Saturday, December 31, 2011

Lessons. And also fish.

Remember a few weeks ago when I said that deconstructing items of clothing was a much better alternative to just plain old constructing them?

Yeah, I didn't, which is why I spent tonight sewing three different versions of a dress, none of which was quite right, before giving up and taking the slightly saggy bodice off of a dress I bought on ebay about a month ago, leaving me with a lovely hot pink silk skirt, which, when worn quite high over the same long singlet dress I was going to wear under the lace dress I was trying to make tonight, with a wide belt, looks excellent. Yay.

The other thing I learned tonight was that sewing with lace is a fantastic way to realise your fingernails are quite chipped. And that lifting up slimy, spiky, prone-to-crumbling rocks on the banks of the river in pursuit of the crabs that live underneath them is a surefire way to quite badly chip your fingernails.

The things I do for tiny delicious fish, and also to get my dad to stop nagging at me to come to the boat for the next couple of months.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Why do I keep doing this?

The hardest thing about dressmaking is fabric selection. Fabric selection for a quilt can be tricky, but that's purely a design thing. Even if you've got the most horribly clashing prints imaginable, as long as you're using 100% cotton with a shrinkage rate of less than 5%, you'll end up with a functioning, if not necessarily aesthetically pleasing, quilt. When it comes to making clothes though, fabric selection is waaay more tricky.

It's all about drape, see. I hate drape. Partly cause I don't really have the figure for it (ie. I'm a boobless stick) and partly because it's pretty much impossible to economically design an item of clothing with drape without a mannequin. Ever tried to pin clothes around yourself? It doesn't really work. And making the same item over and over again doesn't work either, because fabrics with drape are usually about the same price as quilt shop cottons, and the cheap stuff you use for making your practice muslins doesn't drape.

I remember now why I didn't go off and do fashion design. That next batch of monsters might get made sooner than planned. At least they always work.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Nothing, oh, sweet nothing...

I have two whole days off, and nothing very much to do.


Well, I need to find something to wear for new years, for which I am working till 10.30pm, rushing to a co-worker's house for the event and heading home not too long after since I have to be at work at lunchtime (an early start for me even on a non-hungover day) the next day. Oh, and apparently it's going to be about 35 degrees, so no jeans and boots for me. Anna and I are going shopping tomorrow so I'll have to find something. I have plenty of clothes, but it's shoes that are the problem - I really struggle with sandals and thongs and heels. Boots I'm good at, sneakers I'm okay at, work shoes I bought the same pair 4 times to save the horror of having to find a new comfy pair for at least a year or two, and anything strappy just doesn't work on my feet.

Maybe that's why I like BnS balls so much - cause no matter what else you're wearing, you then get to chuck your nice comfy boots on at the bottom of it. I wish every outfit could be that easy.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The cake is a lie, but will give you +5 sexterity...*

I expect very few of you to recognise or get these. That's okay. I can respect that. Most of you have lives, and haven't wasted goodly portions of them on computer games and internet memes.

Lucky you, I guess. Because despite making some Weighted Companion Cube pillows from the game Portal, instead of having Still Alive stuck in my head, I've got (Do you wanna date my) Avatar from The Guild stuck in my head. And having theme songs to computer games or web series' about computer games stuck in your head is kinda sucky. Those buggers are cat-chy.

*Do you wanna know? Really?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I must admit, I'm not good with makeup. Actually, that's an understatement. It's something I barely do at all. I have, apart from my collection of lip smackers, pretty much just two bits of makeup - some very pale foundation powder that I use to cover up blotchy days, and which is pretty much exactly the same as my skin tone in sunlight but which makes me look like a scary ghost in photos, and some mineral makeup powder that is a bit darker that I put on over the top of the pale stuff just in case someone whips out a camera, but which in the mirror looks kindof orange, so I usually take half of it off with a swispers before going out in public with it. Make up is, for me, in the too hard basket, along with sewing with stretch fabrics and fre motion quilting. And because I can't be bothered, it's not something I really spend money on - both those cost less than $10. If it's something I'm going to do maybe 30 days a year, it's not something I'm gunna invest a whole lot of money into. Not when there's fabric that needs buying.

Because of this, it's both a surprise and not surprising at all that all I bought today, boxing day, big sales day, was 3 mascaras. $10, from Woolies. Some kind of special Christmas pack, I dunno. I considered it when it was $15, but that seemed excessive. I wouldn't pay $5 for one, but apparently I would pay $3.33. I tried one tonight, and it seemed a tad underwhelming. Maybe I've been watching too many ads on telly. I though they should be poking someone else's eyes out they'd be so long. Instead, they were a bit darker, and quite stiff.

It all seems a bit of a faff to be honest. The $4 spent on chocolate cake seemed much more enjoyable. I might go eat some more of it.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Most Sparklyest, Rainbowest Present Ever!

If I'm honest, I'm glad it's over. I'm not a huge lover of Christmas, since it always feels like it will be a huge hassle, and, yeah, usually it is. There's lots of driving about, often with people in your car you would never otherwise have, the awkwardness of having to say hi to relatives you loathe for a variety of reasons and the always fun job of pretending to ignore the fact that two of your sisters are hating on each other, and that your dad is slightly too drunk on account of how he hates Christmas too, and probably for the exact same reasons. Except the driving, cause that's not allowed after a whole bottle of Wild Turkey.

This Christmas though, contained a ray of light not seen every December 25th. And while I loathe surprises and being out of the loop, this was my present from Helen and Casey this year.

I found it on ebay a few weeks ago and put out an open invitation on facebook for anyone to buy it for me, but it was near enough $100 so I doubted anyone would. It ended and was re-listed at 20% off and I seriously considered buying it but by then, someone already had. I took it as a sign, since really, I don't live the kind of life that caters to a wardrobe of rainbow sequined dresses, but today I opened up a little box and saw some sequins through the tissue paper and almost peed my pants.

If it hadn't fit, I probably would have locked myself in a bedroom and bawled for a bit. 

Apparently though, pretty much everyone except me knew I was getting it. I messaged Anna as soon as I got it since we'd cooed over it together and she already knew, as did Mum and Nanny. As someone who doesn't really "do" secrets, the fact that everyone around me does is somewhat disconcerting. Thankfully they've (so far) only used their powers for good instead of evil.

So thankyou to Helen and Casey. I must come up with a suitable occasion to wear it. And some new boots to wear with it.

I'll post a link to them on facebook when I do. My birthday is only 4 weeks away now...

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas.

I got everything finished on time, even though I didn't get out of work on time (a saturday when you have to do all the sunday jobs? Too confusing.)

