Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Even bigger whoops.

Anna and I are in agreement - we have made a horrible, nasty, rookie mistake.

We didn't take a day off before our roadtrip.

Now I at least don't have a packing problem. I need to chuck a pair of skinny jeans in the wash and find myself a pair of plain black undies but that's it. Anna on the other hand is still wardrobeathoning it as I type, at 3.30am. That's the advantage of always having spare sets of clothes packed. I'm good at it by now. Don't worry though, I have plenty of shit that still needs doing.

I've given up on getting any more work done on the brown quilt before we go. It was a nice idea, to have a brand new quilt to take with me to Adelaide, but it's not gunna happen. I will take one of the others. Instead I'm sewing some lace and some straps onto my brown dress. I'm doing them by hand though, so I've realised I can do it in the car on the way up there. There has to be some upside to not driving, right?

Oh, and I was gunna finish Dad's quilt, the one that I nearly all did (except for putting the press studs and the back on to make it a quilt cover set) for him jut before father's day last year. But I'll probably buy him a giant Whitman's Sampler from woolies instead. Mainly cause I want the box, but we'll keep that a secret.

I need to pick my designated hour's worth of music. I need to charge about a dozen batteries. I'd like to make a little coin purse to go with my pub handbag so I don't have to have my actual purse in it. I need to sort out some car food for myself, but only a little bit because the car is going to be fairly full. I need to wash and straighten my hair. I need to shave my legs. I need to find out if Becky's tax cheque has come through yet. I need to go to Spotlight and get some thin black satin ribbon, because I can't find any. I need to make myself a map of all the Salvos stores in the city.

I need to go to bed, because I need to go to work in 10 hours. And the post office before that.

I'm a m-model...

So this weekend we are going on a roadtrip to the Adelaide Show. Three girls and a boy, staying in 4 star comfort, spending our days shopping and our nights clubbing.

I am pants wettingly keen. Way keener than I would be for a BnS ball. Because even though I do like my bogan homies, on this journey, I will be traveling with my two absolute besties. And our token boy.

We are all getting a bit carried away with the outfits we're going to need. Anna and I had a wardrobeathon* on Friday and picked a couple of dresses for when we go out on Friday and Saturday night, but in addition we've both been furiously ebaying (and hoping things arrive in time) as well as scouring the shops locally, and penciling in a Friday afternoon shopping sesh in Adelaide just in case our wardrobes completely fail us.

I, almost disappointingly, already had two perfect outfits in my wardrobe, and I'd pretty much selected them as soon a Anna mentioned a weekend trip to Adelaide to get to hake our booty and break some city-boy hearts a few weeks ago. One is a very cute, if a bit low cut (I'm going to add some lace to the bodice) checkered brown bubble dress that looks utterly utterly bitchin with my tall cowboy boots, and the other is a black, lacy, ridiculously short dress that I've had for about 4 years and never worn out, because, well, when I say ridiculously short I do mean it. And also, I really only got the kind of social life that one needs to wear a ridiculously short dress out clubbing very recently.

Tonight though, I got a bit worried that maybe there was something even more fabulous in the depths of my wardrobe that I'd forgotten about, and so I decided to try on everything and twirl in front of a mirror. I now have a couple of spare options to take too, but I'm still fairly sure that what I picked is what I'll end up wearing.

Oh, and remember how I was saying that I absolutely needed some ridiculously high heels? I got some, and their $30 price tag equals out to just $6 an inch.

They're a bit boring, but tonight I wore then for 45 minutes and I still felt like I could have kept wearing them. Except I'd run out of clothes to try on with them.

Don't worry though, I'm still waiting on 4 dresses to arrive from the internet. I may need to make myself another bag.

*a wardrobeathon is basically just when you try on everything you own looking for the right thing to wear. If you're going away, a good wardrobeathon beforehand is essential.

Monday, August 29, 2011


Tonight I got an urge to do some dressmaking.

What a stupid mistake. I remember now why I switched to quilting. Nice, smooth, still, perfectly cut, non slippery cottons are sooo much nicer than horrible, hard to control satins.

No wonder I got bored after half an hour and started picking at my toenails. And then went on ebay and just bought myself another dress.

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Not only did I not mean to stay out all of last night, I had my laptop and an emergency internet connection with me anyway, and I still didn't get around to blogging.

