Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Oops, it's after 3am already. But I have a lovely new gym bag. Rainbow, too.

For the record, I'd just like to say, seersucker doesn't fuse well. But it looks damn pretty. Also, you can't see it in the picture, but I had to use black zipper pulls. Hot pink ones are damn hard to find - the zipper itself was actually a pulled apart one of those purses that unzip forever - $3 from Cheap as Chips, making it about the same price as the off-the-roll stuff from Spotlight, except only one zip pull, and the wrong colour. Damn.

In other news, lappy's running again. While I'm very glad that it's working again, if it would stay broken long enough for me to go get it looked at, maybe I could get it properly fixed.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pavement Maths

Well, after dying occasionally for the last few weeks, I think my laptop is doing it for good tonight, which means I'll be taking it for a visit to it's Uncle Steven tomorrow. My money's on it either being the wiring in the swivel or the graphics card. But I've never been that good with hardware, so I'll leve it for the expert to pull it apart and have a look.

In the meantime I have stolen mum's netbook. My fingernails are too long for the little keys, and I keep making typos.

Because I didn't want to deal with the trauma I finished off the green pavement quilt.

This one, like the pink one, is about 140cm square. It's couch blanket sized, a size I really like. It's quick, and it fits easily under my machine.

But having had a request for a slightly larger one, tonight I did some maths. Imperial maths too, and math that comes with pre-cut options. I'm not going to give assembly instructions for this quilt, just shopping and cutting instructions.

First up, you'll need two large print fabrics, at a useable 20.5" - this means about 55cm. One of these, cut into two 20.5" squares, the other, cut across two rectangles 20.5x9.5, and then cut in the other direction two rectangles the same size. This way your prints will all face the same direction.

Next up you'll need 5 fabrics measuring a useable 9.5" - about 25cm. From each of these cut four 9.5" squares, and cut any leftover fabric (from your large prints too) into 2.5" squares for your corner stones. Alternatively, two charm packs sewn into four-patch blocks should give you about the same thing (you'll need 20 squares) and you can use any leftover charm squares cut into quarters for your corner stones.

Finally, for the boring old sashing, you'll need twelve strips 2.5" wide - either use a jelly roll or cut up about 80cm of fabric. You'll get four pieces of sashing 9.5" long from each strip, for a total of 48 bits. 

You'll need 23 corner stones: if you haven't got enough from your leftovers (it depends on if your fabric is a useable 44" wide - I find a lot aren't) then you might need to ferret about in your scrap box - it's a good chance to get rid of some really little bits.

Use the picture above for an idea on the layout of your 9.5" squares or put them wherever you find aesthetically pleasing. My only rule with the corner stones was to not have any of the same fabrics touching, other than that I went with what I thought looked nice.

This should end up about 65" square - if you want a bit bigger then add sashing or just a border to the outside.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Green Pavement Quilt

The great thing about doing the pavement quilt a second time is that now I have one that I can use as a map to put my pieces on.

Only the bottom half is actually sewn, indeed, I haven't even put the sashing bits into the top half - it just looks like they're there becasue of the sashing bits in the pink quilt underneath.

I would have gotten more done had my brain not decided to spend the night being a complete and utter moron:

Point 1), 5 times 5 is 25, so I only needed to cut 4 small squares from each fabric. I forgot this, and had a minor freak out when I had 5 squares left over.

Point 2) 5 times 6 is 30, and I need 48 pieces of sashing, but I was quite certain that 6 strips sould be enough. I seem to recall I made this mistake last time. The number of times that 5 goes into 48 must be my kryptonite.

Point 3) you know how sometimes you'll put two bits together and take them to sew them but sew the wrong side, then you have to unpick it and sew the right side? I did this, then realised after I'd sewn 3 more bits to it that actually, I had done it right to begin with.

On the upside, it was very easy to put the half sewn quilt away - I just rolled it up inside the pink one.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


See that bit of the plate that's got nothing more than a light sprinkling of pink sugar on it? It WAS chock full of sugared peanuts. But I ate them all. I don't feel all that well now.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

Ah, Friday. Well, technically it's Saturday now, but whatever. I love Fridays. I love how I never have to work on Fridays. I love how I could sleep all day on Fridays, though to be honest after this week I'm kinda bored with the sleeping.

