go "Care Face?" as in "does this look like the face of someone who cares?" I don't know why it started, possibly with "see this. this is my care face" but we care face a lot in our house.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tonight... I actually did what I was meant to...

Tonight I got home and I looked at my very big list of things I need to be doing to get ready for the weekend.

And naturally, with plenty of other shit to get done, what I wanted to do more than anything was make a quilt.


So I bummed about by staring into the fridge for a bit, and read a few chapters of a book, and had a look around the internet to see if it had anything interesting for me to download, and wrapped and labeled all my mugs and put them in a box that was pretty much exactly the right size. And since that should have been on my list of things to do for the weekend, it seemed like a good time to segue into the things that actually were on my list.

So I went through all my jeans and picked which ones I'm taking, and went and got my old suitcase out of the shed and found out it had gotten a bit moldy so I switched to the smaller of the two that I got last night from Helen and really, it's properly gorgeous - the interior is lovely too, which is rare. And, thankfully, it's big enough to fit my underskirts, which are made from tulle and flannelette (for extra warmth) as well as all my normal clothes. The fur coat of course has it's own case.

I found my puffy ski overalls which should be perfect for recovery on Sunday and put some spare undies into little ziplock bags. I have little ziplock bags full of undies stashed everywhere.

I did a load of washing that consisted pretty much of just 33 million socks. Though of course, by the time they've been washed, dried and sorted it will be down to 16 million socks, which is a shame.

Then I got bored and made some spaghetti. It was yum. But still, I'm feeling a lot more organised that I was earlier. Tomorrow I need to clean out my car though, and that's gunna suck.

All at the same time I am thinking about doing a quilt with pinwheels, except, well, I don't really like the look of them. My pile of little tiny pinwheels is toats cute, but an allover pinwheel pattern just isn't that aesthetically pleasing to me. I'll probably have to wait until next week and have a few seshes on the computer trying to come up with something cool.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Help wanted.

I need an opinion. More than one, probably, but one in authoritative voice will do me.

Do I need a dark green? To go with the dark blue? There's no dark green in the prints, but the shift from a wide range of blues to a pair of quite similar greens doesn't seem right. Maybe I should go a very light green?

Picking solids is a lot harder than picking prints.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's so fluffy...

Tonight, I'd like to tell you all how glad I am that my internet is back after a quite nasty 18 hours, and how glad I also am that we live in the present, and not the prehistoric ages, because fur is really really hard to sew.

Obviously, people do still sew fur - my coat, although almost certainly vintage, isn't quite from the prehistoric ages. It came from the Salvos so I've no idea how old it is or even what died to make it, but it seemed pretty sturdy, at least till a largeish bloke decided he wanted to wear it and tore quite a large hole along one of the back seams which I hadn't gotten around to sewing back up. But with the weather being shit I kinda needed it fixed for Saturday night, and since it's all lined it had to be sewn from the outside and with an inch of fur... Well, lets just say it's not my best work, and all be thankful for nice even cotton and sewing machines.

Sunday, May 22, 2011


It's been nearly six month's since I've had a migraine. Well, it had been.

In the months before christmas last year I was getting them about once a fortnight. They'd wake me in the middle of the night, hurt like hell, keep me awake, make me sick, then after three or four hours of tossing and turning I'd fall asleep and wake up feeling crappy, but thankful it had gone. Only ever in one quarter of my head, the front left. Tried migraine tablets and sinus headache tablets and tension headache tablets but it didn't really work. And it was irregular, and in the middle of the night, and I need a new doctor (still) and it just seemed like a hassle over something that affected approximately 1.2% of my time.

Today though of course one decided to strike at 8am, 3 hours before I had to go to work. On a supervising Sunday shift. Where it's pretty much gunna take keeling over and dying to get you a replacement. I wasn't quite at that point (though really, it would have felt like an improvement) but on the kona colour chart, I would have at least been at Natural if not Snow. If I was at White it would have hurt my eyes to look at myself in the mirror. Although none of my co-workers would have got that, I was pale enough to get some sympathy. Not enough to get me a replacement, but some. Except from one of the ones who'd had a big night on the town last night, but she sooo didn't get any sympathy from me. I was too busy in my rut last night to get my drink on and anyway, that's not till next Saturday. Could it be that my hangover has come a week early? That would be clever, though if I get one next Sunday, I will be writing a letter of complaint.

I'm feeling better now, well, so long as I don't let my head go below my shoulders. I'm thinking I might nick some cushions form the couch, pop on The Thomas Crown Affair and go to sleep. And yes, it is only 9pm. Maybe I'm not feeling that much better. I'm not even usually getting started at 9pm.

Bigpond, Bigpond, wherefore art thou, Bigpond?

The rapture didn't happen but the bigpond website is refusing to let me check my usage, and, in some ways I am like a broken record. Once I couldn't check my usage I got stuck, and I couldn't really do anything.

This month it's opposite to how it usually is. With 4 days to go, I was halfway through my usage. But that's okay, since at full speed I can use that 100gig in 2 days. So it's been full downloads ahead today, and even though I'm feeling like I'm doing well, I can't check. And if I can't check I don't know, and if I don't know a simple thing like my internet usage, how am I supposed to fathom the answers to the big questions? Like, what should I work on next?

It was fine when I had my set list of things to finish to get to number 50, but, well, I have finished it. There's still a list, and a big one at that. Five quilts that need backing, for starters. Two that are part done. I did spent 20 minutes sewing some of my neat stack of prettily coloured 10cm squares together, until I came to a green I was no longer sure about. So I stopped. It's yet another quilt for me, so I want to get it right.

If anything, I would say the return of my parents is what has gotten me the most off-kilter. I do love them of course, and my Mum is one of my favourite people in the world, but Dad has had 23 years of practice at irritating me and he's gotten really really good at it. He doesn't like the hours I keep, so instead of making good progress in the middle of the night, I make a point of doing everything in such a way as it looks like I'm packing up. It's difficult, and it makes me edgy. Helen would probably suggest moving out, but I like the fact that 90% of my income is disposable. How am I supposed to maintain a good fabric stash if I have to pay for silly things like rent and heating?

