Wednesday, January 19, 2011


If I could find my camera, I'd show you some lovely pictures of the 6 jelly rolls I bought today. For $30. For the 6 of them. (Don't worry Helen, two of them are for you)

What I wouldn't show you is the hash I've made with my first attempt at using them. I've come to the conclusion that if you make one mistake in one block, you have to sit tight and hope noone notices it, but if you make the same mistake 8 times in every block, you can tell people it's your attempt at creating an interesting and unique design.

Well, it might be once it's done. At the moment it's still 12 slightly nasty blocks, but tomorrow night I'll string them all together with some pink between them and see how it looks then. It'll only be little, but you never know. It could be an interesting and unique design. Also, it's only actually taken up one straggy fat quarter and about the equivalent of 3 strips, so it's not too much of a waste. It might even be small enough to have a go at free motioning it, since all I have to lose is about 50 cents worth of fabric and 3 hours worth of sewing.

For those of you interested in my TV habits, Katie from No Ordinary Family is my new favourite TV character, at least until Mozzie comes out of his coma in White Collar. I'm 7 episodes in and should download some more, but I'm a day or so ahead on my internet usage (on the 19th we should be at 62%, we are at 66%) and there's a lot of shows coming back form midseason break this week.

In completely unrelated news I have the hiccups, it's 3.30 and I need to go to sleep.


  1. And wouldnt you know it SPOTLIGHT has thrown us another chalenge to spend $100 and get $40 for free. Im going to do a shobox of love for the flood victims and I thought I would make it a sewing kit, scissors, needles pins, cottons, buttons etc, you know the drill, all the stuff I would be devestated about loosing in a flood. So thats my challenge for this week and Im sure Im up to it.

  2. OK, spill...where did you get that many jelly rolls for so little?

  3. Spotlight had them on chuckout...