Things I'm not bored with - Spotlight bargains. Apologies to any international visitors and I really ought to point out that I don't work for them (any more) so this isn't advertising but cheap stuff is cheap stuff. And this week batting in particular is very, very cheap, so even though I bought 5 metres last week (when it was still cheap, but not as cheap as it is now) today I lay-by'd another 7 metres for $60 - about $8.55 a metre. And layby is great when you're stockpiling, cause they handle the storage for a couple of months. So, cheap 254cm wide cozy cotton = good.

After not touching my sewing machine for a whole week (I was busy with the sleeping) I decided tonight to clean it out. It was both fascinating and disgusting. I highly recommend it, especially if you have an old (47 years) machine like I do. The fact that people with only pencils could design it all and make it work as well as it does without even the use of a small pocket calculator is pretty amazing. And the fact that I pulled about a half a kilo of fuzz out of it was kinda ick. Also, there appears to be a small lake of oil in the bottom. But the only screwdriver I could find couldn't get me down to that bit, so I left it. Nonetheless, interesting engineering + satisfaction of a machine that's no longer making nasty groany noises = good.

And tonight I had a finish - after it was all clean I got to quilting the bike quilt I made a couple of weeks ago.

I did it with wavy lines that I did by moving the quilt back and forth instead of just letting the needle do it and I trimmed the batting beforehand so I could do it with a self binding. Even though the back is just calico, it looks bloody good with the quilt lines. I'm gunna do this style of quilting more often.

Unfortunately, the foot pedal on my machine decided to break with about 5 lines to go, but I have spares. The one I got was a) at the bottom of a sister's cupboard and b) an actual Elna one, which isn't as nice to use as my Frankenstein'd Singer one. But it's tough to get your dad to fix stuff for you at 1am. I'm still gunna blame the couple of slightly too-wide lines that I did last on the foot pedal. Also, it makes the entire machine sound different. I think. I may be tripping. But 1am resourcefulness to get a quilt finished = good.

And finally, my favourite thing this week. Two strips of peeled cow that I cut out and sewed together last Friday before I went to the pub, to make a cute little wrist cuff.

You can kinda see where I burnt my hand on the iron tonight too.

It's just a wide bit with a long skinny bit sewed in half at one end, and two little holes at the other end.

It's a bit wrinkly now cause I've worn it every day this week

Wrap it round, thread the two ends of skinny bit through the holes, then loop them round a few times and tie together.

I used to wear scarves and bits of fabric tied around my wrist all the time. I like the leather though - the edges don't need finishing. And cute accessories that can be made in 2 minutes with about 4cm of stitching back and forth to join the two bits together = good

Friday, November 25, 2011

My Christmas list.

I think it's about time I put my Christmas list out there. People have been asking, after all.

First up is some stuff on ebay. I hesitate to post links to items, since the links die after a couple of weeks, but it's still the best way.

I would like a big cutting mat, but since I quilt in metric, there's not that many choices. Matilda's Own have a cutting mat that's 1.3m long, but since my ruler is only 60cm, it seems unnecessary. I think this one is the best blend of nice and big but not so big it wont fit on my bench.

In the last year I've bought myself some very nice men's Wrangler watches. Of the ones online at the moment, I'm thinking of this one. Actually, just the white one, but the blue one comes with it.

For some reason (probably too much re-watching of Buffy) I've decided that what I really really need to make my life complete is a pair of leather pants*. Maybe these ones. Or these ones. I may buy these for myself. Probably the first pair.

I always need USB sticks, because I am incapable of hanging on to them. They are like pens, except they cost $15 each. And I'd like a micro SD card with at least 16G, but I'd rather a 32.

If anyone's in Spotlight, I use Schmetz quilting needles and the Birch extra long/extra sharp dressmaking pins.

If anyone thinks it's cliched getting me something off a list, then anything shiny or sparkly or rainbow is bound to make me happy. Glitter, sequins, mirror balls, holographic book coverings. I'm easily pleased. I also like modelling clay, and anything miniature.

