Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm not liking this "working" thing...

My much searched-for "Spring to Life" Mingle bundles arrived today, still looking like bundles, so no chance for me to spend a half hour refolding them and getting a good lookie innie, but that's okay. I'm not gunna start anything with them straight away, since I need to make some more progress on a DVD player case for one of the girls at work, who has boys, and therefore picked a blue fabric with cars on it.

Now, I like cars (actually, gimme a sec, I need to go download that new episode of Top Gear... done) but these are not particularly nice kinda Nascar-y ones. And the background is a nasty navy. I like pretty fabrics, but I understand that boys don't. Even worse, it's up to a bit with hand stitching, which is the other reason I stopped.

Still, I had better start it again soon, since she's going on holiday on Monday and that's when she needs it for.

But I really don't like hand sewing.

In other news, Helen, do you think Poppy would lend me the Falcon for a couple of weeks? Becky says it's an auto...


Don't you hate it when you find a truly wonderful seller online, who not only has ridiculously good prices, but also responds quickly, packs your items in the cheapest way possible, charges you the same for postage as what the post office has charged them, and posts super super quickly?

No, you probably don't, because when you find a seller like that, you're all "woohoo! this seller is awesome! maybe they don't have a huge range, but I don't care. What they have is so nice, and so cheap, that I'll take two of every bundle they have. Hell, some of them I'll take 3. It would almost be a crime not to stock up on such nice, pretty, well priced fabrics!"

I on the other hand, don't get to buy anything new for probably the next 4 weeks, which is about how long its going to take to earn enough money to get my car fixed, as well as how long I have to wait till it can actually get into the mechanic. Which is fortunate I suppose, since part two cant happen without part one. But still, no more fabric buying for me.

At least I have stuff still arriving, including these today, from the aforementioned seller.

Robert Kaufman, "Mingle" in "Newspaper"

Robert Kaufman, Nautical Stash Stack

Robert Kaufman, Cherry Cordial Stack Stash

The thing about all these bundles is that, in order for the postage to be so cheap, the seller has to take them all apart and refold them nicely so they'll fit into a flat rate envelope. And that takes work. It's the kind of thing that the people at, for instance, cant be bothered doing, which is why their international shipping is so freaking high. Of course it means that at the other end I have to reassemble the bundles, but that's worth the $15 or so it's saved me in postage. I'm actually quite good at it.

Anyway, here's an open letter to anyone selling fabrics internationally on the internet. Be considerate. Think about what you're doing. If it's something nice for the person who's buying it, they might really like you and buy more from you, or tell everyone who's reading it to go and buy some stuff from you*, because you are so awesome.
On the other hand, you can be like, and have a massive range and fabrics at $3 per yard, so that I put up with the fact that postage costs me more and it takes your packages a month to get to me. But the thing is, I wont be saying nice things about you. Your staff are rude and your postage pricing scheme unfair to international buyers.

I much rather buying things from and supporting the small-scale fabric sellers on eBay and etsy. This week though I have to support my local small-scale mechanic, because the big dealership service centre didn't even notice that my catalytic converter had disintegrated...

Still, 2 more packages of fabric, plus more rotary cutter blades, and the next set of custom necklaces, including Kelsey's slightly late birthday present, are on their way.

If only I could get to the post office to get them.


*but seriously everyone, don't buy it all, because I want for there to be some left when I have money again, so that then I can buy lots more, mainly of the Autumn Nutmeg and the Mingle in the Blue/Brown/Orange I used for the wonky quilt, so that I can make a bed sized version of it....

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mumble Grumble...

So at the moment I'm reading through what I could, I suppose, refer to as "bitchy" blogs. Loosely speaking, they are humorous blogs, usually about being a mum, putting up with kids, husbands, pets etc, and, occasionally crafting*.

Problem is, my mental voice (and subsequently, my typed out blogging voice) tends to mimic whatever it is I've been hearing a lot of. As a result, I'm having to work really quite hard to not be whiny and blame my mother for the fact that I didnt get to go to the post office today.

Because I've been on holiday for two whole weeks and even if my work clothes didn't get put in there till a week ago that's seven whole days for you to have washed them so that instead of having to wait till 5 so that they would be dry, I could have gotten dressed straight out of the shower and we would have made it into town before 5 and then you would have had time to buy me Red Rooster before I had to be at work and then I wouldn't have been hungry in my tea break and eaten 2 minute noodles which are making my tummy do nasty things right now. 