Basically, I'm campaigning for the award of bestest bestfriend ever, and it's hard work, at odd hours, and involves driving people places, yelling at boys, cuddles, making jelly shots, sitting on bedroom floors till 5am, movie marathons during power outages and cutting letters out of Lifestyle1 magazines at maccas to make ransom notes. If it becomes official, not only will I have a small trophy declaring me the bestest bestfriend in the world, I will also have a very impressive CV.

On the crafting front, I have chopped up all the strips to make the extra blocks to expand this quilt. And I'm kinda wishing I paid a bit more attention to how long it took me to strip piece the other half, because every time I strip piece a quilt I find myself wondering how much time I've actually saved. It feels like it's taking longer, since there's cutting and sewing and an extra thing of cutting again, but I suppose the time is saved in lining up the bits as you feed them into the sewing machine. I'd like some kind of mathematical proof though, so if anyone out there's willing to strip piece half a quilt and chain piece the other in the name of science, let me know.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Mum and Dad.

Once again, as it so often does lately, real life got in the way of sewing. But today for a change, as well as the usual deros dragging me to the gym, we went out for a lovely dinner to celebrate Mum and Dad's 27th wedding anniversary.

27 years is very impressive. I'm 23 and I haven't even kept an imaginary friend that long, let alone any real friends. The idea of having spent an amount of time longer than my whole life so far with the one person seems amazing - my best friends I've known for less than two years. And although I've got some friends from 10 years ago on facebook, I don't actually talk to any of them. It makes me a bit sad.

Even though past experience tells me I probably won't be, I really hope I'm still friends in 27 years with the friends I've got now. These are the first friends I've ever had where I feel like I'm storing my feelings and thoughts inside someone's brain other than mine. As someone who's always been very self reliant, it's an interesting feeling, but I'm rolling with it. Tomorrow, we are going out so they can form some opinions on shoes for me, and then we're making ourselves fish and chips and some jelly shots. It should be excellent.

But it won't get any sewing done.

PS. I'm gunna go with the squareish shaped quilt. More because it will make a nicer picnic rug shape than any other sensible reason, especially since I don't really have picnics. Maybe I will, once I have the quilt. I like the idea of picnics.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


I have bought more fabric and I have enough to enlarge it one of two ways - to a 10 block by 13 block rectangle (140x182cm) or a more square(ish) 11 blocks by 12 blocks (154x168cm)

The question is, which do people think would be a more practical size? A bit longer and narrower, or almost the same in both directions?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Heya, mojo.

My camera is refusing to focus and I can't find the pink one I bought as a backup, so the only photo I can offer is a bit fuzzy.

Still, lookie lookie, an actual quilt top.

Also, it's upside down in the photo. Oh well, just don't compare this to the diagram and we'll be okay.

The decision now is do I quilt is as soon as possible with an unpieced back (since it's pretty much right about 1 metre wide) or do I add more blocks to make it a big'un? It's nice, and because it's so simple it'd be a good one to take away and use in public without anyone judging me (I always worry people will judge my print selections but solids I have no such shame about* - does this make me weird?) but I'm not sure whether it would be better as a travel rug if it was bigger - my last traveling quilt wasn't much bigger than this one and I seem to recall thinking it was a bit too small, but I've never done add-on quilt math before.

Oh hell, the fabrics are $7 a metre and it only took two to do this much. I may as well make it bigger.

*though the purple is a bit darker than I'd like.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Feeling it.

Today I did some quilting. It felt really good, even though I didn't really make as much progress as I was kinda hoping I would. But to be fair, some cutting, strip piecing about 18 metres of seams, pressing it all, chopping it back into little bits and getting it sorted as I sewed those little bits in pairs is probably about what you would expect from 3 hours of work. Especially if you did some babysitting, cooked and ate lunch and watched TV as you were doing it. If I hadn't had to go to work I think I would have gotten the top done, but oh well. Now that I am feeling like quilting again, I' happy to wait till tomorrow to do some more work on it, whereas before I would have been bummed that the damn thing wasn't done already.

Of course, there is the problem of the two half done bags that I'm now feeling that way about. I'm not very good at balancing my passions. It's something I need to work on.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The night after the night before

Well I made it home safe, for all that I was a bit worried I might doze off. It was such a beautiful day, and nice and warm in the car. Got home before two, had a very blue shower (as soon as the water hit my hair, it was as if a feild of smurfs had been masacared. I didn't even get it all - my fingernails remain blue and probably will for a few days yet, and once my hair had dried enough to put the part in the right spot I discovered yet another big patch of blue scalp) and went to bed. Which meant I slept through dinner, and now I'm starving, and my chicken strips in the oven are taking too long.