And as for big picture, can't be bought in shops goodness, I'd like the google reader app for android to let me post comments, my leg hair to stop growing, a better understanding of the contextual applications of it's versus its, a lovely nice warm summer, a cure for cancer and world peace.

But I'd settle for a jar of chocolate coated peanuts. They're yum.

*How the hell did she afford her wardrobe? I spent hours searching through thousands of pairs that were in the hundreds and even thousands of dollars. AND ebay didn't even exist for the first few seasons.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


People forget the importance of cushions in the construction of a good blanket fort. I assume it's because it isn't in the name.

I have some lovely cushions. If anyone would like a similar one for christmas, I'm about to start posting out presents, so message me your addresses. You might get cushions, or monsters, or a bag, or a stubby holder, or something else entirely, but all the stuff I've made over the last year is starting to accumulate, so I'm gunna send it off around the world.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Today I got up, went to work, spent an hour huddling in my coat as if I were a turtle and it was my shell, and came home. I built myself a blanket fort on my bed with all my quilts and the cushions that I made for but didn't sell at the market, and slept for 5 hours, only to be woken up by my tummy, which was cross that it hadn't been given all the junk that it would normally eat during the 3 breaks of an 8 hour shift.

It was while I was trying to build a blanket fort that I could carry around with me that I decided I need to make a new quilt. A long quilt. Essentially a quilt shawl, as it were, twice as long but half as wide as a normal quilt, so that you can wear it a bit more easily than a regular quilt.

But not tonight. Tonight, now that my tummy has enjoyed some nuggets, I'm going back to bed.


I slept till 5 today. It was really really nice. And then I had to work, and it was nice how all of my colleagues came and told me how terrible I looked. And I'm not saying that in a sarcastic way - it just means that if I'm still feeling crappy tomorrow, when I call in sick everybody will be like "Oh, I'm not surprised, she was looking horrible last night" and I can spend the day in bed feeling miserable and reading a book.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Post-market post cause dad ruined my early night.

Total amount sold - $19. One baby gym bag and one monster. Helen did slightly better, scoring a whopping $24 in sales, but I think she bought about $100 in stuff from other stallholders so that kinda cancels it out. I didn't buy anything at the market, but after it was finished I went to spotlight for some cushion inserts, and bought $20 of fabric too, but that was 3 metres, so its okay. And I spent twice that on KFC tonight, and I've still got no idea why I had to pay. I only et the potato and gravy.

This afternoon I bummed about on the couch till 5, went and picked up Maddy, et far less than $40 worth of KFC and decided it was time for bed. An hour later, my father decided it wasn't and that I needed to wake up and help do the dishes, because it's fine for him to sleep from 12 till 3 every afternoon, but going to bed at 7... oooh no. And now I'm awake, in bed, and my arm hurts cause I'm typing on the touchscreen keypad while lying down. Still, it's easier than using the real keyboard while lying down.


There is a very definite feeling of "I got out of bed for this?"

We have been here for over two hours now, and it's been fairly quiet the whole time. The last time we did this market there was a huge rush at 9 when it opened and then it was fairly quiet, but it's a bit nippy today and the blue lake fun run was on (though what's fun about running I'll never know) at the same time as the market was starting so I guess that kept people away.

I think my favourite thing so far has been impressing the lady in the next stall with my embarrassingly encyclopedic fabric identifying abilities and photos of my stash.

I wonder if I will sell anything at all.Good thing I have my phone to keep me occupied in the meantime.


After I spent last night doing lots of drinking and not much sleeping, tonight I did lots of sewing and not much sleeping. It's cheaper at least. And it left my mind free to mull on the epic philosophical discussions you can have with your other best friend, the one that's in a boat much more similar to yours, as the sun comes up. Conclusion: it's all fucked, but that's okay. Sometimes things are, and then eventually they aren't and it's all okay again. In the meantime, lets go to maccas for breakfast.

Not a great conclusion, I'll grant you. I should probably do some more sewing and thinking, but I need to get up in 3 1/2 hours already.

Mount Gambier needs to get itself a night market.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Favourite Things Friday

My favourite things today are 30° temperatures and epic lightning storms, and luckily, today I got both.