And so it is, officially, in my time zone at least, Christmas. 3 hours in.

Santa has been, though I still have to wait 5 hours to find out what I got in addition to an RAA roadside assist membership and some hopefully-bitchin new headphones. They cost six times my usual headphones so one would hope they are six times better, though they're probably just 6 times more likely to get lost.

I hope everyone has a good one, whether they've still got a whole day to wait or just a few stolen hours of shut-eye.

I think I might get away with not sewing for a whole day now. Yay!

Saturday, December 24, 2011


It's been a day of interesting feelings today. There was the time spent in the perfume section of Priceline, feeling ignorant and alienated (because I'm anosmic. Google it). There was the time tonight when I realised that I'd made a goddamn stupid mistake* on Casey's bag and had to spend 20 minutes unpicking the zipper, feeling stupid and angry at myself. But on the other hand, I got a small child happily into bed, and that felt quite good, since it's not something I would have previously considered myself capable of. And selling all the monsters tonight at Helen's, in the space of one slightly frenetic hour, actually felt kinda great. It's a lovely feeling to have my stuff be very much wanted, and, even though I'm certainly in no rush, to leave them already wanting more.

Now though, having pretty much finished Casey's bag (I've just got to neaten up and overlock the inside seams) I'm pretty much just feeling tired.

*I cut the vliesofix and had it as my pattern interfaced to the lining to give me the size I needed. But because it was the start of a new piece from spotlight, the edge was wonky and though I remembered to draw a nice straight line to square it off, I didn't actually cut that line, meaning one zipper edge was, at one end of the zip, over a centimetre wider than it should have been. And yeah, I didn't realise it till I had sewn, threaded and cut down the zipper.

Friday, December 23, 2011


5am, we meet again....

Yeah, I'm not good at this whole "going to bed" thing. Buuuuuut.....

Faced, sewn, stuffed and ready to hand-sew closed tomorrow. My favourite is the pale blue one at the right. He has really long arms, so you can fold (knot) them and he looks really gangsta.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I think I'm doing it wrong....

I'm not particularly good at this "Christmas decorating" thing.

Though some of those little arms do look kinda like stockings.

All this batch of monsters are fully faced now and all their little arms have been sewn, but not stuffed, cause I didn't get out of bed early enough to make it to Spotlight and Casey got there at 5.25 and didn't think to name-drop her way in. Silly Girl. Stuffing is another of those things I have *somewhere*

I'm feeling extremely grateful that I have the day after tomorrow off, since I still have a lotta lotta stuff to do. My goal is to get these guys sewn and stuffed tomorrow night/friday morning and drop them into Helen, and hopefully she'll be nice enough to sew them closed for me, since I hate that job.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Here we go again...

Because I am a sucker.

I couldn't even find my old patterns, let along the half dozen half-faced monsters I know are somewhere. Lucky I posted all the patterns on here a while ago - look under the tutorial label if you're wanting it.

Spotlight didn't have any opaque white fabric paint, so I've had to sew on a layer of felt with a layer of white quilting cotton fused over the top - that's the only combo that properly covers the prints underneath, and doesn't pill like the felt does on it's own. Fortunately, without actually practicing or doing it all that often, I suddenly got quite good at raw edge machine applique. Yay me.

But my vision's starting to go blurry from staring intently at a turning circle of white and my bobbin ran out. And if an empty bobbin isn't a sign to stop for the night, I don't know what is. Maybe the fact that it's a quarter to five. That works too.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Have you ever made someone something and then been all bummed that you don't get to keep it?

Any of you that said no, I'd like to remind you that Santa is watching, and you've only got yourself to blame if you don't get anything on Sunday. If I know you're lying, then Santa does too.

I've been working hard* on Casey's bag tonight, and I want it. Want want want. Sulk. Maybe I will steal it later. It's not yet finished yet, and I have some distractions, maybe I can pretend that it can't be finished, and then sneaky finish it and keep it for myself.

The distractions I mentioned are a sudden call for lots and lots of monsters, in the next 4 days. Helen put them on facebook, and people went and bought them all, and wanted more. And they're not having Alex (he remains my monster) so I'll have to see what I can do.

*Just because I spent long periods of time getting distracted by making myself a new headband, cooking some rice, playing with some zippers, painstakingly cutting some fabric on the grain, and wrapping a couple of presents, doesn't mean I wasn't working hard, y'know, in between all that stuff.

Monday, December 19, 2011

I am a dull and uninteresting person.

I know that music aficionados say that the richest sound comes from vinyl. I know that the best method of digital compression and storage for audio is FLAC. I know that I much, much prefer being able to download an album in 17 seconds. I know that it took me 3 minutes, and the assistance of one of my sisters to work out how to merely open the one remaining cassette player in our house today.

I didn't know that cassettes ran two channels of audio. Or maybe I just hadn't thought of it. Cassettes were a dying breed when I was in my formative music years, but I was there for them. My first ever album was on cassette (it was Hanson. The ones that sang MmmBop. My favourite song was Yearbook.) I can remember friends bringing over their cassettes and CDs and making mix tapes. You couldn't do that in 17 seconds - you did it real time, having one play in slot 1 while you recorded in slot 2. 

Today I didn't make a mix tape. Today I did the reverse. Six weeks ago I wrote about a song called The Melbourne Cup which I couldn't find anywhere. My sister (the same one who can remember how to open a cassette player*) told me that it was on the Home Among the Gum Trees cassettes we had when we were little. I looked on eBay, and there was one lonely copy available. I bought it. "That's excellent," said Casey. "You can put it all on the computer for us and then give it to Nanna Joy for Christmas."

So it's on the computer, in 25 minute blocks of 7 songs per side. Digitized by plugging an audio cable from the headphone jack of the almost-never-used sound system in the lounge to mic jack of mum's laptop, and pressing record in my music editing software, and waiting 25 minutes before flipping the cassette. Each channel of audio is different, and I'm breaking it down into little bits by listening to the beginning and end of each song through my headphones, and yeah, one ear is hearing different things to the other.

It's not beautiful sound. There's a lot of noise in the background. Not actual noise, of us putting up our Christmas tree, which we finally did tonight at about 11pm because it was the only time all six of us were home, but the faint buzzy cracklyness of the cassette.

Weirdly, even though I'm listening to it through the sound card on a computer, it feels soothing. Familiar. Songs I haven't heard in 15 years, from a cassette 25 years old. I wonder if it's because of the cracklyness. I'm planning on having a go at cleaning it up some other day, but maybe I shouldn't. Maybe it's important.