The morning after the night before

It's the morning after the night before and once again, I am blue. Last night was the Longerenong BnS, and...

Gosh, this is why I blog every day. Except the day before last I'd already favourite things friday'd it, so I didn't bother doing one when I got home at 6.30 in the goddamn morning. I swear it hadn't been supposed to end like that, we were only gunna have a couple of drinks to celebrate Anna being single again but shit went down and in other news, I am a bloody good wingwoman. But of course this meant that I had to get up at 10am and leave for Longy (a 3ish hour drive) on less than 4 hours sleep. I had another nap in the van when I got to the ballsite too, so I missed a lot of the socialising time. And still feeling a bit hungover from the night before, I decided to not drink till the ball started, which is really too late. By that point everyone's smashed and you're still thinking to yourself, what a bunch of knobs. I persevered till 11 (the ball started at 8) and decided to go back to the campsite. I didn't feel a need to score myself a fella, so I just got changed back into my jeans and settled down in front of the fire with the Naracoorte boys who were first-timing. And perfectly content to just chill and retire to my own swag, I accidentally picked up a boy not dissimilar to the one my affections are waning for back home.

Is that bad? He was lovely on his own merits, but you couldn't help but notice the similarities. Same floppy haired skinny kid who likes shit music and (used to be) nightfill manager at woolies. Nevermind. Lets ignore it, move on.

Now I'm outside KFC waiting for it to clear out a bit. Because they open at 10.30 there were plenty of other ball goers waiting out front when I got here at 10.15. But it should have cleared a bit by now. So I'm gunna get some lunch, cruise home and have a 2 hour shower to try to get this food dye off.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Forever Young

If I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life, it would be this one.

I fell in love with this song when if first came out. After the surprise commencement of my single life, the love didn't wane, but it was a little bit too raw - it felt a bit like the song was stuck in a time and a place, and I wasn't there any more. But songs are one of the few areas in which the "absence makes the heart grow fonder" idiom runs true, and now that it's back on high rotation in my life, I hope it doesn't get left behind again.

The return of the quiltmath

So these are the quilt designs I've come up with.

This one has been fully math'd and about half of the fabric is cut. It's mainly strip piecing (except for three blocks) so once I get going it should be pretty quick to do.

This is pretty much the same colour positioning layout, only with half square triangles, and without the brown bits. This would use 15 quarters and an extra 25cm square each of pink, purple and blue (it's those same three blocks as the one above that annoyingly sit outside the maths. For the other quilt you can chop a strip from the end, for this one, because I'd be using a few different prints to read as each solid, you can pop in any scrap that seems similar enough)

This wonky pinwheel has the same 5 colours shifting but the math is totally totally different. Each vertical column has each colour 4 times, so you'd need as many squares of each of the five colours as you had rows. Two fat quarters of each would make 8 squares so I've gone with 8 columns, but with seam allowances and all the extra trimming necessary for wonk, I think it'd end up being about 80cm wide. Maybe 35cm cuts would work better, cutting three big squares selvedge to selvedge and doing it six columns wide.

Hmm. Did you guys really actually miss quiltmath?

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dance little numbers, dance.

Today, without meaning to, I designed a new go-to quilt pattern. One that very neatly uses two metres of fabric with very little waste, and, because we measure the world in two ways, it can also be done nicely with 5 quarter yard cuts an a one yard contrast fabric too.

I've now realised that stopping quilting for a couple of months to do bags was the right thing. I was a bit bored with quilts. Now I'm sooo ready to get this bag of Meagan's finished so I can make this quilt.

Also, did anyone else know that you can very neatly interlock 5 different colours of pinwheels so they're perfectly evenly spaced? I didn't till this morning (the new pattern is a whirlygig one, five colours and the background, but if you ditch the background and do it with HSTs, hey, pinwheels) and as a result I've got a new plan for those pastel rainbow fat quarters I bought the other day. I just need one more quarter of each colour, and a couple of 25cm scraps and, you know, time*, and it'll be awesomeness.

Till then, it'll be the lone pile on my still unscrewed and slightly leaning bookshelves.

*quilting was easier back when I didn't have friends, a gym membership or a slight addiction to the crispy chicken strips in McDonalds snack wraps and the "feelings" talks that accompany them.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today I got around to finishing the bag I started Saturday.