But that's not all the goodness I got today. There was half price fat quarters at Spotlight (which I didn't see yesterday) and ballgowns that fit perfectly for $12 at the Salvos. There was my innate ability to make a bitchin' hot pink mini skirt in an hour, even if I did pick a zip that was too short, so it has to be put on from the top instead of the bottom. There was cotton fabrics, which are good every day in that you can iron the bejesus out of them, which you can't do with poly-blends. There was cheese which is yum and a nice glass of apple juice to go with it.

And coming up there is a night on the town, which should hopefully be a lot of fun. 

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Spotlight have 50% off all their $16.95 and $19.95 p/m quilt fabrics, including the new DS fabrics that came out this week. NOvember could not overcome this.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Lappy's chucking a hissy fit. Bit worried. Yay for the phone, but even with the cool swype to type thing it's pretty much impossible to do a full blog post with pictures and all. Hopefully we'll be all better tomorrow, cause I have a tiny yellow ribbon box. Also, a quilt top and some bags. Yay!

Two days.

So last night, before my laptop decided that It really really didn't like it's graphics driver, I told myself that under no circumstances was I to do any dressmaking. Dressmaking is slow and messy and gets in the way of stuff I should be doing, like finishing stuff off for the market on sunday.

So I made a little box out of some yellow ribbon.

I put my pins in it. Then later I took them out and put them on their magnet, because that's where they live. But it seemed easier at the time to make a little ribbon box than get up and take the two steps over to where my pin magnet was on the floor. Tonight, it's full of little black beads.

And last night I also made a quilt top. When it was done I spent about 15 minutes staring at it lying on the floor and realising I'd done it all wrong and considering unpicking it, but then I couldn't be bothered. It's still nice the way it is. I just need to find something for the back. I'm gunna quilt it lots, just wavy lines. I think it wants to be crinkly.

I got a half dozen of the bags about 95% done last night too - I just needed to zigzag over the edge seams tonight. And even though I kinda want to, I didn't make a start on another skirt pattern tonight.

I just spent 45 minutes sorting through 10cm squares instead. I made 10 cute little bundles that I might piece into pillow covers. If I don't get distracted by something else in the meantime.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Today Spotlight was having a 30% off day and I forgot it was NOvember.

Black, grey, white and yellow fabrics to make another pavement quilt.

I had been looking at these the other day but I could only find one of the bike prints, and I wanted both.

It's an odd fabric though, a dark unseeded cotton that I found pretty much impossible to match. I bought some of the unseeded prima solid for binding it but it's not close enough to be a border like I put in the pink pavement quilt, so I'm just gunna do squares. The fabric is pretty enough that I can get away with not actually designing for it.

That, and 5 metres of batting (they finally got cozy cotton in... just in time too cause wool's been shitting me) kinda blew NOvember out of the water.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Today I went to the beach with my friends.

It was really really lovely, the kind of thing we really should be doing more often.

Thing is though, chasing each other through the surf, walking for 45 minutes along the beach (I'd forgottorn how far it is between Woolwash and Racecourse) and generally having fun has left me buggered, so it's an early night (finally) for me.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

This, that and the other

Tonight I quilted the red and green quilt some more, finished off a couple of pairs of shorts and drafted and sewed a practice mini-skirt.

You could argue that I'm quite a fickle, flighty sewer, and you'd win that argument. But I have no shame about it. I got plenty done, even if none of it's really showable.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Toss up between Favourite Things Fridaying and a regular post... Hell, why not do both?

So, Friday. I love Fridays. Even though I work 50% of weekends, I never work Fridays. Fridays are great.

The post office is pretty awesome too. Today they gave me a big envelope with some John Deere fabrics in it, which I have mixed emotions about, because I was raised in a Deutz and New Holland dealership, and John Deere are kinda like the enemy, but hey, no Agtron fabrics and a pregnant farm girl bestie who wants quilts for her unborn mean I gotta get what I can. And the man at the post office let those of us who were only picking up a package sneak to the front of the line, which was damn near out the door. So I thank him for that.

I love DVD commentaries. I found my Buffy DVDs  last night and I've been a little bit commentary mad today... I've watched about nine of them.

I love going to a shop and finding something you weren't expecting but had been unconsciously hanging out for. For those who, like me, have been waiting almost a decade to get toward the end of Isobelle Carmody's Obernewtyn Chronicles, book 6 is out.

