Thursday, January 27, 2011

PhDs, WiPs And UfOs... Oh, and BPs...

So I found out last night that a PhD is a project half done.

I personally go with WIP (Work in progress) and UFO (Un-finished objects)

My belief (and there are lot of different ones out there) is that a WIP becomes a UFO as soon as you have all the bits bought and planned, but no intention of finishing it any time soon. This is excellent for me, as it means that any backless tops are NOT UFOs, but WIPs. This makes me feel much better. I currently only have three UFOs.

One is the purple quilt, which has been loitering since early August, 3/4 quilted. Then there's the one I've been gunna-ing on for the past two weeks - it's all quilted, I made the binding on the 15th, I attached the binding on the 22nd. Now I just need to flip the binding over, pin it and sew it. But.... I soooo can't be bothered. Dad's pieced quilt cover needs to be attached front to back, and the clipper strip attached at the bottom. Oh, I forgot, the Hawks quilt I did for the tutorial. It's basted. But since I couldn't actually get the two yards of brown I needed, I have no binding fabric for it till they get more in.

Now, as for the reason I consider my un-backed tops to still be Works In Progress is that, well, I am still working on them. My little head based Rolodex is on the lookout for all of them every time I go into a fabric shop, every time I log into eBay. Even when I'm not doing this, there's a little part of my brain thinking about how they should be quilted.

Works in Progress Are:

The Newsprint wonky quilt - The only backing I can find is a white dot on black, which seems a tad dull. And I might give it a border. I haven't decided yet.

The blue and green and purple big disappearing nine patch - I have lost the backing fabrics. They're somewhere in my room, waiting for mid February, when I'm taking two weeks off for a cleanout.

The Soiree Header quilt - I can't find a backing anywhere near as awesome as the front. I'm considering using some of the other fabrics from the bundle but even they're not quite good enough for what I kinda consider to be my Mona Lisa. But I might buy this for the binding. Maybe. I love a good stripe, but it might be too bright.

The red and green floral two tyred quilt, not that you'd know it was even pieced because the two fabrics look so freaking similar when you chop them into little bits and sew them together so really what was the point, and how the hell am I gunna find a fabric to back or bind them in that matches them? - see previous sentence.

The Autumn Nutmeg quilt - I have a big pile of fabrics ready to back and bind. But I'm not sure what I wanna do with them.

Big Plans:

Swag Quilt - Current top of my list. Fabrics all bought and washed, but they still need an iron. Also, I haven't come up with a design yet.

Old Jean Quilt - Desperately want to do one, possibly also for the swag. Have started buying big pairs of jeans from the Salvos for chopping up.

Quilt for Helen - Still not completely sure on fabric #9.

Black, white and yellow quilt - bumped down list, but still on it. To be done in the big disappearing nine patch I've been so fond of lately.

Southern Cross quilt (prolly for Casey) - need 1 more fabric, and I got struck by a realisation the other day that my pattern won't work, unless I have an extra 3 contrast fabrics to fill in the little gaps in order to keep the blocks the right size, so I'll need them too. Also needs a small bucketload of math, which is in short supply just right now.

Purple and Green Mingle Quilt - I have a beautiful double bundle but no ideas whatsoever.

Pink Quilt - Every time I see the fabrics together I play with them, and love them, and sit them next to one another, and then I get all scared, and put them back. Also, I have no pattern in mind, just a dozen really really nice fabrics.


So yeah. An unfinished object is one where all the thinking is done, and the actual work simply needs doing. A work in progress is one you still need to work on in your head.

If you ask me, anyway.


  1. Am I getting a quilt. OH MY GOD! IM NOT WORTHY!
    PS I love Bobs finished quilt its lovely and bright and when I hung it on the line to dry...... it GLOWED,(Awsome) sorry about the peg marks I promise I will fix them =)

  2. Anything not finished here is actually collectively know as the PITA quilt...

    Good luck with your plans.