Monday, April 30, 2012

O ooh Hungover. (ish)

Do other people spend a really long time online looking at fabric, finding a few things you like, looking at lots of sellers (between ebay, etsy and actual online fabric shops) trying to find one that has everything you want at a decent price, opening up dozens of tabs, on two computers, before realising that to get everything you need, you'd have to buy from 3 different people, who'll each charge you $17 postage, even though you only want a couple of packs of charm squares from each of them, and it's all too hard, so you just exit all of it?

Anyway, yes, today I was hungover. I stayed at a friend's, we walked back to our cars about lunchtime, and I was feeling pretty okay. I said goodbye, got into my car, and immediately, the hangover hit. That hardly seems fair now does it? I can only assume that my body was sucking it up in the unfamiliar settings, and then as soon as it felt safe and at home (because my car is my second home) if felt compelled to point out that it was just pretending. I came home, watched a documentary on the South Sydney Rabbitohs, because the remote was simply too far away, and moved to my bed when people complained that I was hogging the couch. Apart from getting up to eat dinner, I haven't really moved, just bolstered myself up with many, many pillows, and watched many, many action movies.

Unfortunately, tomorrow is the last day of April, so unless I get some binding done tomorrow night, the April Finishathon actually only got two UFOs F'd, since the Lattice quilt doesn't count. But those two were just quilt tops, which got full pieced backs, quilted and bound. I also finished piecing the top of the Sashed-9-Patch, and made a back for and got half the quilting done on the Falling Leaves quilt. So I guess I'm pretty happy with it.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

O ooh

Ooooh drunk. yeah, I am.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Well there you go...

Can I say that finally doing the binding for the pink pavement quilt this afternoon wiped me out? I have to assume that's what it was, since I spent the rest of the evening at Meagan's watching movies with her, before coming home, trying an experimental wallet (it didn't work) and cooking a whole lot of bacon.

It's a good thing I did the binding though, becasue even though I was sure she would pick the white one, she went with the pink one. Admittedly, she then went with the white one, and then the pick one again, and then the white one again before saying no, she was going with the pink one, and I wasn't to let her change her mind again, but still, I though she'd go the white one.

Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm thinking, I'm thinking...

Because I didn't get the binding done on the Pink Pavement quilt, I'm gunna do my Favourite Things Friday.

Clearly, procrastinating is my thing tonight. It's a handy term, which in tonight's case, encompases:
-going to the gym
-eating toast
-staring at the top of the quilt, thinking
-watching Swamp People with Casey
-staring at the back of the quilt, thinking
-staring into the fire
-trying to guess which episode of Buffy the songs in the Buffy soundtrack came from
-watching episodes of Spicks and Specks on youtube, and

-eating cheese.

So, I cut myself some new binding strips (I've decided to use 10cm ones instead of the usual 9cm) and gave up. Weirdly, Im not ashamed. I'm actually coming to think that "staring at the quilt, thinking" is a crucial step in the making, and I intend to spend more time doing it.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yay Me.

Although my day didn't go exactly as planned, I can comfortably say that I've had just 1 hour's sleep in the past 36, but I got a quilt finished, and a bit of handsewing done, and my clothes in the wash.


The plan had been to sew the lattice quilt till 5.30am (my estimated finishing time, and I was only 10 minutes short), go to the dawn service down in Pt Mac, be home by about 8ish, bind the other quilt, have 4 hours of sleep while they crinklified themselves in the washing machine and the dryer, and go see Meagan and let her pick her favourite.

This of course got derailed when we got invited to an Aunt's for breakfast after the service. And then straight after breakfast, she brought out some booze. And board games. And card games.

We planned to leave at 10. We planned to leave at 12. We planned to leave at 2, and actually succeeded. But I hadn't finished either quilt at this point, so I was a teensy bit relieved when Meagan messaged to say she and Clayton were having a spontaneous afternoon roadtrip.

