Thursday, January 6, 2011

Ahem. Excuse me...

Still no sign of Honeycat. Tomorrow I'll do the rounds of the vets and the pound, and if there's still no sign, I do what I did last time a cat vanished into the midsts of time, and quilt with a fervor not seen since... I dunno. Someone did something fervently, I suppose.

Sorry, my brain has appeared to turn into mush. Actually, although the human brain does appear quite mushy, even at the best of times, it is actually a fragile and delicate thing. That's why we have skulls, to protect it when we need to go around headbutting people. Which is thankfully not often. But sometimes. So thankyou skull.

Fortunately there's only tomorrow at work before I have a (clearly) much needed day off. I think I might use it to do the super easy quilt top in the black, red and white Mingle bundle. Or I could quilt Bob's quilt, like I've been saying I will. That should bring Honeycat home, she loves to sit on whatever it is I'm trying to wrangle through the machine.

Dunno. But no matter what I'm doing, I will be wearing my totally awesome Lower South East Ladettes shirt.

Casey doesn't want me to because she doesn't have hers yet, but as I've repeatedly pointed out, that is not my fault. She, like the rest of you, simply has to pick a hot pink* polo to her liking, take it to Jagga Jagga and give the man $20ish. My work is done.

*I've even offered to dye a white or differently-pink top if it helps.


  1. Okay so I guess we have established Im not psychic since I said that Honeycat would come home. I hope you find her.

    Your T-Shirt is arse kicking fabulous. (and the quilt under it is pretty too-is that one you made?)

    I have today at work and then I'm off for weeks. I cannot wait!

    Sending good "Honeycat finnding vibes" your way.

  2. The quilt is #5 on my list, so it's quite an early one.

    Even though I miss her, I'm feeling quite philosophical about it. She was always a free range cat, and once I've confirmed she's not stuck at the pound or the vets, I'll try and get on with not being too worried. She showed up one day, she was a good friend, and then she moved on. I'm sure there are other sad single ladies who need her more. She's not been squished on the road and there's no sign out in the yard, so she either comes back, or she doesn't.

    Not much I can do, really, so once I've done what I can, I'll get on with other things.