Speaking of fabric stash I have a very strong desire to buy a layer cake. Problem is, I don't like any recent and still reasonably priced ones. I don't even need a full one, so I'm considering one of the Riley Blake or Kaufman alternatives, but they're so much harder to find. Type "10 squares" into ebay, 90% of it's nothing to do with fabric. Makes me kinda cross.

This is probably how the rapture people are gunna feel. Or maybe it's not. #50 was not the end, I knew all along that once I did quilt 50, a whole world of quilting options would open back up. But I don't know which option to take. I had bought the fabrics for a couple more mini zigzag quilts just because I liked the fabrics, but I really don't feel like mindlessly churning something out after spending the last month churning out backs and quilting and binding - I want to do something new and interesting and exciting. My new quilt is in solids, and while I'm totally confident in saying which prints go together, I keep looking at my fabrics and going, that blue there, it's two shades too dark. It'll make the whole thing look like shit and then going fuck it - can't be bothered right now. It's overshot exciting into intimidating.

I'm probably in a rut. I'm stuck between a finish and a BnS ball. This time next week I'll be drunk off my nut trying to find me a cowboy. Or two. That, I'm hoping, will help.

In the meantime, Why has thou forsaken me, Bigpond?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

I'm really good at thiis...

In honour of my easrlier post, tonight I have done next to nothing* - no sewing, or sorting of stuff for a BnS ball, no organising of my room or cutting more bits for my quilt in progress. I have done the putting the downloaded videos from the lappy to the harddrive thing, but not my proper backup of the lappy that I should do more often thing. I've also watched two episodes of The Big Bang Theory and three of Bones, and feel good about how I'm all caught up. And sad about the fact that Castle, Chuck, Bones, and Big Bang are all on season break now. And it's still two and a half weeks till White Collar comes back, and Top Gear's not till "sometime in June" and Psych isn't until "the fall", which is of course the American fall, ours being practically passed over in favour of winter already anyway. And the schedules for Mythbusters and Time Team are, frankly, too erratic for me to depend upon.

Put simply, for two weeks my world is in turmoil while I have no must-get TV. I'm getting all of The Mentalist even though I found Simon Baker a bit whingey and pathetic, and The Closer even though watching it gave me a terrible southern-American accent.

Does that happen to other people? You watch or listen to something too much and you start to act and talk and worst of all think like whatever it is that's obviously in your brain at the time.

You should have seen me the time I decided to sit down and watch the first 3 seasons of Girls of the Playboy Mansion in one weekend. Never before has the word like crossed my lips so many times.

Anyway. Because I was watching Bones and Big Bang I magically absorbed smartness** and concluded that although it seemed like I was eating massive amounts of cheese, it was probably only a fifth of a 250g block, or slightly over 1/1000th of my body weight. This didn't seem like enough, so I had some chicken too.

And now that I've read a few hundred comments on the ABC website's article on the rapture (five bucks says the end of the world gets procrastinated on too) I'm thinking I might go to bed***

*Everything's a thing, if you know what I mean, you can't do nothin' cause there's no such thing, some things are big some things are small, some mean a lot some nothin' at all - Joe Nichols
**Thankfully, although both shows featured lead female characters sleeping with someone they had previously only considered a friend, this hasn't yet, and hopefully, nor will it, occur.
***Actually, I'll probably click on some random facebook links, maybe poke around them more obscure articles on the BBC website and then spend at least 20 minutes on ebay wishing I was a millionare.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Today, my favourite thing is procrastinating. If there was a world championships for it, I'd probably enter - next year. Or maybe the year after that. I suspect they would accept late submissions, so that should help.

I'm writing this now instead of having some lunch before I head off to work. That's how I roll. Or it would be, except I just really don't feel like rolling right now, so maybe later.

I've had a brilliant FTF post in my head for over a month now. I should write it up, but, well, it's kinda long. So that will keep getting put off till one day, when, maybe, I can be bothered.

But it's not all bad. Lots of my quilts have been made as an alternative to cooking myself some food, going to bed, or even binding another quilt.

So I love procrastinating. I was gunna write a big ode to it, but that'll have to be put off for another day. I also love saying "yeah, that'll do."

I think...

I quilt too much. I quilt like I shop. Impulsively, and with little thought regarding what I will do with them one I have them.

So I've finished over 40 quilts now. Taking out of that count the four at Helen's, two at Kelsey's, one of Maddy's, four on my bed, one on my wall and one in my swag, and one that's been sold to the lady from Flannies that she still hasn't picked up yet, and thats still 26 quilts that have no home or designated use. And I've started another one. Because clearly, I need another one. It's blue and green solids with a few spotty fabrics in there too. A boy quilt, for if should I find myself "needing" one.

Unfortunately, although there was allegedly some sunshine this morning, I slept through it so no pretty on-the-grass photos from me. I have some flat out on the kitchen floor photos though.

The last one had a solid back - the advantage of a quilt less than 110cm wide. I really love the backs done with the big random squares though. The blue one especially. It's fun piecing stuff randomly and hoping for the best, and it's even better when it works out.

My big problem now is that lately I have been getting around to the fabrics I had assigned to projects for myself. It's fine when it's only a technical experiment or a casual urge to work with some certain fabrics but Autumn Nutmeg was for me, the Mingle Star quilt, once the bindings get here, is for me, and I'm starting to worry that eventually I will end up as a terrible inverted version of princess and the pea, except instead of sleeping on a dozen mattresses I will be crushed under the weight of hundreds of quilts. And then you'll all have to hack my blogger account, and I haven't even written up a will regarding my stash yet.

I should have a think about doing that. And updating my completed quilts list. And cleaning my room, charging my camera(s - I bought a hot pink 10MP Fujifilm one today for $60), mending some clothes and backing up my computer.

There, all thought about. Not done, obviously, but I've thought about doing them, and decided to go to bed instead. I'm good at making decisions like that.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Apologies for the cheese induced delirium.