But that's a bit ridiculous because not only could I have quite easily washed them earlier on, or put them in as soon as I got home instead of an hour and a bit before I started work, and anyway they still weren't dry when I had to get dressed at 5, so I put on my backup ones anyway - The shirt with the holes so big the sleeves are practically detached, the jumper that's a bit too tight and emphasizes the fact that I've eaten nothing but raspberry twists this weekend, the pants the very low crotch and the coat that was covered in cat hair. But it's Monday. Monday night. Noone expects....

...Crap, it's Monday night. I missed Hellcats.

Now I'm really bummed.

*Read this. I don't knit, but it's how I've always felt about wearing something I've sewn.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Home safe...

...And glad to have chips, juice and a wireless internet connection again. Not that I didn't have juice or chips while I was away, but things are always nicer at home.

Unfortunately, my car hasn't magically repaired itself, so I cant run into town and go to the post office, to see if any of the 3 packages due any day now have arrived. But also unfortunately, I have to work tonight (5.30 start) so I suppose I can get someone to take me in early so we can get there before they close at 5.

I'm getting a fairly big urge to start making stuff again too. Nothing too big just yet, while I get in the swing of working a real job again, but I'm sure I can think of some mini projects. I've got a shelf full of notebooks I'd like to make some pretty covers for, and Helen has been having a go at some patchwork bibs, which also look like something interesting to have a go at. But then again, something I get in the mail might inspire me to bigger and better things. There's the purple and green mingle bundles coming in one pack, the same fabric in red white and black coming with a blue and brown bundle and a red white and blue bundle, and the box from, which, among other things, includes more fabrics to add to the autumn nutmeg bundle I got a while ago. So there's plenty of combos that i could put together in quilts.

Also, I kinda wanna finish Dad's cover and the purple quilt, just so they're not hanging over my head.

Whatever I end up doing, it's good to be home.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Still on the phone...

Its been a lovely day. We went out to Patchewollock for the shoot, which soundsterribly redneck, but everyone there wa lovely and polite, and the only discussion of nasty things being done to animals, or people getting it on with cousins, was made by Jamie, who we bought up with us.

Sophie was who we were up to support, and even though she didnt win her grade, (she came second) she beat Sallads, who back in January psuedo-dated her for a few days, then the next night hooked up with some random trollop. So we were happy with that.

One thing I am noticing is how much Im missing driving. Its something I love doing, something that relaxes me and, in situations like this, something that makes me feel useful. An Im not doing it, and I miss it.

I also miss a real live internet. And apostrophies. And real sized keys.

Home tomorrow, and back to work too.

So good and bad there.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

a blog from a phone...

So the grand final ended in a draw. Thats okay. I like draws. I like the what now looks on the faces of the players and the supporters. I dont like the fact that Im doing it on my phone, which doesnt do apostrophies. Or spell check.

Anyway it seems we will be doing it all over again next week, for only the third time in history. Thats cool, so long as Collingwood still dont win.

a blog from a phone...

So the grand final ended in a draw. Thats okay. I like draws. I like the what now looks on the faces of the players and the supporters. I dont like the fact that Im doing it on my phone, which doesnt do apostrophies. Or spell check.

Anyway it seems we will be doing it all over again next week, for only the third time in history. Thats cool, so long as Collingwood still dont win.

More pointless stuff I got sucked into...

Even when you're not actually buying stuff on eBay, it can still get you.

For a while now, Vistaprint has been doing advertising on eBay. They're in the annoying flashy things at the top of the screen, that can only be killed by disabling flash player, which then renders youtube unusable. Home loans and stuff are easy to ignore. I have no home, therefore I need no loan. Avoid.

But for a while now, when a bundle of fabric arrives in the mail, it usually has a little business card with it. And they all have a little sticker on the back, which covers a little bit of text.

These people had succumbed to the flashy thing at the top of the screen.

Now the whole point I suppose is that the first lot you get are free, but there are limits on what you can do, and of course you need to put the little sticker over the text on the back (or you can pay more for it to not be there) so then you upgrade and upgrade and upgrade until it costs a fortune. Moreover, they have a slightly cruel pricing scheme, wherein the sooner you want them, the more it costs. You should totally ignore this though, since I got mine on the 21 day postage ($12.87 after they add GST, which for some reason isn't an included thing even though it's supposed to be under law) and it's here 5 days later.

They are random, and pointless, and I accept that I will probably never ever use them. But they cost 8c less than the yoyo maker I bought at Spotlight the other day and, having now tested, will probably also never use. They also sent me a free holder, which was shiny, but is now covered in fingerprints.