It is, to quote Meagan, adorabubble.

I had to change my strap plans when I realised I had made it quite wide. Of course, I knew when I designed it that it was going to be quite wide but I didn't really think it all the way through, so I had to go with whatever purple ribbon I had. Two lengths, sewn together along most of it, but split at the bag end so one goes in either side. I think it looks cool though, like there's two straps but I've somehow clicked them together.

I didn't do the interfacing on the underneath of the flap very well and it's a bit bubbly but it's underneath so it doesn't matter. The zipper is invisible because it was all I could find. Which is a bit ironic, if you think about it.

And this is what it holds. Keys, puffer, deodorant, phone and wallet. Although I'm thinking of making a pub wallet to match it. I'd always shied away from making wallets, because in my opinion, the smaller the thing you're making, the harder it will be. But I made the tiny adorabubble pub bag, maybe I can make an equally adorabubble purse to go in it.

I still have about a third of the fat quarter left.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stop. (Hammertime)

Newton's first law of motion states that The velocity of a body* remains constant unless the body is acted upon by an external force.

This would explain why, even though I'm feeling like shit, I'm still sitting at the kitchen table looking at shoes on ebay, instead of going to bed. Inertia. Do you think I can get some kind of tablet for it?

As for the external force... Well, it's a race between my laptop battery running out and Dad coming and telling me to go to bed.

Do you think he'd get it if I said to him "But Daaaad, I've got inertia..."

He'd probably say "well go to bed then." He might really like watching The Big Bang Theory but I don't think he gets any of the physics jokes.

*In this case, my body.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


I am sick. I must be. It's 11.30 and I'm going to bed :(

*cough cough*

I've just had a horrible realisation...

2am when I've just gotten home from the pub always seems like the perfect time to start sewing. Enough of my brain though knows it isn't, so it sits kneeling in front of the fire with some of the more mellow Joe Nichols songs playing on the laptop until my skinny jeans cut off the circulation to my legs below the knees and then it's a struggle to get to the bedroom let alone sew. Still, it amuses me even when I'm sober - the sensation of not having a foot, not the shooting pains later on. But they pass quickly, and are worth the amusement factor. Bodies are so interesting aren't they?

Anyway, I actually only had two. I wasn't really feeling it - it was after work and I'm dealing with two besties with boyfriend issues. Maybe I would have been more keen if I had finished my bag this afternoon - I decided that I absolutely needed a special bag to only hold my essentials at the pub, with a single long strap. I altered my go-to box bag pattern to be tiny and have a flap covering, managed to re-thread an invisible zipper so it opened from both directions (I've been unable to do this for so long I was actually starting to think maybe you couldn't) because I couldn't find two pulls for a regular zip, did the outside and the magnets and the lining and got to the bit where you sew up the ends before I had to go to work. I hate it when that happens. but instead of finishing it off (there's maybe 45 minutes of sewing left to do) I'm gunna be responsible and wait till some other day. Because tomorrow, I have to get up IN THE MORNING!

Gah, 12 noon starts! How do people put up with this crap? I don't know...

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Look Ma, no curves!

The local Spotlight store is asking for customers to make 12 1/2 inch blocks on the theme of "Spring" from their fabrics to assemble into a charity quilt. Since I'm metric, I've made mine 33cm and told them they can trim them, and because I'm a massive rebel, I made a point of putting in a fabric that wasn't from Spotlight. Yeah, hardcore sticking it to the man, right?

Most of the fabrics are the leftover selvedge to selvedge strips from the two mini zigzag quilts, sewn together and then cut into triangles , half of which were put in one block, half on the other. Then you cut off the point with too many seams and put a triangle of a scrap of something you bought on fabric.com into the gap, so there isn't a massive bundle of seams in the corner when they go to piece it together, and you're showing them what an uncontrollable rebel you are at the same time.

I'm seriously considering doing a whole quilt like this. I'd probably put the same fabric as the edge strips into my corners though, so there was a neat circle in the middle. Well, technically not a circle, it'd probably be a dodecahedron or something, and I'd need to get my angle on my template a bit more precise than I did with these, where I didn't mind if I trimmed shitloads because it was scrap fabric anyway. But still, it's probably as close as I feel like getting to curved piecing, and it looks pretty cool.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Time Travel

Today I had a day off work, and with no BnS balls to attend or plan for, I instead ended up traveling through time.