Do you ever wonder what happened to those people who dropped out of the blogosphere? The ones that used to post all the time, that you followed the lives of, who one day just... vanished? I always hope they're doing fine, living their lives without sharing them with the world but sometimes I worry. I worry that something happened to them, that there's a reason they're not online anymore.

There was a thing on facebook a while ago that said "After I die, I give you permission to hack my account and change my status to is chillin with jesus" - I'm not at all religious and nor do I believe in an afterlife, but the point stands. Should something happen to me, I expect someone to hack my account* and let everyone know. And for someone to finish up my half done quilts.

Speaking of half done quilts, I now have four less. That still leaves one unfinished top, five quilts than need a back and basting, two that need quilting, and two that need binding. But that's ten of a total fifty, or an 80% completion rate. I'm happy with that.

I've also realised that if you must bind, bind lots. Binding feels like it takes forever, and forever takes just as long if you do it four times as if you'd done it once. Admittedly tonight I only did the second (and third, because I bind in my own special way) lots of sewing - I'd sewn them on and done the join and ironed them around and pinned them down last night. It would seem that what I've actually decided is that if you must suffer through multiple eternities, make them all different.

Or, possibly, what's really happened is that I've eaten too much cheese and become a bit delirious.

Anyway, back to the point. Four more quilts are now all bound and ready to wash and crinklify*

45, 39, 36 and 18

Two are in the machine now, and I'll put the others in when they're done, and hopefully we'll get 5 minutes of sunshine tomorrow for me to do the photos on the grass thing.

The other thing I've gotten done is the top for quilt # 50.

I love the fabrics and the colours, but I have to admit, they're not right for this pattern. The Falling Leaves fabric having both pink and green in it means that depending on how you're looking at it, the background either merges into the rings or pops to the foreground. I can't help but think of it as my Escher quilt, even though that's really not what I was going for. I'm gunna have a do over - I've had some fabrics in my stash for at least a year now, a pink, blue and green with flowers that should work - it's been in an envelope in a box and I can't remember how big the flowers actually are, but if they're fairly small (I recall them being a bit under an inch across. I could be wrong) then it should be fine.

Parent's should be home tomorrow night, so that should cheer up my dog, prevent my house from making any more threats upon my life, and curb my until-4am sewing seshes. Still, it'll be nice to see them again, as much as it has been nice doing our own thang for the last fortnight.

*if shouldn't be hard - firefox knows all my passwords.
** my submission to the quilting lexicon for 2011.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Retro Star Quilt

A year ago today I started my first quilt. Before that, the closest I had come was a quilted laptop sleeve, about 30cm wide by 50cm around. But I did dressmaking, and I liked sewing bags. I was a sewer, but not a quilter.

A short while after I started quilting I decided that instead of spending all my time reading other people's blogs, I'd get my own. This is my 400th post, and since it's been less than a year, that means more than one post a day, and that's probably more than was really necessary. But oh well, my typing has gotten much better over the last 400 posts.

The design for what came to be known as the retro star quilt first showed up about 391 posts ago. It's completely different to what is shown, but since I draw stuff in mspaint and then make it up from there, that's not surprising.

The fabrics were 30s reproduction prints I bought from lincraft in bundles of eight. Usually there's only one or two nice prints per bundle, but when you used to work there and your Aunt's the manager, you can get away with (if you promise to do it neatly) rearranging the bundles so it's all nice stuff. And while it features eight fabrics and they come in bundles of eight, this doesn't mean I only bought one bundle. I'd have bought at least 20 over the last year, if not more. Fabrics were added, removed, swapped, compared, put back in, umm'd and ahh'd over. A white was bought for the background, and then an off-white, because I wanted it to look like it was 30 years old before I'd finished it.

I'm a bit ashamed to say it but this is probably the most undervalued of the quilts I use day to day. It's on my bed, on the side I don't sleep under, and although it was only made a month or so before the other bed quilt, because I wanted it to come off the machine looking old, it does. I feel like it's been around forever. It's just there, in much the same way that your Mum is, but unlike Mum, there isn't really a day to recognise how much an old (well, 10 month old) quilt means to you.

When I first started quilting, a lot of what I made was squares, quilted in the ditch. This design though, had clever angles that made shapes, and negative space, and a quilting line that followed the interesting shapes around and around. It was so different to a lot of the other stuff that I had that it was easy to forget that it was mine.

Nonetheless, I'm very proud of it. I've just made it again in different fabrics, and ended up with something totally different. I'll probably make it again. Why wouldn't I? It's nice.

For other nice quilts, with nice stories, or to tell a nice story about your nice quilt, the Spring Blogger's Quilt Festival* is still going.

*Damn weird name for it really, what with it being Autumn and all....

The title of this post can only be expressed through interpretive dance.

I am plugging away at quilt # 50. It's coming together slowly, but I've stopped for really, really late tea. It's in 5 pieces at the moment - a big middle piece and the one-square-wide edge strips. Technically, it is a good design idea, since it meant all my blocks were the same size and fit together very easily, which they wouldn't have had the edge been made part of them, but in the real world it means that I now have 4 long bits of stitching to do, which is a problem for someone who usually has to force herself to join the last two big bits together.

Why does the hardest part have to be at the end? If it's not binding it's joining 43 billion points together in a row. I should give up and go to bed, but it's all laid out on the floor so I'm just gunna suck it up and get it done.

My high from earlier has dissipated. Meagan was working tonight and once again we did the laughing so hard we ended up on the floor crying thing, and then while driving her home we discovered we've spent half our lives in the same place and never even realised it. And we're so looking forward to going to the Myponga BnS in less than a fortnight with Anna, but about 2am I move my handbag because it's in the way of my ironing and it gets a message. Service is patchy at my house and it had been trying to come through for a couple of hours at least: it's from Anna and it says "I have bad news"

The bad news I suspect will be that she's not gunna come. She'd been worrying about the money and the prospect of getting a new place at around the same time, but really, if there's one thing that shits me more than anything, it's people who are um-ah about plans. Especially big, 1000km round trip roadtrip plans, with a group, in convoy. That I've already bought her stuff for. And which have $130 prepaid tickets, which, thankfully, we aren't getting till Thursday.

