Sunday, January 16, 2011


Tonight was supposed to be Harrow BnS Ball. Instead, I'm going to bed a bit after 2am.

Alone, too, for the record, though not for a lack of effort on the girls' part. But I'm not as keen on Phil as everyone was hoping I'd be (or as keen as they are) and Brad still gets drunk and acts exactly like my father does, and although Freud would probably say otherwise, that means a big fat no from me.

On the other downside, I made absolutely no progress on either quilt whatsoever. They haven't been trimmed, the binding hasn't been cut, let alone joined, ironed or attached.

I have made one interesting discovery though. Absolut Vodka in the peach flavour is absolutely foul, but as with all alcohol, if you add a double hit of red cordial it becomes bearable enough to skull it. But, like all vodkas, it does still give me nasty heartburn though, which explains why I stopped after about 5 drinks.

I need a new alcohol. Any suggestions?


  1. Midori,lime and soda is nice but then so is galliano but then what would I know, I dont drink

  2. Southern Comfort is my poison of choice, although Peach Schnapps with lemonade sometimes gets a look in. Gin makes me depressed so you might want to give that a miss.

    I used to drink Japanese Slippers, cointreau , midori and lemon juice over crushed ice.

    Dont you just love friends who try to push you into a relationship...if you arent feeling the lurve you arent feeling it.