Also, I have the worst Deja Vu of my life. Not just cause I'm listening to songs from when I was a kid - I don't think I ever listened to these songs at this house, just in Dad's ute or on the houseboat. But I feel as if I've sorted this audio before. Maybe just because it's taken me the last 4 hours to get halfway through.

Anyway, if any of you remember any of these songs, or maybe want them, or came here cause you too realise that, for reasons beyond your control, your identity is tied up in some songs sung three decades ago and now unavailable to anyone not lucky enough to do the right eBay search on the right day, message me and I'll send them to you.

Home Among The Gumtrees - Bullamakanka
Old Man Emu - John Williamson
Ridin' - Smoky Dawson
The Gondiwindi Grey - Johnny Greenwood
Click Go the Shears - The Hawking Bros
Redback on the Toilet Seat - Slim Newton
I was only Nineteen - Redgum
Downunder - Men At Work
Put Another Log On The Fire - Bill & Boyd
Little Boy Lost - Johnny Ashcroft
I'm The Sheik from Scrubby Creek - Chad Morgan
Theme from Picnic at Hanging Rock - Paul Lennon
Tenterfield Saddler - Peter Allen
And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda - The Bushwhackers
Our Don Bradman - (No artist listed)
The Wild Colonial Boy - Smoky Dawson
Waltzing Matilda - The Sundowners
Theme From Rush - Brian May and The ABC Showband
The Melbourne Cup - The Hawking Bros
Santa Never Made it to Darwin - Bill & Boyd
Flash Jack from Gundagai - The Bushwhackers
The Ettamogah Pub - Ray Kernaghan
Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport - Rolf Harris
Come On Aussie Come On - Frankie Davidson
The Dog on the Tuckerbox/Road to Gundagai/Back to Yarrawonga (Medley) - The Sundowners
Theme From Cash & Co - The Bushwhackers
I Still Call Australia Home - Peter Allen

As for craft, today I did none whatsoever.

*The stop button is also the open button.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I think I might be bored with HSTs now. I finished the top of the christmas quilt and pressed it all and thought, well, that was fun, time for something new.

Except, well, I can't really start anything new, since I have a whole lotta stuff still to be done in the next week. I did pretty good today though - after I finished the top I got it basted and quilted - now all it needs is trimming down and binding. I've already got the strips cut, and I've got the strips cut to bind that red and green one I made a few weeks ago to see how much I disliked wool batting, but I'm puting it off. I hate binding.

I got the other three christmas sacks finished today too. We always used pillow cases as a kid and then we would lug the pillow cases around to wherever christmas was that year, so this year I have made us some ones in pretty christmas fabric that are still the size of pillow cases, but have squared off bottoms and handles. Handles are handy, as the name suggests.

I made the lining for Casey's bag, and devoted some time to berating myself for deciding to make hers a fancy bag.  Bags without pockets and with handles that go from one end to the other instead of up the sides are much, much easier, but she wants a little bit of leather from the back of some jeans sewn to hers and for whatever reason, that makes me feel like the bag has to be as fancy as the pants it came off of.

And I made a stubby holder, just to see if I could remember how to do it. I can - yay me!

Unfortunately, at some point while I was doing all this my phone went flat, so I couldn't take any pictures. It's charging now though, so I'll take a heap in the morning.

Saturday, December 17, 2011


I'm so tired I may have passed, about 45 minutes ago, into that land where you're basically drunk, only it's better, because there's noone around to tell things to, no drinks to spill, and it's cheaper, and you wont feel as terrible in the morning, and you're not feeling like throwing up (unless you've only eaten cheese for the last 8 hours) and you actually achieved quite a lot.

It's so much better in fact that one could consider making it their favourite thing for friday, except that, well, it's not actually a nice feeling at all.

Instead, my actual favourite thing is going to be those pencil cases made out of zips. Now for the record, I think they're a stupid idea. They were cute and twee when it was only crafters making them, and yes, the one that zippers around and around forever was a very cool variation on it when it first came out, but now that you can get terribly made ones at all the cheap shops they, for the most part, really annoy me. But... on the other hand, as someone who uses a lot of zips, they're handy. While honestly I'd much rather just be able to buy a metre of bright orange size 7 zipper, I understand that it's a niche market, and am therefore kinda glad to see a frankly silly looking phone pouch made out of exactly that for $3 at Neds. Sure it means a 5 minute job with the quickunpick, but the people in the sweatshops have kindly set their machines to the longest stitch length, so it's not like it's hard work. And while Lincraft have size 3 pulls you can buy, they don't have size 7, so a pencil case for $4 which gets me 12 zipper pulls is not too bad a price. I don't have a use for the 12 brightly coloured 15cm lengths of zipper they came off of yet, but I'm working on that bit.

Other good stuff:

Furnishings fabric. We forget about it with all the pretty quilting fabrics at our disposal, but they have some really nice yarn-dyed stuff.

Electric blanket. It doesn't matter that it's summer. I'm using it.

Computer mouse. As a dedicated laptop user, and also a touchscreen aficionado, I've never really used them. But mum's laptop, with it's oddly clingy touchpad and screen that just sits there no matter how much you prod it really benefits from the presence of the little red mouse.

Multitasking. Tonight I worked for about 10 hours on 8 projects, flitting from one to another when I got bored. None of them got finished, but I made a lot of progress on most of them.

Pin magnets. Actually, any magnets, since all you need to do to make a magnet a pin magnet is throw a pin at it - a handy fact if you're lazy like me.

Shopping for clothes in the kids section. Trackies for $8, thanks. Undies for $2, ta muchly. 

Totally being a trendsetter in the adults section. Remember these?
 I went into cotton-on today and found these:
Theirs have a blue ribbon and slightly smaller check, oh, and they cost twenty bucks! I paid $4 for a metre of the fabric and made 2 pairs, bringing me to my final fave,

Bargains. This might be 30 years old, but for 99c it's got some damn good stuff in in.
Though to be honest, that tennis outfit isn't one of them...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Slow and steady

HSTs are sewn. 

Now to make the most of three days off - get the last couple of bits of christmas shopping (mainly nice foods for the grandparents) done, and sew sew sew. Finish this quilt, bind the other christmasssy quilt, and make 3 bags for the sisters.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Actual quilting!*

I'm a bit behind on my TV viewing. Now that my laptop is home downloading has resumed, but there's still 2 weeks of watching to do, and not much time between work and sleeping and going to the gym and doing stuff for christmas.