Nonetheless. I'm kinda pissed. I've also run out of Spicks and Specks episodes and my fire has gone out.

But: My mug is here

As are my boots

So it's not all bad. And I've just made an executive decision. I'm gunna go to bed. Put it up on the bench, do it later.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Sometimes I look at even a partly done quilt lying on the floor, and I have a little think about the evolution of my quilts; where maybe I've taken aspects of that design from and what aspects have evolved into other things in other quilts, and it makes me want to go out and get all my other quilts out of their tub in the new shed and maybe see how many of them I can use all at once, which would work well tonight because it's damn cold.

Tonight I did the in the ditch quilting for the Autumn Nutmeg quilt. I'd been putting it off because it's been nearly a year now since I did any sewing in the ditch - echoing is so much easier because it doesn't need to be anywhere near as precise. It was only 6 lines but I grumbled to myself the whole time. I'm glad I managed to pick a thread that went fairly well with all the fabrics - it'll look fine after a wash.

It's also nearly a year since I started quilting - I only in the ditched my first two before switching to the wave stitch and then echoing. And I'm coming up to post #400 - without any actual planning, if I stick to a post a day they'll coincidentally coincide.

Wow. A whole year of getting big bits of fabric, chopping them into little bits and sewing them back together into a big bit again. Where has the year gone?

Stuff I'm liking...

Because I'm wild and crazy, I'm doing my favourite things on a Thursday. Yeah, hardcore. Well, not really. It's already Friday here.

My favourite thing today is sick days. 2am snack of hardboiled eggs last night left me with a tummy ache and so I called in sick and spent the day bumming about the lounge room. So while feeling shitty can be shitty, in my usual positive way, here's all the good bits.

I like how, on a regular day off, I would be stressing out and bustling about trying to get everything done. Whereas today I bummed about on the couch all day.

I like it when I manage to light the fire with the WD40 I usually use on my sewing machine. We've run out of firelighters, but it works quite well in case of an emergency.

I like it when the fire is really really hot. Too hot to sit right in front of, but at the point where it's just the right temperature two metres away on the couch.

I love blankets and pillows on the couch.

I love wireless internet. Having to deal with only the power cable is okay, but if I had to hardline my internet there'd be wires crisscrossed all over the lounge.

I love browsing online shops for dresses I will never buy.

I love knowing pretty much exactly how to make myself a ball gown off the top of my head. I need to get myself some tulle. I like tulle. Especially when it's rainbow.

I love mugs. Fancy mugs that would be one of a kind except I ordered 4 of them. I love drinking anything and everything out of my mugs. Except nesquik, because I like eating that dry out of the can.

I like completely disregarding the useby dates on things. Not last nights eggs - they were from the chooks next door, and had feathers on them instead of a date, but my can of banana nesquik. Expired 3 months ago but it still tastes fine.

I love the little box that plays the movies on my harddrive through the telly.

I love White Collar marathons. Less than 27 days till season 3 starts!

I like considering spending the night on the couch.

I like that I know my bed will be better.

My lightbulb moment.

Tonight,  had a lightbulb moment. And while everyone else gets good, inspirational or creative lightbulb moments, I got a lightbulb that blew up in my face as I was trying to take it out.

And this was after the power had been out for 3 hours in the evening, which seriously gets in the way of any sewing that needed doing on the machine, so I took it as a sign, and took the night off.

Stuff like this always happens when Mum and Dad go away. It used to be that the gas bottle would be empty the day after they left which is more a hassle than something scary, actually it just means I deep fry everything instead of oven baking it. But a light has blown up before while everyone's been away: that time it was in the kitchen, I flicked the switch and it fully exploded with glass blowing everywhere, so I ran away to my boyfriends till people came home, convinced that the house was possessed. This time fortunately it was only a teeny bit of corroded metal that showered over me, which is especially better since I was holding onto it at the time, as opposed to flicking a switch across the room. It had blown out about a minute before when I went into the bathroom for a shower, I'd taken off the big cover and gone to take it out (I had the passage light on, which streams in fairly well) and "pfft" followed by darkness and a spray of stuff from over my head. Not fun, but at least all the torches were out from the power outage earlier. Casey pulled the base of the bulb out of the hole for me with a pair of pliers and we put a new one in.

My lightglobe blew (in a much more polite manner) last week, blogger went down, the power went out, half of Mt Gambier lost mobile phone coverage, and then this. All those in favour of my parents never going away again, please say aye.


But just because I've taken the night off doesn't mean I only have a broken lightglobe to show off. Yesterdays efforts, which I did too much off, leaving me with no energy to get my camera with it's photos for the last post, are (obviously, considering the last statement,) yet to be shown.

I didn't talk about it but once I'd cut all my bits I decided I'd sew the offcuts into some pinwheels, because I hadn't actually done anything with halfsquare triangles before. While there is plenty of information on the internet about how big a square needs to be in inches, there's not much with regards to metric, and since I couldn't do the math, I couldn't do a full project, and I wasn't really willing to sacrifice time and fabric to a curiosity. But I had a big pile of 8cm triangles in one fabric, and two small piles of various scraps that could be cut into 8cm triangles, so I decided to go for it.

Pinwheels have been moved from the "untried" list to the "easy" list. But that list is only to do with making them, when it comes to using them, I can't really think of that much, especially not in this configuration. I'll probably make one more green one and then nine-patch them together with some sashing for a cushion. Actually, that's a lie. They'll probably go into my little pile of "blocks that never got used"

If I had actually thought about it instead of just getting into it, I could have better paired up my triangles so the ones with more pink leaves went with the green and vice-versa. But oh well.

And them having kicked some pinwheel butt, I got into the big one. My math, freshly done with some diagrams on graph paper to boot, worked perfectly. My fabric selection, done on impulse almost a year ago, not so much.