Now time travel isn't something you can do in the morning. Well, I can't really do anything in the morning, except sleep, and once I was up and about in the barely afternoon, it just sort of happened. The weather was right, an actually chilly but seemingly balmy (after our recent weather) day, with a blue sky and fluffy clouds. The car started playing music I loved half a decade ago, so I decided to go with it, and live my afternoon as if I were 18 again, only with nicer shoes.

Obviously, no longer having a school to attend or a boyfriend to annoy, I decided to to the other thing I did a lot of, on Thursdays of old - spending all my money. Back then I was earning about $180 a week, and with no real expenses, save a bit of petrol and the occasional phone recharge, most of it was spent within a day or two. I had a decent list of things to get - the shampoo that GoLo didn't have yesterday, some bras, another towel for the gym (I only take pretty coloured ones, and all of mums are white) and I needed to go to Spotlight to see what the composition of the fabrics that Meagan had picked were, because for some reason, she ended up with the docket, and I didn't want to wreck them all by putting the iron on too hot.

Buuuut... shopping to a list is not what being a teenager is all about. So I bought shampoo and bras, but I also got some trackies and a jumper and a polo shirt and some hairbrushes and some jeans and a book and some foundation too, which was an odd choice because I've never really been into the whole buying makeup thing, but hey, I was feeling the time travel magic. Then I went to Spotlight, read some tags and realised that despite not really knowing much about fabric, Meagan had managed to pick 100% natural fabrics, for my interfacing pleasure. Gotta love the girl. Also gotta love 30% off precut fabric, which lead to me buying 20 fat quarters, which I didn't really need, but in fairness, I haven't really bought much fabric lately. I feel like I'm on enough of a treasure hunt when I go to the shed, since my boockcases still aren't screwed back.

Approaching the $130 mark, I decided to have what would have been an after school snack (KFC), and went and bought the towels and some silicone chocolate molds, which I thought would make some toats cute cupcakes. Realising I had nearly hit my old $180 budget, I gave myself my last $20 at kmart, and bought two shirts and two more pairs of trackies for $15. It must have been right about when I was in the checkout line that the sun set, because I felt the time travel magic drift away. I took the last of my stuff out to the car, changed the CD, and drove home at 5kph under the speed limit, like a grown up.

I don't really know what prompted my afternoon of teenageyness. Maybe it was just that with all the time I'm spending lately with work and two lots of friends, I needed a day to be me by myself. It was fun. You can't really live recklessly in a four hour window of time, but you can spend recklessly, so that's what I did. It was fun, probably even more so because it was just for the afternoon. For all that I'm worried that I'm stretching myself too thin these days, I still feel more settled in me now than I did then.

Oh, and I have nice fabric in the present too.

I have a plan for the top ten but nothing yet for the bottom - I still haven't even decided whether or not I even like them all together :/

And delicious mini cupcakes

These have since been iced and pretty much all et.

And progress on Meagan's bag

The RM tag came off a pair of $5 jeans from the Salvos, and was the great idea we simultaneously had yesterday. Casey and Mum have both threatened to mug Meagan for this bag and it's not even half done yet.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some things I learned or realised today:

Just because GoLo had your shampoo cheap last time you bought it, doesn't mean they will have any left when you go there today.

I have a best friend that can think the same thoughts as me, at the same time. This should save on phone bills. And also result in come quite awesome gym/travel bags.

You never see a stocktake coming, and it's never fun when one hits. I have gotten lucky in only working on prep day - the next two will be nasty as a hoard of stocktakers descend on the store, but I have them off, so lucky me.

"Real" food (Emily's kitchen beef and blackbean with some peas and carrots) makes you feel way more bloated than fast food.

No matter how many punnets of strawberries you examine, or how carefully, there will always be at least one yucky strawberry in the one you pick.

When a junior claims to have "cleaned" the registers, double check. Apparently, there's more than one meaning to the word clean.

If you stand back for a second to look at the selection at McCafe, someone will push in front of you. Even if it's a quarter to midnight.

The music show that's on on Wednesday nights only ever plays about 3 songs. I guess that's why it starts at half twelve, cause it's a bit shit.

My internet will get me an album in about 1 1/2 minutes. It takes longer for me to type what I'm looking for into google.

I need to get phone credit tomorrow.