And then, because I am a sucker, and because they emailed something to me that said that 250 of the premium (design your own) ones were now also free for me, I did that as well. Unfortunately I paid six whole dollars (5c more than a KFC kids meal) to upload my own photo, and then another 6 whole dollars to get printing on the back, because I had just spent ages in flash and photoshop making my pretty logo, and didn't want to sully it with information. So that's about $25 all up, which isn't that bad since they're listed as being $41 before all the additions that I made. Or am I a sucker for thinking that shit?

For all that it cost me the extra $6, I made the info on the back pretty sparse though so I could use them how I actually wanted them, as price tags on stuff. There's been a big push toward having a crafty/baby market in the area (two are popping up over the summer that we know of) and I think some pretty tags would go a long way to covering the fact that sometimes, my quilts wonk. So, pretty tag (actual sew-onto-the-quilt labels are on my to-spoonflower list) with my name and number and the address of this place. I probably should have put my email address instead, but it's nice to know that people stop by (10 of you came and read me being sad about my car, which isn't craft-related at all) and I'm not so desperate about sales that I mind if someone comes, reads, thinks I'm terribly immature, and decides for that reason not to buy my stuff. It will no doubt be quite pretty, so I will keep it instead. Or sell it to someone else.

In other news, this has also arrived, and caused me a bit of concern over what to do with it, since in spite of everything, I'm not actually that comfortable with batiks, and I would certainly not be comfortable pairing them with a print. So that meant something made exclusively from them, and with 12 fabrics, some of which dont look nice next to some of the others, I was struggling to come up with anything.

Today though we went to see Helen to show her Mama Jan's quilt and Esther was actually wrapped in the bubble and squeak mini quilt, which was nice, since I tend to get a bit paranoid that any time I make something for someone, they just hide it in a cupboard. I get that Esther's actual quilt is quite big, too big for a month old baby, and since the mini quilt is currently being used instead, I'm less worried about the fact that they look tiny when you sit them next to a cot one. 80 by 100cm minis are a perfectly reasonable baby size.  Also, you only need 6 fat quarters per side, and this bundle has 12. So it's split in half, light and dark, where they all match one another, and I'll do the dark as the simple "big square, 4 little squares check" thing I did for the bubble and squeak and the beeswax quilts, and on the back I'll use the light sides for crazy piecing, maybe with some white in there too, because the weird angles seem to use up more fabric, and white cant be batik-d anyway because its... white. It wont be unisex, but so what? Some people are nice enough to tell everyone what they're having. It'll be too small for me to use and then get attached to (although so is the wonky quilt, and you'd have to offer me a LOT of money for that one) and I know exactly how much the fabrics cost ($30 bundle, $8 batting, $2 threads) so pricing math should be simpler.

Not going to be done now though, since we're leaving for rainbow tomorrow. We're taking the van, which is manual, and so will be driven by Casey, So I need to sort myself out some hand crafts to do on the way. I also need to pack, set up the GPS (the van's speedo seems a little out) and sort out foods for the trip. Maybe if I just stay up all night doing that stuff, I can sleep on the drive up there (we have a bed in the back, for all that I would be unseatbelted and illegal) Thus negating the need for me to sort out handcrafts or food.

Nah, I'm tired. I'll sleep now.

Friday, September 24, 2010


In the weeks following the breakup some 9 months ago now, I often found myself wandering around the house late at night. Sometimes I would open the fridge and sit in front of it, staring blankly for 5 or 10 minutes before moving on to a cupboard to repeat the process. I went from falling asleep in the dark and the silence to always having a movie or TV show playing as I fell asleep. I started with Top Gear, spent some time with the Monty Python documentary (The Lawyers Cut) and flirted with White Collar, all interspersed with Psych. The commentaries are the best, drifting off to sleep with a dozen voices having a friendly chatty laugh on you bedside table as you drift off.

BJ has blow a head gasket again. Hopefully not as catastrophically as last time, but still. He's 15 years old now. That's over 100 in dog years. Everyone seems to be thinking that maybe it's time to move on.

I would like maybe an around 2004 Honda Accord Euro. They're currently at the 13-18k range. I test drove one of Gazzards' once and it was really nice. It was blue, though I'm sure I'd have to get a different one.