Of course, it's still all in pieces there. The problem I think is that the leaves, meant to be the background fabric, are popping forward when it's meant to be the rings that do that. I picked those fabrics because the print meant that any wonky points would be less noticeable, but in a sea of perfect points, you can't see the design.

Well, you can see a design. Sometimes I see the rings, sometimes I see a 5 strand plait with some beads and sometimes I'm seeing roundabouts. I just tilted my head and saw barbed wires.

If I do it again, I'm gunna make the rings narrower, or more likely, make the background bits bigger.

I might also get brave, and do it in solids. Well, at least the background.

Two more quick things, I decided to get the fabric.com stuff anyway, but if they don't refund my $2.24 there'll be hell to pay. And I'm gunna do my 400th post as my blogger's quilt festival post, because it all comes together so nicely.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I had momentum. I had stuff done, and I took photos to prove it. It wasn't good stuff, but hey, stuff. Everybody loves stuff.

And now, it's nearly 4am, and I'm sitting on the couch because I cant be bothered going to bed. But Rhinestone Cowboy's on, so things aren't too bad.

Anyway, #50 is half done, but looks a bit crap*, the house is still a mess, we're still out of plates, the fire's still going and I still haven't made any progress on any of my bindings.

Particularly proud of the fire. It's 28 in here right now, and I'm sorry American friends, I've no idea what that translates to. "Fall asleep on the couch warm" I think, as opposed to the "bloody hell it's cold" 9 degrees outside.

*blocks are sewn but need to all be put together. I'm not sure if it looks bad because all the points don't match yet or if it's just bad, so I'll assemble it and try again tomorrow.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Baaack...

Blogger! You're Back! I Missed You!

Now I'd appreciate it if you never did that to me again. If facebook pulled a stunt like you just did there would be rioting in the streets.

Anyway, forgive and forget, and all that.

Tonight I worked late, so all the stuff I was gunna get done, isn't. No bindings have been touched*, no dishes or hair washed, no floors swept and no jeans put in the dryer.

I did light the fire again though, with more WD40, cause I forgot to buy firelighters.

And all that (not) done, I put some Joe Nichols into the little box that talks to the TV, and I've spent the night listening to country songs I've never heard before but to which I somehow know most of the words. It could be that the lyrics are a bit predictable, or it could be that I have some kind of otherworldy, magical connection to this music. I've also made a start on quilt #50.

My math was all wrong. Well, not all of it. I got the number 24 (the measurement of the big octagon in the centre of each ring) right**, so that's good, but pretty much all my other numbers were too big. Still, that's better than too small, and the maths is a year old, so I suppose it was due for some polish.

Yesterday I was a bit despondent because I couldn't find the second piece of Falling Leaves that I needed and the only place I could find any was Fabric.com, so I ordered 4 of the 10 yards they allegedly had left. Today I found the other bit, and I thought, hey, it's cool, the other stuff will back it and bind it. But still, it was 35 bucks I could have spent on something else, and then tonight I got an email from them saying they only had 3.5 yards left, and it was in three bits.

So I had to quickly make sure my math was all right, or at least make sure I had enough fabric. It seems like I do, assuming I don't fuck anything up from this point on, so do I tell them to cancel the order or do I just accept what they're offering? 1.5 yards are still fairly big pieces, but still. The email says if I don't reply in 24 hours, they'll send it as it is, which is awfully presumptuous of them.


Fabricshack.com also sent me an email, because as well I ordered a heap from them - A couple of binding options for the mingle star quilt and some cute cowboy prints and 15 different shades of blues and greens because I wanna make something like this. Their email said they were out of Kona Cornflower, which I'm totally cool with, since, um, I didn't order any. So yay for that.

And now I have two much anticipated days off. So an even bigger yay for that.

*actually, it got picked up off the cutting mat and moved out of the way, but I don't think that counts.
**though if you go back and look at the picture it says 25, but I realised a month or so ago that that was wrong.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


It's very difficult to take a photo of a frige with a shiny surface, did you know that? I should have just taken some photos of a couple sitting on my cutting mat, but I'm a really big fan of context, so bad fridge photos it is!

Ignoring the calendar, and Maddy's plasticine figures, some photos, a couple of drawings and some whiteboard markers, and down the bottom you have my last two night's worth of work. And I'm not even done yet - there's another 10 small ones still to do. The big ones are about half a metre, roughly 20 inches, long.

For those of you who are from overseas, those cows are actually the RM Williams logo, RM Williams being an Australian clothing and boot brand that is EVERYWHERE. Yes, All Caps everywhere. Locally, I would say you see this longhorn on the back of maybe one in ten cars. Of the six cars/utes in our family, five have a longhorn on the back. I only have RM jeans, a vest and a jumper, because they're quite pricey*, but I know people whose entire wardrobe consists purely of RM Williams stuff. And thanks to vistaprint, and the temporary sacrifice of the use of a fingertip (razorblades can hurt you even when they don't cut you - the pressure of pushing down on it for about 3 hours last night has left my fingertip bruised and raw) I have a fridge covered in them.

The other little square magnets say "I think your tractor's sexy" and "Save a horse, ride a Lawnmower" but they came pre-cut, and the others are all "rootin' in the back of the ute" ones - the three people who like this, facebook style, are apparently you, your sister and your mum. And hooray for quilting - I cut those with an old blade on my rotary cutter.

And now I have decided, and I'm sure this will end in abject failure, but I'm gunna try anyway, to go to bed. At 1am.

Wish me luck. I could be about to waste 3 useful hours of my life.

*admittedly, my jeans were $6 at the salvos and my vest was $20 on ebay. I bought the jumper new, but it's kids sized so it was half the price.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Blogger is chucking a hissy fit and insisting I'm not following any blogs. What a poo bum. So if you've done a post today, I'm sorry, I can't read it.