I love the movie Sweet Home Alabama. Just because.

I like plopping a quilt over my head and being a blanket monster. Even when I'm the only one still awake in the house, it makes me happy.

I like having lots and lots of scissors. I buy mine for $1.50 from cheap as chips so that I can lose them as often as I want.

I like the song "Are You Ready" by Fatty Gets a Stylist. If you're an Australian resident, you might know it from the Prime/Seven adverts. And it's actually sung by Kate Miller-Heidke, who also sings the brilliant Last Day on Earth, even though those two songs are pretty much as far apart on the spectrum as you can get.

My other favourite song this week is "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5. Only because the letter o is probably the prettiest letter (I also like circles), and they manage to fit ten of them into the word "moves".

I like shorts. See Sunday nights post for why. I've half made 3 more pairs since then, including a stripey pair and a batik pair.

I like fish. I've liked fish all week - I had to have tuna earlier in the week because Dad hadn't been fishing, and then I got some flake from the fish and chip shop, but it was terrible. Dad finally bought some home this morning so I had it for lunch, and it was excellent. Fish tastes best when it was still swimming yesterday.

I like achieving something, even if it's only a little thing. The bits of ribbon I pinned to some bag pieces last night are now handles. Yay!

I like spontaneously making an unnecessary quilt. I was in Spotlight today, the clearance fabrics were $4 a metre, there were some niceish green and red ones, and I needed to make something to have a go at quilting with wool batting again with.

My camera is refusing to take an accurate photo, probably because it's nearly 4am and it also thinks it's a phone, even though it almost never makes calls.

So it's one of the laziest and simplest designs I've ever done (my quiltmath: (21+3)÷3=8) but it only took me a couple of hours. It's about 98x115cm, and really, I think that wool batting isn't something that's going on this list.

What is on the like list though, it the obelus. it's been around since 1659. you might know it as the division symbol that I used just there in my quilt maths. It's plural is obeli. I like interesting pluralisations. I also like putting in a s where an American (such as my spell checker) would put a z.

I like mentos. Preferably the orange ones. I like crystal beads. I like glitter. I like fluro colours. I like 10c petrol vouchers. I like the mini pavlova cases you can get from Woolies and scoff till you're sick. I like men's watches. I like having spare batteries for my phone. I like the headphones that sit over your ears instead of inside them. I like good nail files, and having one there when you need it. I like magnets. I like my electric blanket.

I like typing. Well, not really, but I like saying stuff. I like saying I like stuff. Cause I do. It may not be big, epic stuff, but I like little stuff.

And if anyone wants to know what I want for Christmas, type miniature into eBay. I like miniature small stuff even more than metaphorical small stuff.

Friday, November 11, 2011


You know those nights where you just blow it out of the ball park? Where you get home from work and turn into a lean, mean, bag and/or quilt making machine?

Nah, me neither. But I did manage to pin (yep, not sew, just pin) 12 bits of ribbon to six bag pieces. And because it's all about attitude, my attitude will be one of pride and positivity. Because I wasn't even gunna bother putting in that teensy tiny bit of effort, till it got to 3.30am and I felt a bit guilty. Go me!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Still haven't found what I'm looking for...

So I spent about an hour tonight ferreting through tubs in the shed. And because what I was actually looking for were my Buffy DVDs, what I found was quite a lot of the elastic I was looking for 3 days ago before I went and bought more, a big roll of size 3 zipper and a little container full of pulls, a very nice mechanical pencil, and a fabric which I think should make an quite nice back for the salmon coloured pavement quilt. Although this fabric is almost more of a peach* colour.

I confess, I still don't actually know what I'm gunna do with the back. I still haven't decided how I'm gunna quilt it - the lines are too far apart to quilt on the seams, but the design seems too clean to do it any other way. I've seen quite a few quilts just quilted in a big ol' spiral from the centre lately and I think I like the idea, but the wool batting is something I haven't used in a really long time, and when I did use it, it was with my machine out in the lounge where I had lots and lotst of space, and I could neatly roll the edges up and continue sewing my nice, straight, in-the ditch quilting lines. On the other hand, lots of dense quilting should give it more drape which is good, because the wool is stiffer than the cotton.