Tonight when I got home I decided I'd make a start on the christmas quilt. And I decided I'd watch some Castle while I did it. I must say, the episodes were both brilliant. Beckett working through her issues with the sniper in the first one, all deep and emotional, with crying and stuff, and then the odd comedy/thriller of the next episode, where they're trapped in a room and don't know how they got there, and then there's a tiger. And they're trapped in a room with a tiger. And it's oddly hilarious, while absolutely gripping. It held me up quite a bit. The morals of this story are a) don't quilt and watch new episodes of Castle at the same time, and b) a tiger can knock over an on-it's-end chest freezer, making it an unsafe place to stand atop of. If there's a tiger.

Still, although progress was slow, I did get all my triangles cut. 80 of them, though I only needed 72, but since I placed them randomly it was good to have some spares to get a good balance.

It's a shame I didn't have another darker red triangle. to put at the right hand end of the second row down, but all my leftover triangles were of the mid-shade.

I'll see how I'm feeling about it once my pairs have been sewn - I've got more than I need of the binding fabric to cut another one to put in, but I don't remember it looking that noticeable in the real world. Taking photos of quilts does funny things to them.

*That title's a lie since no actual quilting was done, but cutting up fabrics is what quilting's all about, even if my sewing machine didn't get plugged in.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


It's much harder to choose a fabric for someone else than it is to choose one for yourself. And it's much more difficult again to choose a single fabric. A quilt, where it's a whole big cohesive thing, that's practically easy compared to picking a single fabric to make a bag for someone.

Two someones actually: I'm planning on making a bag each for Casey and Becky for Christmas. Casey thinks that maybe she wants a red, blue and white check that I've already used to make an identical bag for Meagan, and even though it would look a bit different if I put it on point, it's not that different. And I don't really like re-making things. And all the other yarn dyed* checks at Spotlight are horrible crappy loose weaves that look scratchy and horrible. Except gingham, and that looks a little bit too cliched.

Becky's even harder to pick for, mainly since I don't really get on with her that well, and therefore have no idea what she likes - as far as I'm aware, it's the colour orange, taking my things without asking and making a mess in the bathroom. And I've failed (unsurprisingly) to find a fabric that encapsulates these things.

I'm gunna have to pick something fairly soon though - I have 3 days off this weekend and then just next friday off to get everything done.

I think I'm still a bit thrown about it being less than a fortnight away cause we still haven't been out to get a tree yet. Yes, that's right, I'm the only person in the blogosphere still without a Christmas tree. 

There has to be someone who's last, right?

*Unless it's printed on point, in which case it's okay, a printed check just doesn't look as good as a woven check. I can't explain why, but it looks more "right" - actually I can explain why. It's because it is right.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Tonight when I got home I found this.

No-one told me that it was plum season. It's a good thing I didn't go to maccas after I went to the gym, or I wouldn't have had room to fit in the three bowls I ate.

It's messy, sticky, juice-flying-in-all-directions deliciousness. I might even get up early (er... like maybe 11.30) to go out and get some more off the tree before work tomorrow.

Monday, December 12, 2011


Tonight, after visiting Helen to pick up my still sadly a bit poorly* laptop and going to Carols by Candlelight and spending 2 hours at the gym cause Anna was waaaay later than she said she was gunna be, I got all the red and white fabrics, took them to the kitchen, laid them out on the bench and stared at them for a bit.

Then I got out some paper, drew a little diagram and wrote some notes to myself, along the lines of "flowers can only go between two lights" and "stripes can only go between two darks" and "stars have to abut - shame"

And now, 30 minutes later, I've decided to wait till later, chop them up and just do it by eye. There's still 13 whole** days before Christmas. I will be fine.

*by that I mean that although it's useable for now I will still need to replace it ASAP, making me merely poor.
**by that I mean 12 whole days and 22 hours and 20 minutes till midnight Christmas eve. In case you were wondering

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A slight delay

It's a "hungover on Saturday" edition of favourite things Friday, cause yesterday was all a bit busy, what with the getting all my hair chopped off, the assembling of garden furniture, and the drinking. Still, I've had a shower and I'm feeling a bit better now. Well, sorta. Perhaps the point of the post is going to be that even when you're feeling shit, there's still good stuff about.

First up is my bed. It's not a particularly fancy bed - I think my parents paid about $200 for it second hand. It's got heaps of stuff on it, since it does take up most of my room, and about 8 quilts, since you've got to use them for something, but more importantly than all that is that it's mine. I don't have to share it with anyone, and when I get too hot on one side, I can move to the other side. Or, more likely, rotate at a 90 degree angle so I'm parallel with the cushions.

A cool breeze through an open window.

A glass of water with ice in it.

Silly string. I bought 4 cans yesterday and put them in Secret Santa, then told Anna what one to go for. Then we attacked people.

Skinny jeans. When other outfit-related decisions fail, go with skinny jeans.

Power tools. Wielding a cordless drill just makes me happy.

600th post. Wowee.

Scratching the dandruff out of your eyebrows and pretending it's a white christmas.
Warm fluffy towels. Pink ones.

Buying some really gorgeous 5 inch heels and not wearing them. If you wear them, you hate them, but while they're just sitting on your shelf, being pretty, they're quite enjoyable.
KFC potato and gravy. I still know of no better hangover food.

Friday, December 9, 2011

It always ends in swearing.

Fashion is hard. I'm not talking about dressmaking here, for all that it has its difficulties, I'm talking about "fashion". Or, if you'd rather, fashion.

It's a thing. A thing that says that those shoes do not work with that handbag. That that belt is an inch too wide, that that heel is just a tad too chunky and that that waistline is a wee bit too high.

Take this skirt for instance. 1m of polytulle, 1m of hot pink cotton and a bit of zipper I had leftover from making my gym bag. 3 hours of work, cause I pinned all that runching instead of gathering it, and it's lovely. Really really nice. Pretty much exactly what I wanted it to be.

Except it's all wrong. See, I want to wear it with the top I altered last night, and a wide belt. But the top is quite long, and I'm not sure that I want to cut it down so I'd rather it be tucked in. This skirt sits on my hips perfectly, since I used the same waistband design I've used for pretty much every skirt I've made myself in the last 5 years, but oh no, it doesn't "look" right with it on my hips. Not with the belt. The belt needs to be higher. But the skirt is too big at my waist, because it wasn't made to fit there. Oh well, there's this belt, why don't we use to gather it in? The tulle is gathered anyway so you won't see it... But the band is too wide when it's up high. It's all wrong.

What I need is the same skirt but with no waistband. A bit of elastic would do the job fine. It doesn't matter that the top will be tucked in to it because you still won't see the top of it for the belt. I can make a gathered, elastic waisted skirt in about 15 minutes. If I had been able to try on my non-existent skirt before going to the effort of making it I could have saved myself 2 hours and 45 minutes.

