Monday, January 17, 2011


Today last year was actually the day of the Harrow BnS. But the day after, what today would have been, "recovery" it's called, we spent watching a guy try to get his Land Cruiser out of the river.

He would have had a much harder job of it today, since the Glenelg river passing through Harrow is in flood.

Still, in loving memory of one man's stupidity, we spent the day at the Burrangule Road quarry toward Glencoe, watching the boys do exactly the same thing. Granted, they didn't get stuck (only one engine flooded, and it dried out after about an hour) and we swum for a bit (well, I didn't, I floated around in a little blow up kiddie pool they took) and caught some yabbies, but it was just like last year, only with a smaller audience. And walls the boys decided to drive up. And McDonalds for lunch.

Also, there was a distinct lack of a really really big tree falling down an hour or so after the two dozen bogans who had been sleeping where it fell got up and wandered over to laugh and try to give advice to the idiot who decided that instead of driving across the shallow bit, he'd try 4 feet to the left and see if he could make it up the bank*.

Looking back now, last year was quite epic. Also, one of my friends broke some guy's nose for giving him a wedgie. Last year. He was quite well behaved this year, and everyone's noses remain intact.

Having not finished my binding, I'm going to bed. I might get it done in the morning in time to list it on the QLD Auctions, I might not.

*They spent about 4 hours trying to pull it forward, which just got it more firmly stuck, as the snatch strap kept breaking into smaller and smaller pieces. By the time they realised it might be better to pull it backwards, it was so firmly entrenched in the bank that they needed two utes, one pulling on the other which was attached to the towbar of dickhead's ute, to get the damn thing out. We spent most of the afternoon singing Corb Lund's The Truck Got Stuck. Good times.


  1. I'm not a fan of asterisking in my footnotes, but here's the song. Go get your bogan on, kiddos.


    The Chev got stuck and the Ford got stuck
    But the Chev unstuck when the Dodge showed up
    But the Dodge got stuck in the tractor rut
    Which eventually pulled out the Ford

    Well it was truck after truck, we all got stuck
    ‘cept the big old four by hutterite truck
    We all thought “lord are we in luck!”
    But he wouldn’t come anywhere near us,
    Mighty neighborly, mighty neighborly.

    So we used a lot of our backs, a little of our brains
    We jacked up the jacks, and snugged up the chains,
    We all did our very best to refrain from shovelin’.
    We put what timber we had, underneath the wheels
    And we was all out of sand, but managed to steal
    Two sacks of the best modern canola seed you ever did see,
    That ‘oughta give us some traction

    The Chev got stuck and the Ford got stuck
    But the Chev unstuck when the Dodge showed up
    But the Dodge got stuck in the tractor rut
    Which eventually pulled out the Ford

    We spilled genetically modified canola seed
    That was genetically modified for controlling the weeds
    And for big old yields and margarine oil, raised hell all over that native prairie soil
    Agriculture Canada is definitely gonna be looking for us

  2. I recall being young and camping out and stuck trucks/cars and 4WD's. The last time I actually camped was down at Nelson about 11 years ago.

  3. Sorry girls, I dont camp and I dont sleep outside, maybe if my house was flooded or burnt to the ground I would rough it in a hotel somewhere but why spend so much money on a beautifull house and a comfy bed only to sleep outside.....sorry I just dont get it, I thought maybe it was because I was getting older but you know I never liked it, not ever and I think Im even over all that stupid drunken party shit that goes on and I laughed on the inside on Saturday to see those party people at your house and you just wandered out of your bedroom like nothing was going on outside. Your my kinda people Sara. =)