There's not much point reading this one either, since I haven't actually done anything tonight - well, anything sewing related. Today there was not one but two big boxes from Vistaprint and I've spent the last 3 hours cutting out shapes from a magnet with a razor blade. Those things are in serious need of a ergonomic redesign - my fingertips feel very strange, and it took me at least two dozen goes to get the lighter to work. Good news though, sheet magnet burns just fine, but I really need to empty out all the ash from the fireplace. I need to get one of those blades on a stick tomorrow, but the best I could come up with at midnight was a raid of Dad's shed. Lucky I have a wide range of cutting mats to use in conjunction, and I discovered that the back works better because it doesn't have all the little bumps and ditches caused by cutting on the same line over and over.

Now that The Thomas Crown Affair has finished, I'm gunna go to bed, and try to get up at a reasonable hour (by which I mean 11.30am instead of 2.30pm)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Around and Around

I really need to get better at stopping for the night and going to bed. I was doing okay tonight - I trimmed my last quilt a bit after 1.30, and packed stuff up. But while I was doing that I put on some Mythbusters, so since then I've watched two episodes of that as well as another two of The Big Bang Theory. While standing in the kitchen eating celery and philly cheese.

But my lack of accomplishment, even at sleeping, in the last two hours is balanced out by the fact that yesterday and today, I did pretty well. I have attached the binding on one side to two quilts, done a little more quilting on the Autumn Nutmeg quilt (still debating whether to in the ditch the diagonals or not) and made a back for, and quilted, the Mingle Star quilt.

The only additional fabrics from the two original bundles are the two blue fat quarters from the blue, orange and brown colourway. The two purple, two green and two brown (cut into strips) fat quarters are what wasn't used from the bundles on the top, and the little bits are what was cut off the edge of the fat quarters to make them square. So pretty much the only scraps I had are what got trimmed to make everything straight and right-angled.

This quilt is, for me, a tough one to quilt. I usually stick with edge to edge straight lines because they're nice and easy to wrangle, but with this one I go over the seams with the wave stitch, around and around the points of the stars. First I go up and down over the quarter block seams (each point is in a quarter block) and then I go across on the rows where the two blocks join, so that there's pretty much the equivalent of sewing every half block. At that point it doesn't need pins anymore, which is jolly good because you have to turn it soooo much.

I've drawn that as badly as possible so you can get a good idea of my turns. The blue line was sewn first, that's the up and down edge to edge line. Then, starting from the right, I sew down the middle of the block to the bottom of the star, turn and go around the star, and then keep turning and do a square inside the star, before continuing on from the bottom. You just keep going round and around, and I wouldn't want to do it on a quilt any bigger than this one (it's about 130x150cm, approx 50"x60") - each row (there's four for this one) took me about 25 minutes, most of which was probably spent turning the quilt the right way and making sure it fitted under (and around) the machine. But I do love how it looks - the quilting fits the blocks exactly in a way the straight line quilting rarely can. I even like the back, I wasn't sure I would because in the past when I did this quilt I just used a solid which showed up all my quilting. I think it looks like a flag. The flag of Quiltonia.

Now I need to find something to bind it in. I'll probably go a brown, but I've already got 3 half bound quilts that need finishing, so I'm in no rush.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


So I've had a bit too much to drink. After a big night which included turning down a 40 something year old co-worker and doing my best to encourage a 19 year old coworker to hit on me instead of one of my besties, who has a proper boyf that she's probably gunna marry. But now I'm home, though I left my swag there as well as the rest of my booze. And now, well, I'm not gunna quilt. I'm up to difficult bits of quilting now (in th ditch and strange round and round quilting) so it's not the kinda thing I should be doing while under the influence. But that's okay, because bed! Yay for bed!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Aussie music.

Americans may have it good with their free postage from fabric.com and... actually, I forget other things. I don't live there, so I don't know all the good stuff you guys have. But seriously, Australia is great. We have utes, and we're allowed to drink at 18, and the economy is holding up well, and we've all got a fairly relaxed attitude and there's plenty of kangaroos to eat. Oh, and Aussie music.

It seems to me that we're quite selfish about it. I mean, you even sent us Katy Perry for the Logies, and we know pretty much all of your songs, but apart from INXS doing a reality show, the last real music we sent over there was Savage Garden, and that was over a decade ago now*.

So here's three of my favourite Aussie songs. First up is Flame Trees. It's by a band called Cold Chisel, and they're like gods over here. My sister broke a guy's nose at a Barnsey (that would be their lead singer) concert a few years ago. A lot of people think Khe Sahn is a better song, but they're wrong, because this one contains the line "who needs that sentimental bullshit anyway?"

Next is Salisbury Street, by John Williamson. It's not on youtube, which is a massive shame. But maybe, just maybe, if you click here, it will download the first minute or so for you. It was written about his brother who died of cancer, and it's so, so good. John Williamson also wrote/sings True Blue, and that's really good too, and Bill the Cat, which includes the immortal lyric "we left his balls at the family vet"

Finally, Tenterfield Saddler by Peter Allen. Qantas and then Oprah pretty completely ruined I still call Australia Home for me, but that doesn't matter - I always liked this one better.

It's actually about his grandfather, his father was the "son of George Woolnough" and he's the "grandson of George." Hugh Jackman can almost be forgiven for participating in the Oprah stunt because he played a big part in getting this song back out there again with The Boy From Oz, although the fact that typing in "tenterfield saddler lyrics" brings up a version apparently by him before the one by Peter Allen makes me a bit cross.

And just for good measure, some stuff I like that isn't Aussie music.

I like sleeping half the day away.

I like having a new CD in my car.

I like finding the perfect print to bind a difficult quilt as I walk in the door of the fabric shop**

I like "searching through thrift store jungles" (thanks Sheryl Crow)

I like the fact that my batting is pretty much exactly two quilts wide.

I like the fact that doing my own quilting means I don't have to make my batting bigger than my quilt top. 8 inches extra? Seriously? How about 0 inches? Okay.

I like when the night where I'm feeling quite motivated is also the night I'm not working.

I like having the house to myself.

