Thursday, January 20, 2011

With regards to a badly done quilt...

I've still got no idea where my camera is. Probably somewhere in the lounge/kitchen area (that's where I had it last) but I've moved on to bed now so it's a bit late to go looking. I changed my mind today when I looked at the pink so it's become very very yellow. Helen will therefore hate it, and I'm not a huge fan because of my stupid cut-off corners, but now that it's quilted I think some nice binding will improve it greatly. I'm thinking green. Keeping it gender-neutral.

It's quite small, maybe 70 by 90cm? And I went with a blue for the back, because it was there.

I wish I could see into peoples brains to know what they think it looks like, since I've been very vague and shown no pictures. I don't really see pictures in my brain, I hear words instead* so it would be especially interesting.

Here's a tiny, terrible and completely inaccurate mockup to give you an idea.

Stay tuned tomorrow to see how it compares to the real thing...

*that's why I waffle so bad here. I'm just trying to fob some of them off.


  1. I think in colours not shapes, so I had no idea what your quilt looked like aside from the blobs of colour you described.

    I need to buy a new camera or a new battery - after 6 years my cybershot is only holding a charge for about 12 hours if I dare to use it.

  2. Looks random but cute, cant wait to see the photos