Saturday, January 8, 2011

Why did no-one tell me earlier how nice they were?

So today instead of doing something productive I got caught up in shirts. Today was the first day I wore my Lower South East Ladettes shirt

With very short shorts because it was quite warm. And because I was wearing it Casey got all motivated to want hers. But she'd been having trouble finding a hot pink shirt in her size, so she took me up on the fabric dying offer. We went to rivers and got 4 shirts (two for Case, one for mum and one for another friend) and then I had to go and buy dye. Thank god it was half price at Lincraft, as it was it still cost me nearly $20, though we didn't quite use it all, so I think I can still get a shirt or two more yet.

Dying shirts is possibly one of the most boring supposedly-crafty things I have ever done. It's like cooking, but worse, and cooking's not something I've ever been a fan of. You spend 15 minutes trying to stir a bloody great shirt in an annoyingly small pot* full of boiling water that also stains horribly when any of it splashes. Then you haul it out, rinse it off and realise there's still a big pale patch in the middle because you didn't stir it quite right. So you do it again. and then you repeat 3 more times.

It has definatelly been my least favourite part of this whole shirt thing.

But, I must say, because of the whole shirt thing, I'm very much loving polos again. With the exception of the shirt I wore when I did nightfill at Spotlight, I haven't really worn a polo since school. Well, year 10, since I decided in year 11 that I really liked fitted 3/4 sleeve shirts. So I wore them instead. And then when I finished school, I decided I really liked tee shirts, but only element ones. A couple of years after that I took to singlets and long sleeve shirts over the top, and I've gone with that for a while. But I want to go out and buy the shirt that I got printed in lots of colours. And wear them all the time. It might only last a month or two till summer ends, but right now? Loving Polo shirts.

*Dad took the big one "somewhere" to cook some crayfish in, and cant quite remember where..


  1. that does sound terribly annoying, but the shirt is adorable! (especially the small pot/splashing and staining part)

    ahhh, when I still wore short shorts :)

  2. The shirt came out well despite the horrible dying part. It reminds me of why I haven't dyed anything in a very long time. I love polos too but it's too hot to where them here most of the year.

  3. Oh heavens I don't think I will ever attempt to dye anything.Most of our Primary schools up here have polo shirts as their uniform. They are sunsafe with their collars and sleeves and always look good.

  4. Your shirts came out beautifully! I love the idea of dyeing, but I'm always afraid I'll dye something I don't intend to. Way to go!

  5. I never wore short shorts ...lucky you ! I also never owned a shirt that proclaimed me skinny - you clearly have good genes and metabolism because I know how much icecream you scoff from reading previous posts.

    The dying sounds like a complete trial but you did it! That in itself deserves kudos.

    And it's done. Onto printing!