I left the free quilting mags I got at work. They'll probably turn out to be a disappointment anyway.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Today I went out to the shed to get some scrap fabrics to start work on some 12.5" blocks that the local Spotlight store wants customers to do for a charity quilt they have going on, and I came back with a nasty case of hayfever. And a few fabrics. Not enough for anything super spectacular, but it's a place to (re)start.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Never seem to find, what I'm looking for...

I'm feeling so impatient that I could have a jumpy uppy downy foot stomping balled fists tantrum right now.

Buuut... I have no idea what I'm impatient for. Whatever it is, I want it, and I want it right now.

Maybe it's for the webpage with the song lyrics I was going to post between lines of actual typing. That's taking bloody forever, but I don't think that's it.

I think it's that my life still hasn't picked up from after the new carpet. Just because there's bookshelves, doesn't mean they're attached to the wall, and just because I have lots and lots of fabric, doesn't mean it's not stuck out in the shed still. Just because I have planned stuff, doesn't mean I can get started on it. And it's driving me insane. I'm struggling to find time for sewing between work and two social lives and when I do find time, I think to myself "Do I want to go out to the shed and find the fabric I need?" I really don't, and I know I don't. It was hard to pack up, and I found myself regularly wishing for it to just be done already, but putting it all back is feeling like it might almost be an insurmountable task, like maybe all those times I took holidays with the intent to clean my room I was doing it the wrong way around, and I really need some holidays just to put my room back together. To put myself back together.

God, that sounds pretentious. Imagine though, how much worse it would have been with some 80s rock lyrics in there. Here I Go Again by Whitesnake. My "new" song of the moment. I'm really really loving it. Like, on constant repeat in the car, loving it.*  

"I don't know where I'm goin, but I sure know where I've been..."

"An' I've made up my mind, I ain't wasting no more time, but here I go again..."

And a bit where it transitions from soulful, clenching your fist power ballad to epic 80s rock by means of a nice little drum solo... It really is fast highway driving perfection.

(But a word of warning though, if you get a little too into the drum solo and start banging on your steering wheel, your horn will toot. If you do this in the driveway, even if everyone in the house is asleep, you will feel epically embarrassed.)

*I discreetly turn repeat off when someone else is in the car, lest they think me weird. But I know it's folder 4, track 28, so I can find it again.

Monday, August 8, 2011

It's okay, people.

As previously mentioned her on this blog, I have an amazing ability to have a thought, get a little too into the brilliance of that thought, and, within a day or two, have transformed the thought into a time and money consuming hobby, a facebook group or a gym membership. And usually, the first step involved clicking on the tab marked eBay.

My brilliant idea tonight is that I really need to get myself some high heels. I have one pair, some quite nice and quite high wedges that I got for $6 at the Salvos and have worn twice, to two work christmas shows. Not because they're uncomfortable, in fact, as far as 4 inch heels go, they're very comfortable, but more because, really, that's pretty much my only occasion for wearing heels -indeed, the only time I wear a dress*, except for BnS balls, to which I wear, as is traditional, my boots. Nonetheless, in the last two days I have watched a lot of Good News Week, where, for reasons unknown, Claire Hooper and the other female guests are all in jealousy inducing, ankle twisting, toweringly gorgeous heels. And I want some. I could wear them with my dresses, to the G or Dirty Shads (or I could if my friends weren't such flakes, and would come with me.)

Unfortunately, a quick search for "heels" on eBay revealed a sad truth: much of what it in fashion at the moment looks like big clumpy hooves. I found one pair on the first page that I liked, and they were $285. Even with an RRP of $900, that's not much of a bargain if my use of them is, so far, only hypothetical. And they don't look comfortable, only quite funky. And really really tall. Like, regularly falling over, tall. Like, just say no, tall.

So I did. It was much easier than with the boots, which are in my watch list. I'm lucky enough to know that hypothetical Sara isn't me, and isn't limited by my bank balance.

Phew. Crisis averted.

For tonight, anyway.

*One might then ask why my closet is full of dresses I have never, or only once at most, worn. One should stop asking so many stupid questions, lest I slap her, cause my slight dress-buying addiction is none of her goddamn business.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Good news/Bad news

In a bit of a bummer of a mood tonight. I'm saying no to some boots in the same way that pretty much everyone said no to hitting the town tonight - well, to be fair, half of them worked till late and the other half got started way too early and were ready to be taken home to bed by 11, but I'm a smidge miffed. If this was real life, I would say "sad face" because I'm not actually very good at frowning. Although what I've actually done is gotten into bed and started watching all the episodes of Good News Week that I missed back at the start of the year because I work monday nights, and it's funny, so I'm smiling plenty.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


I worry that doing a big list of things I like instead of an actual favourite thing is kindof a cop-out, but people seem fond of it. And I do like things.