I tried to do the final row of stitching on the binding, bit I realised after about 10cm (and this was on the machine) that I couldn't concentrate enough. I had something to eat, I fartarsed on the computer, I moved piles of stuff from the floor to the bed and back again. Eventually I gave up, set my timer for an hour, and had a nap.

After I woke up I did the final stitch down of the binding and put it in the wash. I watched a few new episodes of TV, and I finally got the black wholecloth quilt and started to sew it. I sewed while I watched for about an hour and a half, and I'm maybe 2/3rds of the way along one side. Black on black is hard to sew, and there's a reason I use the machine. If I didn't, this certainly wouldn't be finished.

I don't think it counts as a finish in the finishathon though, since I only started it last Friday.

Still, 5 day turnaround. Again, pride.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Good news for my fellow Australians on this most solemn of days: have finally got their act together with regards to international shipping prices. It was the only place I could find any of this, my new favourite fabric,

that I baulk at paying $24 a metre for from Stitch and Knit. I bought half a metre, because it really is that nice, and only had 3 yards left, so I can't be the only person who feels that way. In the past, they would only fit 4 1/2 yards into a flat rate ($16ish) envelope, and then it shot way up, into the $50-60 mark to get the 9 yards that fabric shack would send for $8.

Tonight I decided I would try for 5 yards, and that worked! $16.95 postage. So I tried 7 1/2. And that worked too! I upped it to 10 yards before stopping, and even though it went up a little ($22 postage) I typed " coupon" into google and it came up with BRTH11A, which got me 15% off my $70 of fabric.

Granted, there wasn't one of their super specials on like last time I bought a massive box from them, but still, even with postage, that makes them all about $8 a yard.

And after that interlude, it's back to quilting. I want this one finished by the time everyone gets up at 4.30 so we can head down to the Pt Mac dawn service. That's one of the good things about staying up all night - not having to get up early in the morning.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Meagan

So 20 years ago today, my best friend was born. I would have been 4 at the time, so my main concerns would have been (probably) playdough and/or brightly coloured paint. I know that at some point at kindy we did the thing where you get really watery paint and blow it around the page with a straw, because I blew out all my oxygen, got very dizzy, and had to lie down.

That's not the point though. Even though Meagan thinks I'm clever because I made her a bag and fixed her computer, her current WIP is an actual human being, and unlike me, she can't do much procrastinating on it - It'll be here in about 3 weeks, though I know she'd rather it sooner.

I, on the other hand, am still ferociously procrastinating, having not actually finished her birthday present.

But the back's all pieced, and I've very neatly basted the entire thing with perfectly regular spacing, so I can do nice neat waves.

In my defence, strips always take longer than you think they will. I think she feels the same way about babies.

Monday, April 23, 2012


It took me a looong time tonight to get started, but then, my day started off weird.

An 8am wake up to a pretty sight of the light through the curtains and two quilts, was followed by being up for 45 minutes, and then going back to bed till 15 minutes before I had to start work, because I have mad getting-ready-for-work-at-high-skeed skills.

Tonight it took a run up of another episode of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, a quite bad werewolf movie and half a webseries before I was ready to get cutting. Also adding to the pressure, I have finally cut into my Central Park stash.

Granted, it's only a 10 cm wide cut along the selvedge (I bought half yards) but still, it feels like a Big Thing. The other big thing of the evening was the sheer volume of white I had to cut to go around it - eleven 13.5cm strips, plus some little bits too - that's a metre and a half of white. But I'm feeling confident that it will look good.

I appear to have developed a habit of finishing for the night at the point where it's all in strips. I'm not sure why.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm calling it "lattice," but only because I'm not great at names.

Even though I had planned on resuming hermitting, it hasn't really worked. And even when I am hermitting, other people have parties here, and it's difficult to hermit when there's peeps sleeping in your lounge. It's also difficult to cut and press fabrics, which is why the quilt top I made last night doesn't have a back, despite really needing to be all finished in about 3 days.

