Friday, January 7, 2011


I had big plans for tonight but they got sidetracked by a big parcel of stuff from Vistaprint and the fact that today I found a tub that fits well enough under my carseat that I could do myself a box of everything.

Back with BJ the box of everything lived in the glovebox. Taylor's glovebox is tiny so all it can really fit is the various chargers that I need on hand at all times to try to keep up with Resolution #1, and the best spot seemed to be under the driver's seat, which would nicely fit a tub of around 10cm high and 25 by 30 across. The tub I got is only 20 by 30, but it's enough for:

Swispers. Panadol. Notepads. Demazin. Sticky tape. Single use toothbrushes. A Swiss Army knife. A big pack of glow sticks. Listerine. A hairbrush. A comb. Some hairties. Some bobby pins. A screwdriver. Some cotton buds. Pads. Tampons. Condoms. A torch. A pair of scissors. A pair of pliers. A roll of Quickeze. Bandaids (Dora the Explorer ones.) Soap. Moisturiser. Socks. Undies. A singlet.

So all it needs is a small sewing kit and some masking tape and I think it's good to go. Oh, and batteries.

Casey and I are crazy ladies when it comes to packing and planning for any occasion. We've taken axes with us just in case we needed firewood and/or the zombie apocalypse came. I think I took about 7 quilts (not made by me quilts, big fluffy eiderdown quilts) to Harrow last year, because I don't like being cold. I also took the laptop to watch movies on, since I had a boyfriend at the time, but I think I might just be able to get away with only taking the tablet. Except of course we can't use it to burn CDs, so I suppose I will take the laptop. And we take our body weight (well, my body weight) in food, and Casey's body weight in drinks.

Everybody got all excited about the double shelf boot of the swift because we could put the booze under it. But how the hell is it all gunna fit? She's gunna be so full she won't be able to move. She's only got a 1.5 for Christ's sake... Her four little cylinders displace less than a big bottle of coke... and there's some big hills between here and Harrow.

I think we'll dump it all int he back of Meagan's ute. Meagan is a fellow Woolworths Bogan. We're a rare breed, only 3 of us remain now. I hope she's as prepared as we will be.

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  1. Dont forget the Berocca!

    What are you thinking you might need masking tape for ? Just curious...