I like buying a pretty gift bag for a dollar to put my shopping in, instead of buying an envirobag (SA is plastic bag free)

I like having a hidden cache of socks for times when all the ones in the regular sock basket are old scratchy ones.

I like red cards in my post office box, but I like blue ones even better because you don't have to sign for them, which means you get to tear the package open quicker.

I like pimple killing goop that actually kills the pimples, and I'm willing to forgive the fact that it's essentially acid, and the reason it burns when you put it on the pimple is because it's actually burning.

I like it when it stops raining for a minute just when you're trying to get to or from your car.

I like it when Casey leaves half a box of chocolate biscuits in my room, and I eat them.

I like having a bin next to my sewing machine.

I like it when I find something that I bought long long ago and it's kinda exactly what I need now.

I like it when a zip sets just right.

I like it when I realise a fabric is a poly-blend and turn the iron down before it becomes a horrible, shriveled mess, not after.

I like the clothes in That 70s Show. I wish I had more clothes like theirs.

I like being able to chuck my phone places safe in the knowledge that I'm not going to break a really expensive piece of technology. I'm gunna like having a new phone even more though, when Becky gives me the money for it.

I like having clean hair.

I like it when I forget I have food in the oven, and then I freak out but when I get there it's perfectly cooked.

I like tomato sauce, but only with certain foods.

I like velvet ribbons because they feel nice, even though I've got nothing to use them for.

I like putting my electric blanket on half an hour before I'm going to bed, so when I get in it's like slipping into a warm bath.

I'm gunna go do that now :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Inspiration and a warning.

It's been a while since I've actually felt inspired to quilt. I don't know if I've been subconsciously doing it on purpose, because I knew I didn't have the opportunity to with all my fabric in the shed and my machine in it's cabinet, or if it's the best timed fluke in all of human history. Either way, today, the day before the final shelf gets put up and I can bring all my fabric back inside ready to be used, a lady was in shopping at work wearing an olive green hoody that was lined in a very cute print of droplet shapes in all different browns. I don't know how many browns I have in my stash, but I hope it's a lot. And olive green too. I want to make that lady's jumper into a quilt.

In the meantime, I have to make a bag for a friend, which will be a bit boring since he's picked a plain pink with polka dots as her fabric (how terribly dull) but will at least give me the chance to take all the photos I need for a gym bag tutorial.

And my random amusement for the day: while I haven't been buying fabric lately I've instead been looking on ebay for more watches. And tonight, I realised that all of these watches I like, I keep putting them in my "watch" list. Tee hee.

Too much time spent without fabric can damage your brain. Warn your friends.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


This lying about the gym thing is getting hard. But I am a surprisingly good liar, and last night's reason for skipping the gym (sitting on Meagan's floor talking about the finances of a small trucking operation) worked fine as a cover when I got home at 2.30 this morning to find my Dad in the kitchen. And my Mum not home, because she'd taken Becky into the hospital to get drugs because her wisdom teeth are coming through.

So there you go, another talent to add to my list. Quiltmath, fabric buying excuses, lying.

Speaking of quiltmath, I'm quite looking forward to this last shelf getting put in, because then I can unload all my fabrics, take a photo (because really, they'll be good for all of a day) and then I can start getting inspired. I haven't done any quilting in what feels like months, and I miss it. I know there's a serious lot of seriously nice fabrics out in those tubs, and I wanna start working my way through it, so I can tell myself I can buy some more.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Nothing. At all.

I just wasted two hours of my life trying to make a half decent looking image of holographic glitter. I am aware that I could have spent that time sewing, or reading or partaking in any number of more worthwhile pursuits, but I didn't.

If someone asks me if I did anything after work tonight, I shall tell them I went round to Meagan's, and then came home and did nothing at all.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Loving it sick

Because Casey recently got a facebook account AND a new phone, on Saturday night the walls of myself and a good many other friends were plastered with badly spelled variations on the "I love you" theme - I was to busy with a boy to do any such thing although earlier in the night I did make a slightly tipsy phone call to Woolies to tell Meagan how much I loved her and wished she had come... Nonetheless, for no apparent reason, tonight I am feeling the love, so here's some.