It's another square quilt, similar to the back of the pavement quilt, but made partially with the few stragglers of a layer cake that didn't fit into my idea for the design for the rest of them.

As a result, it's a bit bigger than the other one, so I didn't bother with the wide border, but I think the fact that the squares are bigger makes it look a bit too white. But that could just be because it was hideously overcast this afternoon, and I couldn't get a nice photo.

Still, it's considerably less pink than the Pink Pavement quilt, and that's what I was going for, so yay my mad skillz!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Another late night.

I could say that I'm showing solidarity with Shay by also getting bored with the April finishathon we were going for and starting an entirely new quilt, but that's not actually the reason. I had planned on giving someone the pink pavement quilt, but now I'm starting to think it's a bit too pink for them. So there's a new quilt top, 75% done, all pinned and folded neatly on my sewing table ready to finish and blog tomorrow. It's all from stash too, which I'm quite proud of. But I'd finished doing that by 3.30, so it's not what's kept me up. Instead, it was this week's favourite thing - Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries.

I'm only two episodes in, but I'm gunna be good and not watch the other six so far... I'll try to ration them out so I don't get all impatient waiting for new episodes.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Even though I've done it for all bar about 5 of my days on earth, clearly I still need more practice at this whole "going to bed" shtick.

Possibly reading the entire episode guide to Game of Thrones on wikipedia wasn't the best idea at 4am, but it was still quicker than watching it all. Since each season covers one book, I think reading the books would be quicker than watching it: I can read an unfamiliar 400 page novel in about 4 hours, whereas it would take me 10 to watch ithe first season.

Anyway, before I got distracted I (thankfully) got some stuff done.

Target had 40% of pillows today, so I bought myself a new one. It was referred to as "dual core" and I use a dual core. Actually, I use 3 dual cores - desktop, laptop and phone are all dual-core, but in the pillow's case (pun not intended) it means that there's a foam bit in the middle of the regular fluffy bit. I wanted to make it a pillowcase, but, after getting out a half dozen fabrics and then deciding against them all, I got to work on the next bag, with a zip and interfacing.

This is without vita wheats, and all I used was some non-woven 1600F on the lining. It was a bugger to turn out though, but I didn't have to hand sew it, because I cleverly recessed the zip over the top of the turning hole.

I lined it in the same beige ripstop as the outer of the other bag is made from, since I think a lighter coloured lining makes things easier to find.

That done, I auditioned some more fabrics, came to the conclusion that I really ought to use a whole yard, because having white on the back would look weird, and put all my choices to that point back on the shelf. I read an old Reader's Digest for a bit, resewed the armholes on Casey's shirt (she likes sleeveless workshirts, but they're hard to find, so I have to cut down long-sleeved shirts for her), ate some pineapple and finally admitted to myself that If I was going to go to bed tonight, I needed to get a pillowcase sorted out. I'm not ashamed to admit, I drool in my sleep a little bit.

Eventually I discovered a doubling up of this fabric, which I once used as my handbag for a while, so I figured I could miraculously use it while having it remain in my stash (because frankly, isn't that what we always want?) and so I went for it.

Then I completely forgot to go to bed anyway. Thank god I don't work Fridays :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Saggy Bag.

I had planned on having myself a nice little rant tonight, but after catching up on the last week or so of TV (and I completely forgot I have a binding to hand-sew) and making that zipless test bag, I've tired myself out and I need to go to bed instead of getting angry.

However, here is the bag as it turned out, with no interfacing, no zip and a belt bought for $2 from the salvos for a strap.

It's a bit lackluster, though I shoved an empty box of vita-wheats* into it to get an idea of what it would be like if it had stuff in it, and it made a big improvement.

Since these are really mainly meant to be test/display bags for people to pick what fabrics they want, I'm leaning towards doing half with and half without. But I love the belts as straps thing.

*because I use boxes of vita-wheats for all sorts of things.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How dull.