I would maybe like a new Ford Fiesta. But it would have to be the current one. All the others are fuglies. The most basic ones are about 18k, but I'd want a zetec, which are about 21k. Or there's the econetic, which uses 2.7L per 100km. Suck on that, Prius drivers, with your hybrid drive returning you a pitiful 4.7/100 figure. (Nix that, I'd want the zetec. In the custom pink on the advert)

A 2005ish Ford Focus is around between 6 and 20k, but I've heard they can be even more unreliable than my Mondeo. Maybe that why some of them are so cheap.

There's 2002 Hyundai Tiburons on eBay for under 10k, though ideally I would like a 2004. That seems to be the year for nice looking cars doesn't it? I drool a little bit when I see a nice one on the road. Once, I saw one parked alongside the local Lamborghini, and I knew full well which one I preferred. There's a black one that's parked at the South Eastern a lot. I want it.

But if it's looks alone, than the new Kia Cerato, so long as it doesn't have that silly silver bit around the grille, looks like an even better version of the Accord that tops this list, though I've no doubt that it would be a gutless piece of Korean shit (although so might the Tiburon). It would cost about the same price as the used Honda, but have a 5 year warranty, meaning I shouldn't have to spend about 8 hours reading random blogs and trying to absorb someone else's life through bloggy osmosis, all because my car, which I love on par with my cats, has decided to die yet again.

On that note, may I suggest everyone who reads this go to the blogger dashboard, clicks on the tab that says blogs of note, and visit the blog called smacksy? Helen especially, since this lady's little boy is named Bob too. And don't worry, it's called smacksy because he couldn't pronounce snacks, not because she's a nasty kid-hittin'-lady.

P.S. Trying to absorb her life though the internet doesn't work. Even with a touch screen. It also hasn't worked on any of the other sites I've read through since 4.30 this afternoon.

P.P.S. The couch in the lounge isn't as comfortable as Casey and Becky taking turns falling asleep on it would make it appear. But I have become zombie Sara, and can't get up and go read on my bed.

P.P.P.S. When we cleaned out the boot I discovered a bucket of pink fairy floss from last year's show (so it's been in there 11 months). It is still completely edible, though this is not necessarily a good thing.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Everybody, meet Bazza.

Mum: I think I'm gunna call it Barry.
Me: Bazza!
Mum: Barry.
Me: Bazza!
Mum: *shakes head*

Her sulfur-crested cockatoo, Eric, had to be put down about 6 months ago when he broke his leg. Bazza is a lorikeet, and will apparently end up with a blue head, orange chest and green back.

Unless Babycat eats him in the meantime. We'll try out best to avoid that.

Feeling Bummed.

I really didnt want to get out of bed this morning.

I have no projects lined up for today. There a 3 packages due at the post office any day now. Dad isn't home today. It all adds up to a potentially very good day.

But, there is a chance, that when I get out to my car, and turn the ignition, nothing will happen. Even if something does, and I get into town, every place I go to is another chance that he wont start again.

So, as I always do when I am feeling bummed, I go on eBay. So far I've spent about $130, but, to be fair, 99% of that was on name necklaces. I also bought a pair of earrings that are little whales for $1. Very cute.

But I know full well that spending is not the answer. Well, it will be, but it will be spending on my car instead of spending on eBay.

I should start making something. That might make me feel better.

I think I'll start by making myself some lunch.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Yeah but, Nah but...

Today, I did nothing.

I sewed nothing, I bought nothing, I received nothing in the mail.

My only achievement for the day was washing Mama Jan's quilt and working out how to fold it up so it fit in it's gift box.

In other news, my car appears to be dying again. Not quite as catastrophically as last time, which cost me $1800 and a new engine, but still, he isn't keen on starting. He runs fine once he has started, but getting him to start is... a challenge.

And my mechanic doesn't have a free booking for another 3 weeks.

While it would be a nice to tell you all that it's in the bag, it's not.

It's on the curtains.

But it hasn't been washed, and I'm hesitant to state any quilt as a success until it's been washed. That's why the rainbow quilt is underneath the repeat-washed retro and bluegreen quilts. It's not so bad when it's mine, but I wouldn't give someone an unwashed quilt, because washing is pretty much an inevitability and I wanna make sure it works. All the horror stories about things falling apart/hideously shrinking/colours running etc. while washing that I heard while working at Spotlight keep me up at night, usually prewashing my fabrics in the hope it doesn't happen to me.

Speaking of Spotlight, I decided not to go there, and since I was at the post office anyway (nothing for me though) I decided I may as well go to Lincraft instead. I had planned on just getting some black homespun but they had new bundles in there (still full price, unfortunately) but with some pretty new fabrics.

