Thursday, January 13, 2011

Yay! Top Gear!

Why did none of you tell me that there were two Top Gear specials over Christmas? Because of your uselessness I didn't know till I did my check-through of what-mid-season-shows-start-when today, and as a result, I'm not in bed early, like I was gunna. I'm watching Top Gear.

I also haven't gotten any of the things on my list done. I've decided I'll get a proper leather needle to sew up my coat because it's a fantastic excuse as to why I'm not doing it tonight. My ball gown is still out in the shed unwashed but I have found one I bought from the salvos about 6 months ago because the retro-ness of it's fabric, so I might wear that instead. I only found it because I had to sort through the clothes at the end of my bed to put them in the washing basket, and if anything, having a tidy bed-end has made the rest of my room look, if you can believe it, even messier.

I actually wanted to sew quite badly, for reasons I couldn't explain. But I had Top Gear, and that took the urge away.

Actually, I'm getting a big urge to buy myself a fat quarter bundle of Central Park. I really really want it, so I can make myself an orange and green quilt. There's 42 fabrics in the range, so I'd have enough to do that and a similar one in blue and purple, and what's more there'd be enough to put some pretty fabrics on the backs too. But with Harrow, and car rego, and licence renewal, it'll take me some time to justify it to myself.

If I found my stylus I would take that as a sign. But I haven't yet, and it's driving me so bonkers I'll probably order it way ahead of my "wait a week and see" plans. So that's $40 I can't spend on fabric.

I may have to give up eating to fund my habit, because I've been doing it a lot longer than drinking, which I've only just taken up again.

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