Today, because it was on special, and there was only one there, and I am a sucker for either of those and both was making my nearly wet myself, I bought a new keyboard and mouse combo.

The new ones are the untethered ones.

No-one in the house knows though, and Casey has expressed a preference toward the corded kind (they're harder to lose) so naturally, I'm gunna wait till she's on the computer next and start moving the mouse counter to what she is. I'm mean like that sometimes.

I really only mention it because, despite a couple of hours hard work, this is all I have to show tonight.

One day, hopefully soon, it will become 8 satchel bags. The flaps are, for the most part, quilting fabrics, and I've already picked the one that I will either be keeping for myself or re-making. The body of the bag is cotton ripstop, which was $3 a metre at spotlight, and I still have to decide whether or not to add a zip - I want to, since I like zips, and they aren't even that much extra effort really, but I'm torn between the idea of having them be library bags (which is what they're really meant to be, for little kids who might not be able to handle a zip) or actual grown-up satchel bags (except that, even though they're fully lined, they don't have any interfacing, so the shape and stability of a proper bag just isn't there)

I think that instead of doing every step of all of them in unison, I might have to make one in it's entirety tomorrow night to get a better idea of the finished weight of one before I decide to add a zip.

I'm also using belts that I bought at op-shops around town as the straps on half of them, so we'll need to see how that turns out too.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spontaneous Wholecloth

Tonight I got home and the idea of having to either start on bindings or finish the awkward quilting on the falling pinwheels quilt didn't exactly fill me with joy. Nor did I really want to do anything with fussy back and forthing from the kitchen to the sewing machine, so that ruled out either making a bag or starting a new quilt. I probably should have just gone to bed, but having not sat at my machine in 3 days, I was feeling a need to sew something.

So I got an about 1m square scrap of batting, a couple of metres of Kona Black and spool each of rainbow variegated Guterman Sulky in 12 and 30.  I basted in 10cm squares with dressmaking pins, and I sewed a consistent wave, with a left and a right between each pin. Then I sewed the same wave between the two, and reversed it between them.

I probably should have done a pillow before committing to an entire quilt, but really, it only took me a couple of hours. I'm not sure what I'll do with it, since it's a baby sized quilt in the least baby-ish of colours, but I like being able to say I've now done a wholecloth quilt.

Unfortunately, it's another thing now that needs binding, and even more unfortunately, it will have to be done by hand. I got all guilty about the fact that I'd caused myself to have to do more binding without having done any work on the other bindings, so I got the binding for the blue and grey quilt, which had been sewn but not pressed or folded, and did that with the black binding of the new one.

I've made the black binding very narrow (cut to 5.5cm, sewn .75cm wide) but I'm not in any hurry to get it finished. It's only small, so I'll do it over the next couple of weeks as new TV shows come out.

Monday, April 16, 2012


It's so nice to be home, in my own bed, under my own quilts, with my electric blanket. That 5 hour drive, after getting about the same amount of sleep last night, wasn't particularly fun. But loud music helped, and I only nearly died once. And even then, it wasn't that nearly.

Before that though, I spent a lovely afternoon at Shay's house, walking her through sewing a couple of zip pouches with really no swearing at all, trying to understand a tutorial that was missing about half the steps on a site which I had assumed would have higher standards, and getting there eventually, and then making a little pouch with a recessed zip, just to prove how easy it was. We also spent a lot of time playing with the dogs, being ignored by the cats, and watching my team thrash hers in the footy. Good times, and I can't wait till the end of July when we get to do it all again.

I've put all the new fabrics into their respective bundles, but there's still the other quilts in the finishathon to get through first - I think I have one more to quilt and then it's all bindings.

Ergh. I might have to run away again.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


In hindsight, maybe going out for drinks tonight wasn't the best of ideas...

Actually though, I only had three; I caught up with a friend from high school and we went to the movies, followed by a pub which was horrible, and then we went back to his house to watch a couple of movies. So not so much drunk, more just late...

Driving the empty streets of Adelaide with only the occasional taxi for company was nice though.