The bundles at Lincraft are just random fabric fat quarters all tied together, there's 8 in a bundle and the regular price is $15. Even though they're American-sized fats (and usually quite wonky ones at that) it's still a fairly reasonable price if you like all of the fabrics you get. As a result, I usually spend a half hour or so carefully rebuilding my perfect bundles, and, since I'm a nice person, making sure all of my switched bundles are nice and neat and tidy. Evreyone knows me there (I did work there for a bit) and they know I do it, but the manager is an Auntie, and that helps.

I got 2 each of 5 fabrics in a purple/pink/brown colour way, which all match and feel very nice. I got possibly my new favourite-estest fabric, which is fluro rainbow hearts on black (I wish I had one of those purple lights, it would look awesome) and a couple of yellows and a couple of greens. They've all been washed already since I needed to wash the black for the binding anyway.

I've been having a very distracted day, which is probably why it took me so long to get finished. Whereas Sunday and Monday were serious, concentrating ten-hour-days, today has been more of a work for 20 minutes, then break for an hour thing. I've stopped to shop, I've stopped to read, I've stopped to cook, watch TV, check facebook, and I also stopped when this happened.

I've been ironing out the binding, and now I'm making sure all the corners have mitered the right way, but there's a lump under my fabric...

So I stopped and cooked myself some cow. It seemed like as good a time as any, though of course the smell made her climb out. But she's cute. If a little vicious. Also, she tries to eat pins, which is very annoying.

So anyway, sleepytimes now, before the big wash tomorrow. I'm sure it should be fine, but the uneven quilted distances in the panel are worrying me.

But I'm a worrier. I shall stop for tonight and go to bed.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Casey decided last night that the border for Mama Jan's quilt should be black, not the red with spots I had picked. She was gunna pick some up on the way home from work.

She didnt. So, I will be going into town, returning 2 of the 3 overdue DVDs I have (because Becky has hidden the third) and buying yet more fabric for this bloody thing.

20+ hours so far. And she says she'll give me $50 for materials.


I've also realised that I should probably sort out some kind of hand sewing project do do while I'm dying of boredom on the weekend. But I've never considered myself to be much of a hand sewer. I could do some hexies for Helen, or I bought a yoyo maker from spotlight (it's too small to be the bottom of a stubby holder by about 2cm, but the next one up is waaay bigger) so I could do a whole bundle of those, but then I don't know what I'd do with them.

I'll have a look while I'm in Spotlight AGAIN. I'm sick of buying more boring stuff, when I could instead be buying interesting bundles from eBay.


Stuff I'm cross about...

I just found out what the process pledges that I've been seeing mentioned in buttons here and there in the blogosphere means, and it turns out that I've been doing it all along. If I only posted about finished projects then posts would be few and far between, and if I'm not posting, when the hell would I be getting my cross on?

I'm cross at Mama Jan's quilt right now, for being really difficult and still unfinished. I'm cross at my camera, for going missing during the clean up (I'm confident I put it in one of my bags of important stuff last night so it should still be in one of them, but I'm not sure which one, and they have been topped up with more important stuff so they're kinda full now) and making me unable to post progress photos.

Basically, all my aside the ditch on the little blocks is done, and I've been doing a, frankly a teensy bit crap, sew around the edges of various things in the center panel. Progress was slow and difficult, and made me wish quite fervently that I could free motion, since I had to either swing the whole thing round or switch into reverse, where you can't see where you're going. So there's a bit of bunching, but nothing catastrophic, and mainly where I've zigzaged up and down in the grass area, where it just makes it look all swooshy. I could probably get away with stopping now, but there are some big spots without any quilting, and that makes me nervous. All of the people are outlined, as is the horizon and the tree, and I still need to do some rays around the sun, go around a few of the zebras and maybe do some wispy cloud shapes but in the same colour as the sky. If I could free motion, that thing that looks like a flattened stipple would be good, but I'll just make something up, as always.

Tomorrow though, as my arms ache from all the quilt rotating.

Oh, I've just remembered, I'm also cross about the massive pimple on the corner of my mouth. It really hurts and it wont die, no matter how much I scribble over it with the pimple killing pencil, which has killed 2 other pimples this week.

Monday, September 20, 2010

I found it!

The other night when I was feeling bummed, going on eBay to shop my sorrows away didn't really work, because I had randomly decided that the thing I wanted/needed to make my life complete was a bundle of the mingle fabric (same as I used for the wonky mini quilt)in the purple/green/brown colourway. 

