My Quilts So Far...

Here's a list of quilts I've made so far. Some of the pictures are from various stages of completion, and some of the quilts haven't actually been finished yet.

#1 is the big rainbow quilt. Hides under all the other quilts on my bed.

#2 is Maddy (my sister)'s quilt.

#3 is Levi's (friend from work's baby) quilt.

#4 is Mama Jan's quilt, which was actually finished 13th.

#5 is the retro quilt, which lives on the unoccupied side of my bed.

#6 is the BlueGreen quilt. Lives on my side of the bed.

#7 is the purple quilt (not yet completed)

#8 is Esther (my cousin)'s quilt

#9 is Dad's quilt cover (quilted, but not assembled)

#10 is my wonky Mingle mini quilt. Hangs on my wall, reminding me that I'm awesome.

#11 is what came to be known as the Bubble and Squeak mini quilt (which has also gone to live with Esther, and gets used lots while the big one lives in the cupboard)

#12 is the Honeycomb quilt. Had planned on selling it, but then it came on some adventures with us. If someone doesn't mind that then they can still buy it, but it's currently on my bed.

#13 is the Summer Coral Quilt. Measures 100x108cm, Double sided, $105.

#14 is the Being Seen Quilt. Measures 93x113cm, Double sided, $105.

#15 is the Pink Batik Quilt. Measures 92x110cm. $90.

#16 is the Two Tyred Quilt (so called because there's 2 fabrics on the front, and the back looks like tyre tracks). Measures 94x118cm. Double sided, $100.

#17 is the Pastel Squared Quilt. Measures 92x92cm, Double sided, $80.

#18 is the Autumn Nutmeg quilt. Still only a top, and no photo as yet.

#19 is the Modern Grace Quilt. Sold at the Mini-Me Market in February.

#20 is the Mini Bright Retro quilt. Sold at the Library Market in December.

#21 is the Earth and Water Quilt. Measures 90x100cm, $70.

#22 is the Purple and Teal Quilt.Measures 112x84cm, Double Sided, $80.

#23 is the Red and Green Two Tyred quilt. Still only a top.

#24 is the Blue and Brown Wonky Quilt. My sister bought it off me to give to a friend's baby.

#25 is the Twice as Crazy Quilt. Measures 93x82cm. Double Sided, $75.

#26 is the teeny wonky quilt. I gave this to my cat as a bed, and even though she moved out, it's still where she slept, and in need of a wash :(

#27 is Bob (my cousin)'s quilt. It's finished, but I can't find a photo.

#28 is the Awesome Quilt Top of Awesomeness. But it's still only a top.

#29 is the Sweet Sacks Quilt. Measures 95x103cm, Flannelette backing, $85.

#30 is the Google Earth Quilt. Measures 93x109cm. $80

#31 is the Summer Citrus Quilt. Measures 87x115cm. Double Sided, $90.

#32 is the Pretty Awesome Quilt. Measures 118x140cm. Double Sided, $150.

#33 is the Soiree Header quilt top, and it's what you see at the top of the page.

#34 is Kelsey (my cousin)'s quilt.

#35 is The Quilt With No Name. Measures 125x138cm. $140.

#36 is the Blue, Green and Purple Quilt Top.

#37 is the Newsprint Mingle Twist Quilt Top.

#38 is the Mellow Yellow Quilt. Measures 92x71cm. $45.

#38.5 is the quilt I made for the Two Tyred Tutorial, which somehow missed out on a number of it's own, poor little thing. It's basted and ready to quilt.

#39 is the Retro Twist Quilt Top.

#40 is my Swag Quilt.

#41 is Helen's Quilt Top, which needs to be finished by her birthday in April.

#42 is the Shaggy Zoo Tickertape Quilt. Measures 102x97cm. $70.

#43 is the Mini Stairways to Heaven Quilt. Measures 91x91cm. Double Sided, $80.

#44 is the Stairways to Heaven Quilt top, made for the Tutorial.

#45 is the Blue, Green and Brown Mini Stairways to Heaven Quilt top, made for the second tutorial.

# 46 is the pink, orange and brown mini stairways to heaven quilt, shown here as just a top, but it's been completed and is currently chilling with Kelsey.

#47 is the rainbow zigzag quilt. I've made a back and basted it, but it's not yet quilted.

#48 is a purple quilt I was making for a tutorial, before I realised how many points I had to match up, and chickened out for a bit. I'll get there.

#49 will be made with the green, purple and brown colourway of Mingle by Monaluna, in a similar design to quilt #5

#50 will be sorta like this, only completely different because it's a brown, pink, green and teal fabric where it's brown in the picture.

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