This is why I didn't move to Adelaide and do fashion design. Squares are simple. Squares don't make me cross. Even rectangles are quite alright. If HSTs were on facebook I'd probably even be friends with them. But fashion?

Fashion can fuck off.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Not mentioned in this post: the fact that I have the hiccups.

Tonight I was going to finish work, go to the gym for my usual 42 minutes, come home and have an early night. There's a protest to attend tomorrow, and it starts at noon. NOON! I'm usually just doing the last of my sleeping then, so that means an alarm, and going "ergh" and arguing with myself that Chinese investors can have the damn forest, I wanna sleep in, and eventually getting up in time to get a terrible park, miss the first 10 minutes and not have anything for lunch, since I have to be at work a half hour after it's scheduled to finish. But I suspect it will run over time. Such things usually do.

Alas, it was not to be. Meagan and I spent an hour and a half at maccas, it still took me 42 minutes to watch an episode of Buffy at the gym, and my plan to write a list of things that need doing in the next two days got sidelines when I started, um, actually doing them.

So I'm torn over whether it's a good thing or a bad thing.

I didn't really get much of anything done though; a vague shuffling around of the mess in my room revealed a black lace top that I bought at kmart about a year ago for $6 but never wore - it had a fairly high neckline and long sleeves, but they're gone now.

I think I prefer deconstructing clothes to the actual making-them-from-scratch thing, probably mainly because that involves tricky seams, and an always-surprisingly-large amount of fabric. This I did most of the chopping in the bathroom, cause that's where the mirror is, and I just folded it over and sewed it down at the edges. It's the top half of what I'll be wearing Saturday night - the bottom half is still yet to be decided.

And no, the room's not really any cleaner.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

In the red

So tonight I started work at six, but I had to be in town before the post office closed at five. That was okay, cause I needed to go to Cheap as Chips to get an audio cable, but it's right next door to the post office, so that took me all of 5 minutes.

"Hmm," I thought to myself, "I'm running low on bright white prima, and I don't want my mojo to come back and for me to feel like finishing the sashing on this new quilt only for me to not have enough of the right white. I'd better get some more, and maybe something cheap for a lining for Casey's bag, and perhaps some more of the rainbow seersucker that makes me so very happy every time I look at it all made up into my gym bag."

So I did. And even though I wasn't particularly impressed by the new catalogue when it came out yesterday, I also still accidentally came out with these.

Helen's been telling me for a while that I should make a red and white quilt, and there's quite a lot of christmas fabrics this year that aren't christmassy at all. Of this pile, only the gingham at the bottom (for the backing) and the one third from the top aren't christmas fabrics, meaning they were the only ones that weren't half price. I got fat quarters, for the most part, and a metre of the one second from the bottom because they didn't have any fat quarters left and it was the minimum cut. Oh well, I suppose I have to bind it with something. 

I'm gunna do it as big pinwheels, about 41cm (3 each way) and it will be my first go at trying to use value to make the design visible. If it doesn't work, random HSTs are nice too, and it should be very very quick - once the pairs are sewn it's basically just really big (20+cm) squares.

All nine front fabrics are made by Sugar and Spice Textiles, and I don't know if they're a Spotlight exclusive fabric, but they feel very different to all the other quilting fabrics. Not bad different -  though I can find the texture change a little off-putting when I'm playing with them in amoungst a bundle of other fabrics, but almost brushed, vaguely even like a chamois cloth. I'm very glad they had that some other red fabrics than just the christmas one, since nine's my lazy number and I could only find eight on the half price table that didn't have Santas or trees or candy canes on them, because it means they'll be nice and consistent in texture right across. 

It's the little things...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

It just makes me happy...

It is love of which I wish to ramble on about tonight: not grown up, used to each others faults, committed love, but the first heady rush of new love.

Now, it's not me. I'm not really in love with anyone, unless you count the chocolate cake that I'm devouring between sentences. No, I'm talking about Tegan and Alex, two of my co-workers, who should have gotten together a very long time ago, but haven't till now. Meagan called it out to me yesterday when she saw them in shopping but I wasn't convinced; today I must concede that she was right. She called it. They are in luuurve, the cute, sappy, hickey on their necks, 17 year old's version of love. The heads together conversations, the matching hickeys ("It was my cat," Tegan said, to which I replied "It's cute to have pet names, but that doesn't mean you need to literally name him after your pet") and the looks they give each other when they don't realise that Meagan and I are watching them just so we can see everything and be happy for them about all of it.

It's beautiful. I wish I could bottle it, and keep it in the fridge, and then whenever I'm feeling glum I could just get it out and drink-in a little bit of it. It's like a cute puppy. You no longer care about all the other shit that's going on when you see two teenagers making doe-eyes at each other. You don't care that there's work that they should be doing* cause it's sweet and cute and comparatively innocent. Let them learn later on about having your heart torn out by someone you entrusted it to, about the heart wrenching realisation that although you thought you knew everything about a person, you couldn't have been more wrong.

Actually, don't. I hope with all my heart that neither of them ever find out all that other stuff, and that they stay forever as in love as they are right now. Cause they are so gosh darn cute that it kinda make me want to be in love.

Now I just need to find a cowboy-boot-wearing, html-coding, Shakespeare-reading, beer-drinking guy who'll be willing to carve up the dance floor with me one of every four weekends. Oh, and he has to work late afternoons and evenings, and sleep in with me till lunchtime. Anyone know anyone who fits this description? Send me a link to his facebook so I can stalk him please.

*Sometimes I would care, but other staff members tonight also did jack-all without the excuse of being distracted by Mills and Boon-esque stares of longing. Which of course made me go naaww...

Monday, December 5, 2011

And yet, I do actually like my job.

Now that we're properly into 4 week rolling contracts at Woolies, I only work one of every four Sundays. And while I miss the extra $50 or so that comes with the bonus half pay, those 3 weeks where I'm not doing anything on a Sunday, or more to the point not running around stressing like a crazy person (or bursting into tears like some of my co-workers) being passive aggressive towards some really genuinely lovely 16 year-old girls who are nonetheless faffing about and not getting anything done and making me cross but I can't yell at them because they're nice and sweet and it's bad enough that the people who are supposed to be in charge are out the back crying and I don't want the people I'm supposed to be having on register crying too and... I forgot what I was talking about.