I like honey crackles.

I like it when Casey does the dishes.

I like it when it turns out I do have enough fabric after all.

I like telling my laptop to tell the TV to play me some music.

I like three day weekends.

I like late night sewing seshes.

I like procrastinating on my binding by cutting another couple of projects, maybe making a backing. Anything but bloody binding.

I like it when a rainbow of colours are in the correct spectral order.

I like it when I'm feeling indecisive about including a fabric and then it turns out there's not enough there, and the decision is made for me.

I like frozen apple juice.

*I just remembered Jet.

**although it was sateen, I bought it anyway because I'm a fearless bastard but then I got home and it nearly made me cry. Like binding isn't bad enough.

Friday, May 6, 2011

My parents are off on holiday.

Okay, I've checked facebook and the blog roll, now to get into sewing. Quilt the Autumn Nutmeg some more or work on Anna's flopchair?

12.10am (facebook status): 
I think whoever wrote "the devil went down to Georgia" did so purely to piss off people in cover bands.

Crap. I wasted all my sewing motivation making a cover for a friends flop chair. Now I feel like getting drunk, but that's meant to be my plan for Saturday. How long do I have to wait till the urge to drink passes and the urge to sew returns? I can't give up and go to bed now. It's not even 1am. I could do some ironing I suppose. Though that's not high on my fun list, it does need doing.

The great thing about strawberries and cream is that after you've dunked all your strawberries in the cream and eaten them, you then get to eat half a bowl of cream!

...ergh... note to self: don't eat bowls of cream.

That ironing didn't take as long as I thought it would. But now I have to clear the mess left by making the flop chair so I can lay out my blocks. That sucks.

Yep, I like that layout. It's a shame I couldn't have decided that a fortnight ago, because now instead of my increasing squares method of joining my blocks together, I have to sew it together row by row.

Impartially, yes, it seems quicker. But it's also harder, less accurate and needs way more pins. I suppose people need to do something quick to make up the time they've lost trimming all their blocks. Oh well, very patterned fabric, you can barely see my messy points.

Please someone save me from myself... I'm grooving to Redneck Woman. I don't even like this song, so I keep telling myself. Can someone remind me of that please? It's possible that blasting music in the wee small hours isn't the best idea.

What should I make next?

Hey, deepfryers's still out on the bench. Homemade chips it is.

3.10am (facebook post): 
The main problem with my parents going away on holiday I think is that it gives me free reign to stay awake all night playing bad music at inappropriate (for 3am) volumes. And then random puts on Gretchen Wilson, and I start grooving to Redneck Woman, even though I find that song quite irritating. Still, as Garth Brooks is telling me right now, I ain't going down till the sun comes up.

Deep fryer is taking too long. I even had to peel the potatoes Bear Grylls style because the actual peeler is in the sink, and it's still not even halfway hot.

Chips are in the deep fryer. Coke in fridge is probably flat - should I crack open one of Casey's Bundy Reds?

Chips are ready. Deep fryer has apparently raised the temperature in the kitchen by .1°C. Have decided to go with Jamesons instead - I'm thinking of it as getting myself warmed up for the weekend. Might also actually warm me up - temp is still only 17.6°C in here.

Is it hypocritical of me to like the song Dirt Track Cowboys while hating the Speedway?

I've had one drink and I'm bored. Also, I normally only have one drink per meal. Drinking with food doesn't seem like a very effective method.

Do you think Casey will get cross if I leave my quilt hanging in the window? She left lots of dishes in the sink...

Anna's chair cover on the bitchin' chair. Upholstery fabric left flecks of blue fluff everywhere.

Curtain shot. It's staying there for tonight, I think.
Geoscience Australia website tells me sunrise is not till 6.52am. It would seem that Garth Brooks is a liar... I was thinking it would be about 5.30ish. Guess that shows how often I'm up in the early mornings - I don't think I'll be staying up for this one either.

Just so you know, I did really do this blog post in real time, or within 15 minutes or so. I selected 50 songs or so and had them on random all night. Mum and Dad have left with Maddy for two weeks, and Casey's sleeping up their end of the house because it makes the dog feel better, so I can be as loud as I want, and noone will come and tell me to go to bed. And now that the top of Quilt # 49 is done, I've only got 1.5 other quilts to quilt and bind plus 3 more to bind, and it's onto #50. It's also 11 days till my one year of quilting anniversary, or 3 weeks till the anniversary of me having completed a quilt. Do you think I can get my scheduled WiPs and #50 done before then?*

Publish Post.

*I don't, but then, I thought it was at least a month ago that I was trying to sort the layout for the mingle stars quilt, and it was actually only half that. I need to go and pick up my layby'd batting tomorrow too.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


It's 4am, but I'm not tired. I am cold though, and going to bed would solve that problem (hooray for electric blankets!) but then instead of sitting up doing stuff on the computer I'd be laying in bed doing stuff on the computer, and that's way less efficient, and usually ends with me trawling silly websites that have lists of the 50 biggest photoshop fails or movie characters you wont believe were inspired by real people.

I doubt I would fall asleep though, even though that's what I should be doing. The 'rents are off on their cruise tomorrow, and I should be in bed ready to wake up at a reasonable hour (mum has requested 10am, and given the fact that they usually leave at 5am, this does seem quite reasonable*) but Mum asked me to get Maddy some movies to take (yeah, the 8 year old gets to go. It's not fair.) so I've been doing that, as well as watching the episode of Chuck I didn't get around to last night and doing the mug for Meagan's boyf (the trucker, who's getting one with a picture of his truck and the words "she thinks my Kenworth's sexy (it really turns her on)"

Again, bogan humour. The actual song is she thinks my tractor's sexy, and we've already ordered some of those too. All I have to say is that it's a good thing that Vistaprint ends it's specials and then puts everything on sale in a different configuration a day later. This mug will cost about $10, but then, I'm only getting one. I earned my bulk discounts last time, getting approximately twenty.

