Friday, January 21, 2011

Mellow Yellow

I looked and looked but I can't find my camera :(

Thankfully, the spare phone has a 5MP built in so I just used that.

This is mellow yellow. If you click on the picture to see it big you'll probably get a better idea of my chopped off corner issues. This is how I did it.

You cut your centre block. Then you get your strip and lay the square so that one edge crosses the strip diagonally with one end of the side at the top and a one end at the bottom., which gives you the length you actually want to cut your strip. You add a centimetre and cut it, which, once you've cut across it on the diagonal, gives you the extra little bit of point for when you sew it to your square, but of course doesn't take into account the fact that the next square out will cut off a centimetre or so from the edge and take the corners of your square with it. But I chopped it off consistently, so it's not so much a mistake as an innovative re-imaging of a classic concept.

Man, I should get a job in advertising. I could go around convincing people that any mistakes that are there were fully intended by the creator. Maybe I'll claim they were being ironic - since Alannis Morisette did that song, noone knows what it means any more so I think it's perfectly reasonable to claim my chopping off corners was an ironic take on traditional quilt blocks, when actually what happened was that I did my math while I was bored on checkout, and I didn't have an internet handy to tell me I was being a damn fool.

Also, I was convinced that a jelly roll was 7.5cm wide. Don't know where this number came from, but all my math features this number. Weird.

Anyway, I'm not sure whether to add 3cm to my length next time or just cut my diagonal from 1cm in on either side instead of the edge of the strip. I think I'll find out by making one block though, not a whole quilt.


  1. In real life it still looks great,Yes the colours are a little wishy washey and yellow but the concept is great, I really like the design and the fact that something that looks so wonky is still all straight lines. It still amazes me, but Ironically Im still loving it. Had to use Ironic somehow. No Im just amazed that without any quilting knowledge at all, you still manage to nut these things out so well done to you.

    PS. Im now the owner of a jelly roll..... no two jelly rolls, I never thought I would be but thanks anyway Sara, if anything else they are pretty to look at, much nicer than a fat quarter but not as pretty as a fat quarter bundle with good breeding. But they were cheap and I always feel taller when I find a really good bargain, you must be 7 foot tall this week Sara.

  2. I never work with yellows personally - but good on you for being brave enough to go where I fear to tread.

    I think you're a go for it quilter...and you'll learN a lot by not being too afraid to experImEnt. I love the configuration of thoe blocks and can see them done in rainbow colours for a kids quilt. Gorgeous.

    By the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA !!!!