When I got back here I took a photo of my haul from today.

It looks a bit random, but there's additions for about 5 different potential quilts I've started bundles for at home. My only rule was to not buy fabrics currently in stock at the local Spotlight.

And I caught up with Shay, and we've planned our zip setting itinerary. Now I just need to sleep for 5 hours :/

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Good ol' Rant.

So I'm in my motel room in Adelaide, and the design of the height and angle adjustable shower head here was almost good enough to be my favourite thing this week. Seriously, as a piece of industrial design, I'm kinda in love, and I want one at my house, since ours is old and decrepit.

But really, a shower fixture does not a favourite thing make. Instead, here goes.

I love long drives, singing, loudly and badly, and so intensely that your face starts to hurt. For mile after mile.

I love finding a pace car, and becoming really really attached to it, and having one-sided, long and emotive farewells when it turns off. For the first 100km today, my pace car was a swift, and that was even better, because it was like we were a gang. And then I did see a gang - The Finks were in Tintinara when I drove through and they overtook* me about 100km up the road. And I'm not sure why the government is going through all these hoops trying to outlaw them - in 5 minutes I saw about a dozen road traffic offenses EACH, and that's more demerit points than they have, and once you're out of demerit points, you can't ride your bike any more. Unless it's a push bike. Seriously, the government should hire me. Minister for Obviousness.

I love literally rolling into Adelaide. The last 5km is all downhill.

I love this motel, for its free wi-fi and the fact that the best satay chicken in the world is directly across the road. I could have gotten it twice tonight, but I told myself no. I also love this motel for its shower fixtures.

I love my GPS. It's about 5 years old now but its still great, especially since I only paid about $100 for it new. It's called a "travel companion" too, which fits in well with my habit of anthropomorphising things. I have taught it an epic, round-Adelaide route for tomorrow, so I have time to get everything in.

I love the fact that, with facebook, it's now quite easy to bad-mouth someone that no-one who's reading it has ever met without the incompetent shop assistant ever knowing. It saves embarrassment all round, while letting me get it off my chest. Though if anyone but a teenaged boy had just pushed the scissors along the fabric, shredding the edge in the process, I probably would have leaped over the table and stabbed them with their own scissors. And granted, by putting it on facebook instead of telling it to his face, he'll probably just do it again, but the other woman behind the counter looked like an absolute cow, and I didn't want her going and being all passive aggressive no-one-else-minds at me when she was the one who should have taught him to cut the fabric in the first place.

I, apparently, love ranting about things.

Finally, I love these.

*When I say overtook, I mean my pacetruck and I got surrounded, and they sort of wove in and out of us and the car behind me and the cars coming in the other direction, with about 30cm to spare, and after I had to break suddenly for the third time, I considered just running them down, and charging the government for services rendered.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Everything's a thing...

Today I did both a lot, and nothing very much at all. I washed and dried the new quilt.

The front, unwashed

The back, unwashed

The front, washed and dried

The back, washed and dried
I got a package from Thea in the mail, including some uber-cute flannelette, and I need to buy some more thermal interfacing to make this into a new stubby holder.

And in case she was wondering, this was the watch she forwarded to me, saving me $30 in stupid, OTT ebay postage.

And when I got home I finally worked out how to sync firefox across my two computers, I made a little pouch to check I still remembered how to do it, I packed some clothes, I found some car chargers, and I ate half a box of breakfast cereal. As I said, a lot, but not very much, and tomorrow will be more of the same, what with lunch for my dad's birthday, and going off to Adelaide to sew some zips and spend a whole lotta money.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

First Finish of the Finishathon!

It's been a pretty good day. I got some good packages in the mail: vintage flannels and peeled cows from etsy, and a massive stack from Hancocks, which also included this:

After spending an hour or so cooing over it and making imaginary bundles in my head, I got to finally quilting the Green Pavement quilt. I wont lie, it was dull, slow and unfun. But 2.5 hours of quilting, 45 minutes of pinning, 30 minutes of handsewing the corners and 30 minutes machining the binding down and it's all done.