One website that doesn't seem to understand bulk discounts is fabric.com which insists it can only fit four yards in a flat rate envelope, and that if I want five, postage will be $48. Hint hint to any Americans - you'd do well to set up a parcel forwarding company solely dealing with foreigners who think that that's a rip off, ie: all of us.

The strange thing is though, the fabric I'm looking at, at $4.50 a yard, still comes out to half the price of buying it locally, even with a maximum four yard limit and a $16 postage slug. Economics is a weird, wonderful little thing, until it incites this kind of indecision. Yes I want it, yes I technically have a project lined up and yes, the price is good, but that's an awful waste of space in a prepaid satchel. And as a pretty much scrap-less quilter, I'm not one for waste. Especially with Rego being due next week and acting like a big black hole in my pay check.

I just have to keep telling myself no. And hope I get a good package of something-or-the-other in the mail tomorrow to distract me.

*though on the other hand, it would be easier to just stay up another hour and see them off. That said, dad still isn't home from wherever he went out drinking tonight, so I have my suspicions that I'll be leaving for work in the afternoon right about when they're leaving for Geelong.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


After the fun, excitement and eventual progress of last night, today could be considered a bit of a disappointment.

Despite plenty of laughs, we couldn't find Anna a swag in the Mount for under $150, let alone a pink one.

It turns out the rotary blades I bought weren't Olfa ones, but "for" Olfa. Rookie mistake, one I shouldn't be making after 5 years on eBay.

Work was very very slow. And nowhere near as much fun as last night.

I forgot I had a half punnet of strawberries left in the work fridge.

My bank balance got topped up, but then immediately emptied as I paid for all the stuff I've bought online this weekend.

I couldn't think up a mug for Meagan's boyfriend Clayton (He's a trucker... any ideas would be appreciated)

I haven't done any sewing.

My tummy is making funny noises.

Despite eating half a pack of mint dark chocolate sticks, I am hungry.

But, on the flipside, my boots are paid for and making their way to me, my mugs are paid for and getting printed up, my previous order of mugs has been finalised and they're being sent to me, and it's Tuesday night, which means it's no longer Monday in the US and all their Monday night TV shows (Castle and Chuck are the only important ones) are on the internet for me.

So I guess I'll get myself something to eat and watch them.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Good Night.

Tonight I am feeling good. After getting up at 7.30 this morning to take my car in for a service I then had a nap from 11-1pm (see previous post) and it felt damn good.

And how can I not like a shift at work that leaves us literally crying tears of laughter on the floor. Look out Myponga: Sara, Meagan and Anna are headed your way. With a blues/country version of 99 Problems, and humorous custom coffee mugs. I drove Meagan home and the distance to her house from work is pretty much exactly right for Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy, so we sung that loudly too.

And then an hour or two playing around with stuff for Vistaprint once more (sale ends tomorrow night, so I can get my life back) I got stuck into quilting the Autumn Nutmeg quilt. It's not finished yet, but an hour of solid sewing (music is way less distracting than TV) has put me over 2/3rds of the way there.

Now I'm gunna do some computer wrangling, before probably giving up in disgust and going to bed.

Monday, May 2, 2011

It's far too early...

Remember the Arcadia Layer Cake I was considering on eBay, but I figured I'd probably have to pass up because I though it would sell for more than I was willing to pay?

Well, I was right. But instead of going for somewhere in the mid $40 range, like I thought it would (which would have put it on par with most layer cakes at local quilt shops in Australia after I'd added postage) it went for US$77... which is about what you'd pay for a very full flat rate envelope of full price designer fabrics from fabricshack.com

On the other hand, my boot buying has gone a bit better - I didn't win either of the middle of the night pairs, but yesterday I bought a pair from within Australia* for $60 and today the pair that I really really wanted, which had a start bid of $35 and a buy it now option of just under $400, didn't seem interesting to anyone else, so I got them for $35. Sweet, even with $40 postage.

And I'm still pottering away at Vistaprint - today I'm trying to think up some slightly more polite mugs.

It's kinda a self fulfilling prophecy mug.

And in case you were wondering why I'm posting this when I'd still normally be sleeping in - my car had to be dropped off at the mechanics at nine this morning. It was horrible, I don't know how you all do it.

I'm thinking I might go have a nap.

*It totally bums me out now buying stuff from Australia, because I can't quietly say to myself "in your face, American Dollar" - I feel kinda like I'm missing out on a bargain.

Silly mug...

I have spent most of the day looking for/thinking up/drawing/neatening up and ordering rude mugs online. Lots and lots of your mum/your sister/sex/alcohol/cow tipping jokes, and this too, just casue I thought it was funny.

Tonight... well, I figured once I'd filled my bobbins I'd done enough. That is a regular hurdle I struggle to overcome, so the fact that it's done should prevent me from procrastinating quite so much tomorrow.

And while designing a mug that tells everyone their sister likes rooting in the back of a ute may not be high art, it is, if you're really accepting, still creating.

I hope that the person working at Vistaprint who packs my mugs to send them off to me has a bit of a laugh. If they don't I'm sure my bogan friends will. Especially the ones who have actually shagged my sisters.

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I'm glad that I was able to get all my insecurities about quilting out last night. Usually they pass very quickly... I am easily distracted, by such thoughts as "who decided that tissues come concertina style from a box, whereas toilet paper comes from a roll?" and then... sorry got distracted... and then I forget about them and move on. It was only because I was actually sitting there, quilting, that I had too much time to think on it and it started to properly get to me. But it's out now, and that's jolly good. And I did get my quilting finished, and tonight, I decided to think the opposite. Having quilted two last night, tonight I ate chocolate muffins and watched mythbusters and browsed on eBay for boots.

It would seem the mere thought of having to fill bobbins is enough to put me off of quilting for the evening. Well, that and the lure of vintage cowboy boots. There's a couple of really really nice pairs ending in the next few hours and I'm trying to decide between staying up and ninja bidding right at the end or just popping in a random number and hoping for the best. I'd probably either not win any of them, and miss out, or accidentally win them all, and have no money left.