Oh yeah. I'd much rather spend my Sundays feeling shit cause I spent Saturday night drinking waaay too much alcohol and injuring my coccyx by falling off the stage than feeling like shit cause customers are swearing at me because there's a NATIONWIDE FAULT IN THE EFTPOS SYSTEM, and therefore THERE'S NOTHING I AN DO ABOUT IT. No, swearing at me doesn't help either. Trust me, I wish it was fixed waaaaay more than you do - this 3 minute wait you have to SUFFER THROUGH while we process your transaction is nothing compared to the 45 minutes I have to stay back tonight getting everything counted and balanced and put away. If you keep this up I will STAB YOU IN THE EYE WITH MY PEN, lady who wants a raincheck on the cat food we still have plenty of on shelf, even if it isn't still wrapped in plastic. GTFOI.

Nine hour shifts with a good deal of pent up anger followed by an hour at the gym waiting for the anger to be replaced by apathy have let me here, to my bed, with its lovely warm electric blanket. I'm going to go and dream sweet dreams of people paying for everything with cash, and of being able to ban customers simply for getting on my nerves.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

And relax...

Some days you achieve a lot, some days you don't. Sometimes this lack of achievement makes you cross, other days you're like, meh, whatever.

Today was the latter on both accounts. Well, work was a madhouse, what with the EFTPOS machines of half the country (apparently) being down and all the transactions taking twice as long and all the staff having nervous breakdowns and all the customers swearing at me, and maybe that's why I didn't do anything today. Because Casey told me that it had happened, so I bummed about in the afternoon knowing that later in the evening was going to be shit, then after it was over I was just worn out and couldn't be arsed.

Either way, today I sewed about 6 inches - I'm taking up a dress for a friend and wanted to make sure my machine could get a nice edge on the chiffon before I got a bit scissor-happy. I think it's going to be fine, but it's not needed till next Saturday, so I'm in no rush.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


My favourite thing today, all week in fact, has been the word Dichotomy. It's not as much fun to say as Derivative, but I like it. I like it so much I considered making it my only favourite thing this week, but favourites are not diminished by the presence of other favourites: instead, they come together in harmony, like a choir of good stuff.

Uncles that can fix computers. They're excellent. 

Mum's laptop, that I'm using while mine is off being fixed. Also very handy.

Wedges. The potato variety. Yum.

Spare batteries for your phone. New batteries in your watch. 

99c Cadbury Flakes. (remember when that was full price?)

Going to the gym and re-watching season 1 of Buffy. The two go together better than you'd think.

The fact that it's summer. Not that you'd really know it, but it is.

Knowing where a tape measure is when you want one. This happens very very rarely. The knowing, not the wanting.

Clean, straight hair.

Lying on the grass, staring at the sky.

Buying something on Ebay that you had when you were a kid. 

Finally using some fabrics that have been in your stash for as long as you've had a stash.

Watching random movies with your bestie.

A phone case you can use as a wallet.

Really sharp scissors.

A new gym bag that's just the right size.

Crossing something off your to-do list.

Writing lists. As you can probably tell, I really like doing that :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Sound of White...

I've been starting to think lately that I should be buying white quilting cotton by the bolt - first there was the pinwheels, then the pavement quilts, and then today I realised that you can sash a disappearing nine patch so it looks like one of those stained glass quilts, except white. And I had a bundle of fabrics that I've had for longer than I've been quilting, but they're all fat quarters which does limit your options a bit - I'd considered seeing if I could shoehorn them into a pavement quilt but I just didn't think it would look right with the two big squares being different prints. Still, disappearing nine patch quilt, that can be done with fat quarters. 

Most of the fabrics in question came form a Fabric Traditions bundle I got at Spotlight a couple of years back. In case you didn't know, Fabric Traditions is a company that ONLY does pre-cuts. You can't get yardage. Which is a shame, since the brown fabric in this quilt is probably my favourite print EVER. There was no yellow in the bundle, but that was okay because the one from Eden by Lila Tueller fits in very nicely, and they stock it at Stitch and Knit, so I went to get some. While I was there I decided that the blue I had was too wishy-washy so I swapped it out for some from the Spirit range, another Lila Tueller one. I bought some pink repro on-point-check to trade in for the pink that was in the bundle, but when I went to Spotlight I changed my mind AGAIN and got some of the pink and orange on point check from the new DS range instead. And I swapped one of the greens for the blue and green check from the previous DS range.

Even though NOvemeber didn't really stop me buying anything, it would appear that I needed to get over it by having a December 1st blow out. Still, they came together very nicely, as shown in this unfinished progress piccie.

It needs the sashing between the blocks themselves done. But it's later than I though - My watch needs a new battery and it turns out it's not still only 1.30 and I'm not making the amazing time I thought I was.

Oh, and if you don't know the song in the title, it's by Missy Higgins. Get amongst it.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

And what did YOU do today?

I, personally, believe that anyone who owns a vacuum sealer, and DOESN'T use it to vacuum seal themselves some clean undies for in case of emergencies, is being, frankly, quite irresponsible.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Oops, it's after 3am already. But I have a lovely new gym bag. Rainbow, too.

For the record, I'd just like to say, seersucker doesn't fuse well. But it looks damn pretty. Also, you can't see it in the picture, but I had to use black zipper pulls. Hot pink ones are damn hard to find - the zipper itself was actually a pulled apart one of those purses that unzip forever - $3 from Cheap as Chips, making it about the same price as the off-the-roll stuff from Spotlight, except only one zip pull, and the wrong colour. Damn.

In other news, lappy's running again. While I'm very glad that it's working again, if it would stay broken long enough for me to go get it looked at, maybe I could get it properly fixed.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pavement Maths

Well, after dying occasionally for the last few weeks, I think my laptop is doing it for good tonight, which means I'll be taking it for a visit to it's Uncle Steven tomorrow. My money's on it either being the wiring in the swivel or the graphics card. But I've never been that good with hardware, so I'll leve it for the expert to pull it apart and have a look.

In the meantime I have stolen mum's netbook. My fingernails are too long for the little keys, and I keep making typos.

Because I didn't want to deal with the trauma I finished off the green pavement quilt.

This one, like the pink one, is about 140cm square. It's couch blanket sized, a size I really like. It's quick, and it fits easily under my machine.

But having had a request for a slightly larger one, tonight I did some maths. Imperial maths too, and math that comes with pre-cut options. I'm not going to give assembly instructions for this quilt, just shopping and cutting instructions.

First up, you'll need two large print fabrics, at a useable 20.5" - this means about 55cm. One of these, cut into two 20.5" squares, the other, cut across two rectangles 20.5x9.5, and then cut in the other direction two rectangles the same size. This way your prints will all face the same direction.

