Tuesday, January 25, 2011

She ain't heavy... She's my handbag... (actually, she's damn heavy)

Kate over at Foxs Lane took a photo today of what she had in her handbag. It was quite a lot, but I need two photos.

Top from left: Sunnies, Car keys (also has mini torch and 4G usb stick,) Bricanyl asthma puffer, Dell Axim x50 (palm pilot), Notepad.
Second row from left: Demazin, Coin pod (inside of a kinder surprise, filled with bum change) Ventalin asthma puffer, Roll on deodorant, Glitter*, Phone.
Bottom from left: Two Peppermint crisps and a half eaten Cadbury peppermint roll, Wallet, Mirror, Pens, Pimple killing concealer (it's that silver ball thing), Post office key, 3 more mini torches, Work keys (also contains permanent texta, torch, and 4G USB), Chapstick.

I didn't mention the blue and green tubs or the little fabric pouch, which contain:

Pouch: Business cards in holder, Spare phone, 4G USB stick.
Green: (Possibly) seal/walrus claw (found at the beach on my 21st birthday), Fluro button, A couple of rings, Hairclips, Small pack of cards, Dental floss, Fold up scissors, Bandaids, Hairties, Bulldog clip, Small bottle with pills inside.
Blue: Torch, Comb, Batteries, Tweezers, Cable to plug headphones into my phone, 2G USB stick with marble maze on the back, Foundation powder, Undies (unworn, and neatly wrapped in some masking-taped-together curtain lining), Lip Smacker, 4G micro SD card and adapter, Fold-out rotary cutter, Swispers (cucumber 5 pack).

There should be a nail file in there but I've obviously taken it out and forgotten to put it back. This will be rectified ASAP.

So yeah, that's my bag.

Most of that's always in there, except the Demazin (I've just come into hayfever season) the chocolates and the palm pilot (I'm re-reading some books on it at the moment)

As you can probably tell, I'm a bit of a preparedness obsessive. I have a similar collection of stuff in my car, as well as a change of clothes, chargers for almost every piece of technology I own and an emergency internet connection (I'm really not kidding right now)

If you'd like to show the world what crap you cart around every day, there's one of those linky-up things.

*I recently discovered that most people don't carry a small bottle of glitter with them at all times. This seems damn strange* to me. What if one day you need some sparkle? I mean, it's okay, I'll lend you some of mine, but what if I'm not there? Where will you get your sparkle from?

*And by strange, I mean irresponsible.


  1. I'm hanging with you if the world is ever ending.

    I'll swap you all your useful stuff in a crisis for about 1654 old receipts and some Anticol wrappers which may be useful for starting a fire. I also have a lighter so we're all set.

    So it's safe to assume you like peppermint huh?

  2. Ha! :) smiling at your pre pared-ness of the wrapped up and labled undies!!
    You are one organised chicky!

  3. This is one organised bag! I want to know what you use the fold out rotary cutter for? To open your undies?

  4. oh I must get me some glitter pronto!!!!

  5. Shay - Anything with both peppermint and chocolate is good in my book.

    Widge - I like to be ready for anything up to and including a zombie apocalypse. Spontaneous swimming resulting in a need for dry undies is nothing compared to that.

    Textured Leaf - Fold out rotary cutter is needed for times when I need to start cutting my quilting fabric rightright now. I'm sure this feeling comes over other people as much as it comes over me.

    TK - Good to hear. Get the word out. Make sure it's a fairly sturdy bottle though as leaks can take some effort to clean up. People will probably judge and/or mock you and your glitter, but they are just jealous.

  6. I loved reading through your list so much. I think I need to get some glitter for my bag too. Oh and thanks for reminding me about Peppermint Crisps, they are the greatest.