I did a foldover for this one, since the backing was not only on point, but I like it better than the front. I'd cut the wadding to an inch bigger around than the top was because I wanted a wide border, and just folded and pinned it to the width that covered the edge of the top. I was telling myself that I was being artistic and organic, but better adjectives probably would have been haphazard and lazy. Still, I really like it, especially from the back. The lack of an edge, both of the design and of the binding, is something I've decided I am a big fan of.

Hopefully I comes out of the washing machine still looking nice.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Isn't this why it's supposedly sold "pre-shrunk"?

I didn't mention it the other night, but the Prima Natural I used for the back of the pink pavement quilt has some shrinkage issues. Spraying with water (I'm not a fan of steaming) and ironing caused shrinkage of about 5mm on a 10cm square. I'm not too concerned about how it will look once quilted - since there's so much white on the back, and I'm quilting fairly densely, shrinkage should be fairly even and, hopefully, result in much crinklyness. But it is a bitch when I'm just trying to press the creases out of my blocks and they keep changing sizes on me, so tonight I decided to pre-wash the rest of it, as well as the white I found at Lincraft today.

As quilters, we tend not to deal with large amount of fabric. A couple of yards at most, for a backing. And I for one am glad of this. Because trying to iron eight metres of fabric is a bitch of a job.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Now with 67% less angst...

Spotlight didn't have any white. I threw my politest tantrum (breathing in and out through my nose a couple of times so my nostrils flare like an angry rhino's) and went home to sulk for a bit before work.

I spent a while tonight trying to work out something I liked with the half metre of white I have left, and gave up. Then I felt bad about not doing anything, so I made a bag.

 Even though it looks similar in design to the Angst bag, the construction is totally different. I'd say it was easier, but really, that's probably just because of the quilting (or lack thereof). The zip is set differently too, it's higher up and you need to thread the pull after it's been sewn, whereas for the the Angst bag the two sides of the zip never get separated. I could have recessed it, but I didn't cut the setting strips for the zip wide enough. Nevermind.

I used 2 rectangle rings to make an adjustable strap too. It's about 1m long at full length, but the bag is pretty floppy (I used a layer of quilt batting instead of any actual interfacing) so it curves around and makes it feel longer. The bag itself is about 30x40cm, and about 8cm thick.

Helen wanted me to have a go at some bookbags for kids, and I think this would be pretty okay.

Monday, April 9, 2012


Having spent the day feeling a bit crappy, tonight I decided I wouldn't sew after all. I still ache pretty much all over (canoeing=badness) so I didn't want to try and wrangle any actual quilting, and the white I bought yesterday is natural, not white, which is admittedly what I usually use, but didn't in the case of the sashed quilt, so I'll need to get some actual white tomorrow.

In the meantime, I've re-installed windows on my laptop (finally!) and bookmarked about a gazillion to-do projects from the craftzine blog, as well as writing up a list of things I don't know I should have been buying from the salvos to repurpose into awesomeness. Why did I never think to use old belts as straps on messenger bags?

Sunday, April 8, 2012


When the back of your quilt has more pieces than the front of your quilt, are you doing it all wrong?

Apart from the solid (Prima Natural Unseeded - I stocked up on 10metres today because it was 40% off) there's only one fabric in there that's not from a DS line - the one in the bottom right corner of the back and also near the top middle is from the Flourish line I made Kelsey's quilt from.

This back is for the Green Pavement quilt, and I'm hoping I can manage a fold over bindng for this one, because it's starting to dawn on me how very, very many bindings I need to do.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The good ones.

Even though camping has been fun, it's so nice to be home in my bed, with its electric blanket, in my house, which isn't rocking with every gust of wind. Internet and phone chargers are nice too, but when it's been such a long day, it's the little things, like, um, having an actual toilet*, that matter.