Next up you'll need 5 fabrics measuring a useable 9.5" - about 25cm. From each of these cut four 9.5" squares, and cut any leftover fabric (from your large prints too) into 2.5" squares for your corner stones. Alternatively, two charm packs sewn into four-patch blocks should give you about the same thing (you'll need 20 squares) and you can use any leftover charm squares cut into quarters for your corner stones.

Finally, for the boring old sashing, you'll need twelve strips 2.5" wide - either use a jelly roll or cut up about 80cm of fabric. You'll get four pieces of sashing 9.5" long from each strip, for a total of 48 bits. 

You'll need 23 corner stones: if you haven't got enough from your leftovers (it depends on if your fabric is a useable 44" wide - I find a lot aren't) then you might need to ferret about in your scrap box - it's a good chance to get rid of some really little bits.

Use the picture above for an idea on the layout of your 9.5" squares or put them wherever you find aesthetically pleasing. My only rule with the corner stones was to not have any of the same fabrics touching, other than that I went with what I thought looked nice.

This should end up about 65" square - if you want a bit bigger then add sashing or just a border to the outside.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Green Pavement Quilt

The great thing about doing the pavement quilt a second time is that now I have one that I can use as a map to put my pieces on.

Only the bottom half is actually sewn, indeed, I haven't even put the sashing bits into the top half - it just looks like they're there becasue of the sashing bits in the pink quilt underneath.

I would have gotten more done had my brain not decided to spend the night being a complete and utter moron:

Point 1), 5 times 5 is 25, so I only needed to cut 4 small squares from each fabric. I forgot this, and had a minor freak out when I had 5 squares left over.

Point 2) 5 times 6 is 30, and I need 48 pieces of sashing, but I was quite certain that 6 strips sould be enough. I seem to recall I made this mistake last time. The number of times that 5 goes into 48 must be my kryptonite.

Point 3) you know how sometimes you'll put two bits together and take them to sew them but sew the wrong side, then you have to unpick it and sew the right side? I did this, then realised after I'd sewn 3 more bits to it that actually, I had done it right to begin with.

On the upside, it was very easy to put the half sewn quilt away - I just rolled it up inside the pink one.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


See that bit of the plate that's got nothing more than a light sprinkling of pink sugar on it? It WAS chock full of sugared peanuts. But I ate them all. I don't feel all that well now.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Ah, Friday. Well, technically it's Saturday now, but whatever. I love Fridays. I love how I never have to work on Fridays. I love how I could sleep all day on Fridays, though to be honest after this week I'm kinda bored with the sleeping.

Things I'm not bored with - Spotlight bargains. Apologies to any international visitors and I really ought to point out that I don't work for them (any more) so this isn't advertising but cheap stuff is cheap stuff. And this week batting in particular is very, very cheap, so even though I bought 5 metres last week (when it was still cheap, but not as cheap as it is now) today I lay-by'd another 7 metres for $60 - about $8.55 a metre. And layby is great when you're stockpiling, cause they handle the storage for a couple of months. So, cheap 254cm wide cozy cotton = good.

After not touching my sewing machine for a whole week (I was busy with the sleeping) I decided tonight to clean it out. It was both fascinating and disgusting. I highly recommend it, especially if you have an old (47 years) machine like I do. The fact that people with only pencils could design it all and make it work as well as it does without even the use of a small pocket calculator is pretty amazing. And the fact that I pulled about a half a kilo of fuzz out of it was kinda ick. Also, there appears to be a small lake of oil in the bottom. But the only screwdriver I could find couldn't get me down to that bit, so I left it. Nonetheless, interesting engineering + satisfaction of a machine that's no longer making nasty groany noises = good.

And tonight I had a finish - after it was all clean I got to quilting the bike quilt I made a couple of weeks ago.

I did it with wavy lines that I did by moving the quilt back and forth instead of just letting the needle do it and I trimmed the batting beforehand so I could do it with a self binding. Even though the back is just calico, it looks bloody good with the quilt lines. I'm gunna do this style of quilting more often.

Unfortunately, the foot pedal on my machine decided to break with about 5 lines to go, but I have spares. The one I got was a) at the bottom of a sister's cupboard and b) an actual Elna one, which isn't as nice to use as my Frankenstein'd Singer one. But it's tough to get your dad to fix stuff for you at 1am. I'm still gunna blame the couple of slightly too-wide lines that I did last on the foot pedal. Also, it makes the entire machine sound different. I think. I may be tripping. But 1am resourcefulness to get a quilt finished = good.

And finally, my favourite thing this week. Two strips of peeled cow that I cut out and sewed together last Friday before I went to the pub, to make a cute little wrist cuff.

You can kinda see where I burnt my hand on the iron tonight too.

It's just a wide bit with a long skinny bit sewed in half at one end, and two little holes at the other end.

It's a bit wrinkly now cause I've worn it every day this week

Wrap it round, thread the two ends of skinny bit through the holes, then loop them round a few times and tie together.

I used to wear scarves and bits of fabric tied around my wrist all the time. I like the leather though - the edges don't need finishing. And cute accessories that can be made in 2 minutes with about 4cm of stitching back and forth to join the two bits together = good

Friday, November 25, 2011

My Christmas list.

I think it's about time I put my Christmas list out there. People have been asking, after all.

First up is some stuff on ebay. I hesitate to post links to items, since the links die after a couple of weeks, but it's still the best way.

I would like a big cutting mat, but since I quilt in metric, there's not that many choices. Matilda's Own have a cutting mat that's 1.3m long, but since my ruler is only 60cm, it seems unnecessary. I think this one is the best blend of nice and big but not so big it wont fit on my bench.

In the last year I've bought myself some very nice men's Wrangler watches. Of the ones online at the moment, I'm thinking of this one. Actually, just the white one, but the blue one comes with it.

For some reason (probably too much re-watching of Buffy) I've decided that what I really really need to make my life complete is a pair of leather pants*. Maybe these ones. Or these ones. I may buy these for myself. Probably the first pair.

I always need USB sticks, because I am incapable of hanging on to them. They are like pens, except they cost $15 each. And I'd like a micro SD card with at least 16G, but I'd rather a 32.

If anyone's in Spotlight, I use Schmetz quilting needles and the Birch extra long/extra sharp dressmaking pins.

If anyone thinks it's cliched getting me something off a list, then anything shiny or sparkly or rainbow is bound to make me happy. Glitter, sequins, mirror balls, holographic book coverings. I'm easily pleased. I also like modelling clay, and anything miniature.

And as for big picture, can't be bought in shops goodness, I'd like the google reader app for android to let me post comments, my leg hair to stop growing, a better understanding of the contextual applications of it's versus its, a lovely nice warm summer, a cure for cancer and world peace.