I love how many millions* of photos from the weekend have surfaced on facebook. And the fact that I'm only in one of them. (So far)

I love the way light passes through fog and I love how when you get to the top of a hill you're above the fog, and it's like you're on a island.

I love in depth comparisons of microwave meals. Emily's Kitchen still do the best beef and black bean, and the fact that they come with rice instead of veggies is a good thing because a) it sops up a lot of the sauce and b) a can of peas and carrots is only about $1.30. Passage Foods' beef and black bean is a lot spicier, and has veggies instead of rice, but the veggies are all exotic bean shoots and capsicum and other stuff I'm not that keen on. There is a lot more beef content though, and they were on special tonight.

I love finding that last bit of beef in the bottom of the sauce and the weird veggies.

I love the rainbow fabric of my handbag. And the pink lining.

I love how kick arse I am at building flatpack furniture.

I love the wad of paper measuring tapes I stole from IKEA** Very handy.

I love how humorously loud Casey's snoring is.

I love turning a down into an up - yes my coat is filthy and no I can't wash it at home, but now I can put on facebook that I'm taking my fur coat in to get professionally done. *snigger*

I love saying "Everybody wins. And by everybody, I mean me" (really, I say this at least once a week. I say bitchin', and sweet as bro, and sad face a lot lot more. Maybe I just love the fact that I have catchphrases?)

I love the moment when you realise that it wasn't the 15 hours of car travel, or all the dancing, or the night spent in the back of the ute, that made me feel like a walking ache today. What actually caused it, was that someone had put one of those portable "test your speedo accuracy" displays out the front of Kylie's house in Bordertown (on a 50kph back road, for no apparent reason) and while her stuff was being put in the van I decided to see if I could get it to activate just by running at it. I could, and over four sprints (which I of course didn't warm up for) I got 20kph and shin splints. If I had gone for a longer run up than the 30 or 40m I used, I probably could have gotten a stitch and an asthma attack too.

*that's an exaggeration. Hundreds, yes, but that doesn't sound as cool.
**they were free to use and dispose of - I just need to use and dispose of them here, in my house.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Eventually, statistically, I will leave a ball with a memory card full of funny, cute photos from which I can pick the ones where I look the best, delicately photoshop them so they become even better, and plaster them all over this blog and facebook.

This was not that ball. But since quantum physics says that everything than can happen, should happen, it's only a matter of time. Despite taking two cameras and 7 batteries, There's really only one photo of me from the whole weekend. And it was taken this afternoon. At the Murray Bridge shopping centre. On Casey's phone.

Hair in piggietails because there was quite a lot of alcohol flying through the air over the dancefloor last night, and it was so horrible and matted that I couldn't get it into a single ponytail. You may note too that I don't look like a promo girl for the new Smurfs movie. This is a nice change. I did have some red smudges on my cheek but it swisspered off.

It was a fantastic evening, but it's even more fantastic to be home. Mum* and I went into IKEA while the girls stayed at recovery, and we headed home about 3, only to find out, an hour or so into the drive, that one of our friend's brothers had put his keys in the van for safekeeping, and completely failed to mention it as we were leaving. So it was an extra 2 hours on the trip for that, and then Casey decided that what she really needed was soda water, and do you think we could find any? Thus the trip to the shopping centre, and really, there was noone else about, how could we resist? We'd saved a horse by riding cowboys, and then we decided to ride the horses too.

Other random info:
We had the lanyards out, everyone liked them, but noone got around to trying them out.

Fuel consumption (for the swift) was 7.8L/100km on the way up, but only 6.2 on the way home. I'm going to tell people that the rate of alcohol consumption was at a similar rate, but I'm just saying shit to be funny.
I was trying for three trips to KFC in the one day but after lunch in Adelaide and afternoon tea in Murray Bridge (the first time through) we got back into the mount at 10.05 - they close at 10pm :(
I feel so much better now that I've had a shower. It's like magic.

*It seems that a lot of you are mums and so I have to ask you this: Would you drive 400km with your daughters and some of their friends just to drop them off somewhere and spend the night alone? Would you, the next morning, take one of those daughters on a 150km round trip into the city to buy some furniture, putting up with her having a chuck into the tub that last night contained the dozen or so jelly shots she'd consumed (which actually caused the chuck) and then take her to KFC because all that would make her feel better was potato and gravy? And would you then drive the van home so the other daughter could keep on drinking? If you answered yes to all of these questions, you're as awesome as my Mum is. Congratulations. It's not easy.