I got up at 7.30 this morning, which, as I'm sure you're aware, is incredibly rare for me. I can even tell you the last time it happened - January 15th, the day after the last BnS ball I attended. That's pretty much the only thing that gets me up early of a morning, the fact that I'm camping. Not that it wasn't a stunningly gorgeous morning - I had woken up briefly as the sun was rising, when a gust of wind had made the annex sound like it was collapsing, to the view of a stunning sunrise out the door, and it was still bright and clear, if a bit windy, when we properly got up.

Barbecue bacon on toast for breakfast was delicious, and then, since the weather was so lovely, we took turns canoeing down the creek: first group capsized less than half way down, second forgot to stop, decided to head for Tasmania and then capsized 20m out to sea, but Kelsey and I soldiered through, arriving dry but on the wrong side of the creek, meaning we had to wade the boat to the side that the ute was on. Still, victory for us.

I took Mum and Kelsey home in the early afternoon and paid Helen a visit, during which time the weather turned, quite badly, with sheeting rain and gale winds. Still, I had promised to take potatoes back down there for tea by 5 and did so, but it was miserable so we huddled in the little van playing Sequence while tea cooked, before moving to one of the big vans for the eating. The roast lamb was incredibly good, but the roast potatoes were a bit burnt.

The rain eased off and we moved back to the fire with some quilts too, and when we started to run out of wood, Carol and I proved our bravery by stealing some from the people in the next campsite, after Dad and Greg chickened out.

It's been quite a while since I've done family camping - we used to do it all the time but it's been pared back mainly to just Easter and Christmas now. And while it can be unpleasant at times (the fact that 3 of the 4 awnings had to be taken down because of the very weather they're meant to shelter us from being a good example) I quite enjoyed this little jaunt, so it can be my Favourite Thing this week.

*Oh, and the fact that if you say shit yeah really quickly it sounds like shit chair; that's a favourite too. Because for a month or so there's been an old chair sitting under a bush across the road from our house, and we decided we should take it down camping with us, to which I said, shit yeah. And guess what we cut a hole in the centre of and put over our dunny hole? The shitchair.

Friday, April 6, 2012

This is the happy part of happy easter.

The internet, technology in general blinds us to the beauty of the world around us.

Or, well, it does when you're siting on the beach at nighttime and you can see perfectly from the light of the moon until you decide to check facebook and then it takes a good few minutes to readjust to the darkness.

Still, it's a beautiful evening, and I'm just gunna sit here and watch the tide turn for a bit longer.

And remember kiddos, Jesus died for your sins, so you better make them good ones.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Got ahead of myself again...

I'll be honest - I'm not a fan of sashing. It's a lot of extra effort for not much extra, and also, if feels a lot like binding.

Still, it can make a simple design a bit more interesting. Make a sashed 9 patch, and then make it dissappear, with a bit of extra sashing, and you've got a very lazy leadlight style quilt, unless you use white for the sashing, in which case it doesn't look like leadlight at all.

By my standards, it's big. 165cm each way, which I know isn't that big by other people's standards, but it's still too big to quilt doing wavy lines on my little old machine. It was on my finish list, but I'm actually seriously considering getting it properly quilted. If I could free motion I'd do that, but for that I'd need to send my machine off to get serviced, and, you know, learn how to free motion, and then get confident enought to do a big project, so maybe I'll just pay the lady at Stitch and Knit $90 and tell her to do whatever. I'd be happy with a stipple really.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Tonight, I didn't go to the gym, because a pimple has formed behind my right ear, and I wear those headphones that clip over your ears, so, um, ouch. It's a nice change though, usually my problem with going to the gym is that my feet hurt.

And did I use my early night home to get much much sewing done? Well, no.

Falling Pinwheels is half quilted.

Though not very well. Still, better than nothing, and lets just say I meant to make it that wrinkly in places.

And you can't see it so much from the front - darker fabrics and all that.