But I'd settle for a jar of chocolate coated peanuts. They're yum.

*How the hell did she afford her wardrobe? I spent hours searching through thousands of pairs that were in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars. AND ebay didn't even exist for the first few seasons.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


People forget the importance of cushions in the construction of a good blanket fort. I assume it's because it isn't in the name.

I have some lovely cushions. If anyone would like a similar one for christmas, I'm about to start posting out presents, so message me your addresses. You might get cushions, or monsters, or a bag, or a stubby holder, or something else entirely, but all the stuff I've made over the last year is starting to accumulate, so I'm gunna send it off around the world.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today I got up, went to work, spent an hour huddling in my coat as if I were a turtle and it was my shell, and came home. I built myself a blanket fort on my bed with all my quilts and the cushions that I made for but didn't sell at the market, and slept for 5 hours, only to be woken up by my tummy, which was cross that it hadn't been given all the junk that it would normally eat during the 3 breaks of an 8 hour shift.

It was while I was trying to build a blanket fort that I could carry around with me that I decided I need to make a new quilt. A long quilt. Essentially a quilt shawl, as it were, twice as long but half as wide as a normal quilt, so that you can wear it a bit more easily than a regular quilt.

But not tonight. Tonight, now that my tummy has enjoyed some nuggets, I'm going back to bed.


I slept till 5 today. It was really really nice. And then I had to work, and it was nice how all of my colleagues came and told me how terrible I looked. And I'm not saying that in a sarcastic way - it just means that if I'm still feeling crappy tomorrow, when I call in sick everybody will be like "Oh, I'm not surprised, she was looking horrible last night" and I can spend the day in bed feeling miserable and reading a book.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Post-market post cause dad ruined my early night.

Total amount sold - $19. One baby gym bag and one monster. Helen did slightly better, scoring a whopping $24 in sales, but I think she bought about $100 in stuff from other stallholders so that kinda cancels it out. I didn't buy anything at the market, but after it was finished I went to spotlight for some cushion inserts, and bought $20 of fabric too, but that was 3 metres, so its okay. And I spent twice that on KFC tonight, and I've still got no idea why I had to pay. I only et the potato and gravy.

This afternoon I bummed about on the couch till 5, went and picked up Maddy, et far less than $40 worth of KFC and decided it was time for bed. An hour later, my father decided it wasn't and that I needed to wake up and help do the dishes, because it's fine for him to sleep from 12 till 3 every afternoon, but going to bed at 7... oooh no. And now I'm awake, in bed, and my arm hurts cause I'm typing on the touchscreen keypad while lying down. Still, it's easier than using the real keyboard while lying down.


There is a very definite feeling of "I got out of bed for this?"

We have been here for over two hours now, and it's been fairly quiet the whole time. The last time we did this market there was a huge rush at 9 when it opened and then it was fairly quiet, but it's a bit nippy today and the blue lake fun run was on (though what's fun about running I'll never know) at the same time as the market was starting so I guess that kept people away.

I think my favourite thing so far has been impressing the lady in the next stall with my embarrassingly encyclopedic fabric identifying abilities and photos of my stash.

I wonder if I will sell anything at all.Good thing I have my phone to keep me occupied in the meantime.


After I spent last night doing lots of drinking and not much sleeping, tonight I did lots of sewing and not much sleeping. It's cheaper at least. And it left my mind free to mull on the epic philosophical discussions you can have with your other best friend, the one that's in a boat much more similar to yours, as the sun comes up. Conclusion: it's all fucked, but that's okay. Sometimes things are, and then eventually they aren't and it's all okay again. In the meantime, lets go to maccas for breakfast.

Not a great conclusion, I'll grant you. I should probably do some more sewing and thinking, but I need to get up in 3 1/2 hours already.

Mount Gambier needs to get itself a night market.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

My favourite things today are 30° temperatures and epic lightning storms, and luckily, today I got both.

But that's not all the goodness I got today. There was half price fat quarters at Spotlight (which I didn't see yesterday) and ballgowns that fit perfectly for $12 at the Salvos. There was my innate ability to make a bitchin' hot pink mini skirt in an hour, even if I did pick a zip that was too short, so it has to be put on from the top instead of the bottom. There was cotton fabrics, which are good every day in that you can iron the bejesus out of them, which you can't do with poly-blends. There was cheese which is yum and a nice glass of apple juice to go with it.

And coming up there is a night on the town, which should hopefully be a lot of fun. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Spotlight have 50% off all their $16.95 and $19.95 p/m quilt fabrics, including the new DS fabrics that came out this week. NOvember could not overcome this.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Lappy's chucking a hissy fit. Bit worried. Yay for the phone, but even with the cool swype to type thing it's pretty much impossible to do a full blog post with pictures and all. Hopefully we'll be all better tomorrow, cause I have a tiny yellow ribbon box. Also, a quilt top and some bags. Yay!

Two days.

So last night, before my laptop decided that It really really didn't like it's graphics driver, I told myself that under no circumstances was I to do any dressmaking. Dressmaking is slow and messy and gets in the way of stuff I should be doing, like finishing stuff off for the market on sunday.

So I made a little box out of some yellow ribbon.

I put my pins in it. Then later I took them out and put them on their magnet, because that's where they live. But it seemed easier at the time to make a little ribbon box than get up and take the two steps over to where my pin magnet was on the floor. Tonight, it's full of little black beads.

And last night I also made a quilt top. When it was done I spent about 15 minutes staring at it lying on the floor and realising I'd done it all wrong and considering unpicking it, but then I couldn't be bothered. It's still nice the way it is. I just need to find something for the back. I'm gunna quilt it lots, just wavy lines. I think it wants to be crinkly.

I got a half dozen of the bags about 95% done last night too - I just needed to zigzag over the edge seams tonight. And even though I kinda want to, I didn't make a start on another skirt pattern tonight.

I just spent 45 minutes sorting through 10cm squares instead. I made 10 cute little bundles that I might piece into pillow covers. If I don't get distracted by something else in the meantime.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Today Spotlight was having a 30% off day and I forgot it was NOvember.

Black, grey, white and yellow fabrics to make another pavement quilt.

I had been looking at these the other day but I could only find one of the bike prints, and I wanted both.

It's an odd fabric though, a dark unseeded cotton that I found pretty much impossible to match. I bought some of the unseeded prima solid for binding it but it's not close enough to be a border like I put in the pink pavement quilt, so I'm just gunna do squares. The fabric is pretty enough that I can get away with not actually designing for it.

That, and 5 metres of batting (they finally got cozy cotton in... just in time too cause wool's been shitting me) kinda blew NOvember out of the water.