Honestly, the actual quilting bit of quilting makes me hate quilting.

*This backing fabric is one I bought the bolt of for $2 a metre from spotlight a couple of years ago; the selvedge says "Watercolour memories by fabri-quilt" and I have some in a blue-green colourway as well. The fabrics in the top are Fandango by Kate Spain (the big block and the floral tile), Boutique by Chez-Moi (the long blocks), something from the current range at spotlight (the little flowers), and two similar but different wavy stripes that, alas, didn't have any readable selvedge. Oh, and Prima Natural, which I've always liked better than White.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I know it's NOvember and all...

But I just couldn't.

He was only $2. Zoom in and read the tag if you want proof. And nobody mention the fabric I bought.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I told myself tonight that I wasn't gunna do any sewing, I was gunna bum about and take it easy, maybe have an early night. Instead I got in a fight with some watch pins (and lost) and then in a fight with some video codecs (and won) and then I accidentally watched five episodes of Buffy. But at least I stuck by my decision to not do any sewing.

That's something, right?

Monday, November 7, 2011


I love shorts! Even though they don't photograph brilliantly.

They're a bit creased, cause they were the first ones I made tonight and I put them on immediately.

This particular pair is a Hello Kitty flannel I had completely forgotten about because it was in the tiny bookcase hiding in my cupboard. I bought a couple of new fabrics too when I was in Spotlight getting elastic, cause they were just so gosh darn cute.

I made 6 pairs tonight which, with the 3 pairs I made last night, means I should be set for a little while at least. Though my crazy hoarding self thinks another five or six would be good too. They take about half a yard each, and I forgot how much waste you have with dressmaking as opposed to quilting, but it means I have plenty more cuts in my stash that I can turn into shorts if I so desire.

I'm starting to think I want to move to a warmer climate so I can wear cute shorts all the time. I'll need a new job too, cause the dress code at Woolies doesn't feature cute rainbow shorts at all. What an oversight.

I guess I'll just wait till my two weeks off in February. That's too far away :(

Sunday, November 6, 2011


I have to admit something - there's a bit of a boo boo in the quilt I showed yesterday. It's not readily visible in the picture unless you're looking for it, but it's there.

See those two blocks in the bottom right corner? See how both the prints are going horizontal when in every other instance they're going vertical?

And see how now they're upright? Or, well, maybe you cant. It was a bit breezy today, and the quilt wouldn't sit still for it's photo. Here's the important bit.

I was going to leave them as they were. I had it half basted to the wool batting and everything (I miss the clingyness of cotton and bamboo) but I knew it would make me cross forever.

And once that was done I settled in for a hardcore sesh of lying on the grass in the backyard until it was time to go to work. And when I got home I drafted myself a pattern for some short shorts, spent about an hour searching for just a couple of metres of the seventeen billion metres of elastic I've purchased over the last 23 years, eventually found some less than stellar woven stuff in mum's old sewing cabinet, and used that. It's not like it needs to hold up that much fabric - they're very short shorts.

Saturday, November 5, 2011


So today I got stuck in, even though I couldn't use the lounge room cause we were getting a new TV cabinet, and got my quilt top all finished. I'm calling it the Pink Pavement Quilt, although it's also been repeatedly referred to as "it's not pink, it's salmon..."

I got the one big piece of batting I had in the house and put it on the back of it for this photo (bamboo is very static-y) but the sad fact of the matter was that it was a 133cm wide piece of batting on the back of a 135cm quilt top. So I went into Spotlight, but they didn't have any cozy cotton, so I got wool cause there was a roll with 3 1/2 metres on it and it's 30% off if you finish the bolt at the moment. It's been 56 quilts since I used wool - my very first quilt was wool but I haven't used it since.

I had plenty of good intentions with regards to backing and quilting it tonight, but I ended up going into The G with the girls, and when we realised how crappy it was, we went on a midnight geocaching trip. Till 3am. As you do.

So yeah, not backed or quilted. Still, I'm loving it.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Quilting again.

I don't normally stop halfway through a quilt, but it's late, and I'm tired, so I'll make an exception.

It's way pinker than it looks - this is just a terrible photo taken at 3am in my kitchen with my phone.