I'm finding it interesting too how I very much prefer rock or party music when I'm quilting as opposed to slower, more ballady stuff. Lady Gaga, Pink, Selena Gomez, Matchbox Twenty and even a bit of LMFAO.

Oh, and this song.

This is my new favourite anything everything song.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Since today was my short day (where I start at 5.30 instead of 2) I not only had time to finish the quilting of the pink pavement quilt, I also went out to the shed and got some other unfinished quilt tops out to have a go at getting some more work done on them.

Remember this quilt top? June 5 last year, apparently, so it's been waiting nearly 10 months for any more work to be done on it.

Now it has a back. It's neither stunning nor revolutionary, but I didn't buy anything for it and that's what's important. I did have to go and buy a spool of brown cotton to quilt it with, but I don't think that counts.

I've decided to quilt it in diagonal wavy lines, which may just be the stupidest decision I've ever made. Diagonal lines are way way harder than straight ones - the against-the-grain cut shifts and stretches more, the weight of the rest of the quilt doesn't sit well on the sewing table and there always seems to be too much quilt and not enough throat to the machine. Still, I am making progress on something that's been sitting around for a while, and that feels good, especially when I realise how many unfinished quilts I actually have.

The ones with the pink scribble aren't crossed out because they're done - they're the ones I'm going to try to make progress on before I start another quilt, but I didn't have a real highlighter. The fact that I have 18 unfinished quilts means though that I have finished 50 quilts, which I didn't even notice as it was happening.

Looking through the full list too, there's a few that I have absolutely no idea of the location of - both unfinished ones and completed ones. maybe over easter I'll have a ferret around and see if I can find them.

Monday, April 2, 2012


The problem I think with quilting (the bit where you sew the three layers together) is that you can be at it for hours with nothing really to show. And you get sore shoulders.

This is the first time I've done wavy lines in both directions, and apart from a couple of little bunches at the seams (that should pretty much vanish once it's washed and crinkly) it's going okay. I don't think I pulled the back taught enough though, as it's a bit baggier than usual. Still, I did at at 4am, so I'm not entirely surpried - 3am is usually my stop-sewing time.

Hopefully the two-direction quilting will make it super crinkly. It's getting colder now, and since crinkly looks warmer (it doesn't matter whether or not it actually is) I'm thinking the crinky the better.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Saturday Night (do do do do do do do do)

What a crazy day. Enjoyable, but crazy.

Started off, I went into town to buy stuff. The $10 vouchers that Spotlight sends can be used once a day for the 4 days, and I like to get my money's worth. Today I bought a similar bundle to yesterdays, but in blues and greens instead of pinks and yellows and greens.

Again, about half of it is from stash. There's also a couple of cuts in here that are only 10cm, but because it's a random design, this is okay.

Work was especially fun for a Saturday night, for two reasons. Firstly, it's (now) April Fools Day, which means that I was free to leave clever traps for the co-workers who are working in the morning. I left a note on the service desk saying that a heap of people had called in sick, and the girl in the office left a similar one saying that the safe combo had been changed. We also left some hints as to how they could pass on the April fools joy - PA calls for staff members' number plates, food dye in the milk in the staff room, that sort of thing. Much fun.

Even funner, Kelsey had sorted out a scavenger hunt for her friends for tonight, and one of the things the groups had to do was come in and sing me a song. Naturally, hilarity ensued - Even though I had told the girls on checkout that tonight was going to get a bit weird, and let the duty manager and a couple of the nightfill guys what I was anticipating, we didn't tell all the nightfill people, nor the other customers. We were pretty quiet, till the singing broke out, and the walking-around-falling-down worried a few of the nightfill people at first, but it still made for one of the most enjoyable Saturday nights I've worked in a long time.

And then, after meeting up with them all to get a quick run down on which teams achieved what, I went to meet Casey and a few other friends for a few drinks and a firebucket.

Now I'm gunna put my clock back for the end of daylight savings (sad face) and snuggle up with my electric blanket.