Big Stairways to Heaven Quilt Top Tutorial

This is the pattern for the The Stairways to Heaven quilt top. This is a pattern for the top only.

I have made this with two designs of fabric in 3 colours each.

Final size, if you make it using the imperial measurements, is 52.5" by 60" so it's a decent lap blankie or full size cot quilt. It uses 1/2 yard of each of the 6 fabrics, and has 4 blocks left over. Other than that, you'll only have some selvedges and ratty ends remaining. These first measurements use a quarter inch seam.

So, you take your 6 half yards and cut them into strips selvedge to selvedge. You'll need two strips measuring 5.5" wide and two of 3" wide from each fabric (there should be less than an inch left over)

Then, you take your strips and sort them like this. Assign each colour a number (I have gone Pink -1, Green -2 and Blue -3) then pick one design as (a) (spots/dark in the picture) and the other as (b) (stripes/lighter in the picture)

1a wide with 2b narrow.
3b wide with 2a narrow.
3a wide with 1b narrow.
2b wide with 1a narrow.
2a wide with 3b narrow.
1b wide with 3a narrow.

Strip piece them all together then press your seams flat (doesn't matter which way, since these seams wont connect with one another).

These are actually in upside down order - oops.
From each strip cut 5 squares 8" long, so you have 10 of each.

Arrange the squares as shown in the picture. If you keep them in the order as above, you should be able to start with your first pair (1a+2b) in the bottom left corner and work your way up from there in the above order.

Diagonals 3, 4, 5 and 6 will each have one more square than necessary, which can be used for piecing on the back or to make a 15" square pillow.

Assemble the squares into a quilt top.

Quilt however you like - I plan on quilting straight lines either side of the main seams and on the large-rectangle side of the block piecing, but do whatever floats your boat.

If you live in metricland, like me, you'll need 45cm of each fabric; cut each one into two strips 8cm wide and 13.5cm wide, then after sewing cut them into 20cm squares. If you sew all this the same as the above instructions but with 7.5mm seams, you should get the same quilt but about 4cm smaller each way.

Good luck!