I'm really liking how it's turning out though. It took me ages to get started, what with a trip into town, some time spent playing with our new vacuum sealer that arrived in the mail and much, much food consumption, and then when I did get started on the cutting, Casey came and demanded the kitchen. And if it took me a while to get going the first time... well, I'll put it this way - I watched the Graham Norton show and then a bit of Conan O'Brien and then a bit of Letterman too and then I watched Question Time for a bit, because the TV guide on the screen said QI was going to be on after it, but not at what time, and eventually I got sick of it and turned it off and started quilting.

It's coming together fairly quickly, mainly I think thanks to those nice big 43cm squares there. The 6cm cornerstones are a bit of a bitch though, and I cut eight too few white strips. It's okay, I had plenty more white, so they're cut ready for tomorrow.

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Tonight, at work and then when I got home after going to the gym, I got my quiltmath sorted.

On a little bit of paper with a four-colour-pen, as the gods of quiltmath intended. I had it pretty much sorted at work tonight, but I wasn't totally confident about my ability to get 109cm of usable fabric from a 110cm wide solid fabric, so I scaled down my little blocks by 1cm (and everything else accordingly) when I got home tonight.

I added one more print to the bundle and a heap of white so it's nearly good to go (well, if I can find my cutting mat)

And then I got distracted by the leftover fabrics from the Soiree bundle I used to make the quilt up there in my header* which I think would also look very nice in this design, if, admittedly, a bit white.

And today was the first day I said no to something for NOvember - I went to the salvos and came across a terribly cute pair of salmon pink skinny jeans. They were only $6, but I said no. NOvember is as much about not accumulating more crap as it is about saving money - a point proven by the fact that I spent twice that on fast food today. That will only hang around for a day or so, till all the nutrients (ha!) are sucked out and it's ready to pass. Salmon pink jeans would have sat unworn in my cupboard for years till I sent them back to the salvos.

Maybe next month I should do Daring December - a month of being brave enough to wear all the clothes that I think are too cool for me to actually wear.

*full disclosure - still only a quilt top.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Taking the good with the mediocre.

It's a sad, sad fact of like that no matter how long you sit staring at the fabrics laid out on the floor, sometimes, they just don't magically arrange themselves into a quilt for you. I don't know why, they look so nice all in their little pile. But you lay them all out, and you draw little diagrams and calculate some little numbers, and yeah, nothing.

Nah well, there's still stuff out there that makes me smile. Like our tower of toilet paper that we've got going on at the moment. And the fact that we match the colour of our bin liners to the colour of our bin.

And when I went to maccas tonight, they gave me my drink in a clear cup. And though I can't explain why, it made me happy. Even though it was way less practical than a regular paper cup one, cause it was kinda squishy and the condensation was really bad.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drawing a blank.

So ebay have returned a list of your purchased items to the main myebay page. That's good. While I like having the increased-to 3 years of purchase history in the sidebar, I like having the last month or so's worth there on the main page to remind me of the things that haven't arrived yet. There are actually ones I'd forgotten about. Maybe the post office is holding out on me?

For those of you who don't use ebay, myebay is the page that has your watch list and your saved searches and info on what you're bidding on and, although it disappeared for a month or so there, a list of what you have recently bought. Very very handy when you buy so much you can't remember all of it.

That's all got to stop now, cause it's NOvember now, and also I have no money left after tje weekend. And it's the first Tuesday in November*, AKA, Melbourne cup day.

Something's been bugging me. See, I remember this song about the Melbourne cup from when I was little. But noone at work had heard of it, and neither it seems, has the internet.

Oh the Melbourne Cup,
Brings Australia to a stop,
From Darwin down to Hobart, 
From Perth up to Ayers Rock,
The nation's in a fever, 
You're bound to be caught up,
First Tuesday in November,
They run the Melbourne Cup.

I'll have to ask Mum and Dad tomorrow. It's not the one by Slim Dusty and it's not the one by Mike Brady. And if I google those lyrics, I get... this blog. Cause I posted it last year on the first Tuesday in November. And I didn't know any info on it then, either. Bummer.

*Well, an hour into it. Thus why I don't yet know who will win.