Noone had it on eBay and my short look around the internet failed to bring anything up, but then the internet is a bit too big to search thoroughly. This morning though I was doing my blog catch up, and the guy who quilts had done a post on a quilt he had received in a swap that was made of the same mingle colourway as the wonky quilt. At the bottom of the post he did some links to his sponsors who still had the range in stock, and the only bundle anyone had left was this one.

*happy dance*

Understandably it was A LOT more expensive than the stuff I'd bought on eBay - $23 compared to $15, and the postage was still $13, making it way over my usual $3 per fat quarter budget, so I bought 2 bundles and that made it $3.25 after the currency conversion, and that's reasonable.

Plus, since I got 2, I've got enough to do a very decent sized quilt, my usual size requiring 12, and I've got 20 to play with.

The bad news though is that I haven't made any progress on the quilting; since I needed to wash the backing sheet I took the time to sort through my junky tubs and clean out one of the cupboards. 2 big garbage bags of coats and dresses, mainly stuff that I got cause the ex liked, have made their way to the Salvos. Now though I need to hem some curtains for Mum, and then it's back to it.

It'd be cute...

...if it wasn't so freaking annoying.

Approximately 12 hours ago I started with this pile. At this point I had string pieced them and chopped them back up.

I've no idea how many that is. Originally this quilt was going to be done onto an actual single bed quilt I bought at the store, but since the purple quilt, done with the same stuff, has been tucked away unfinished, I decided it would be better for everyone if I just used regular batting, and since my math defaults itself to 120x150cm batting size I went for that, so there was a fair few left over. Depending on how I'm feeling once the actual quilting has been done, I might do matching pillows.

Anyway, I just now got finished on the top, after stopping for tea and then staying stopped for Big Bang Theory, Offspring and Married Single Other. Damn the fact that there's a TV in the loungeroom but not in my bedroom.

I cant quite remember where I put the red sheet I bought to use as backing, and moreover I'm quite certain I didn't wash it. I think it's in the tubs, but I can check tomorrow.

I'm very much hoping that I can get the quilting done tomorrow, and it would be great if I could get that and the binding done, though I'm being realistic about it. I've managed to get 2 very productive days out of the last 3 (yesterday being a fail due to a sister's netball grand final and feeling quite ill) so it's probably too much to ask for that my family leave me alone for another day. But if I can get it finished in the next 2 days at least, then I can try cram as much cleaning into Wednesday and Thursday as I can before we leave for Rainbow on Friday. I think the key will be accepting that I need to actually just give all the stuff I'm not using/wearing to the Salvos instead of going "nah, keep that, I can sell that on eBay" because I wont. It will just sit around, taking up space, until my room gets this full again and the cycle repeats.

Should I go into work tomorrow and ask for another week off? It'll still be school holidays, so they'll have plenty of teenyboppers wanting hours... 

I'll decide tomorrow night.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dinner Break...

For something I so very much didnt want to have to do, I've made a huge amount of progress.

That said, I've worked on it for probably 6 solid hours today, to get it to the point where it's now in 7 pieces (6 strips of squares and the panel.)

I had decided to randomly put in squares of a miniature version of the panel, and then today when I was revising the maths I decided to do them as a kind of speckled border.

Here's my confusing little paint document that I was using.

Basically the green bit is the panel, the yellow bits are the little prints and the white is just random red squares. When I quilt I like to sew it into pairs, and then sew those pairs into squares, and then pair and square again. I don't like doing strips, because I worry that it will warp and stretch out of shape, so I try to keep my bits as square as possible. This time though, after I'd done about 20 squares, I realised that it wouldn't quite work, so I went back to the math. the big squares were where I used those squares, and because the prints were already paired to the left of red squares, I had to work out how to fit them. The cats were fortunately entertaining themselves outside leaving me with free reign of the floor, and the little lines are what I had worked out I could put into pairs and string piece... once I had gotten that much done I was in the swing of it so I wasn't as worried about marking stuff off any more. The other big help was that the red pairs were bi-directional - I could align then vertically without issues and squeeze then into the awkward spaces caused by the print squares. But I still had to get them into big rectangles I could join together, and I've ended up with this.

But I've had to stop now, because the cats have come inside and Mum wanted the kitchen to cook tea. Not that I can eat any of it, as my throat is still shredded and food tastes weird. So I figured I'd blog while they ate and get back to it once everyone's left the lounge.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I found this on the internets...

Ten good reasons to buy fabric

It insulates the cupboard where it is kept.

It keeps the economy moving. By buying fabric you are supporting cotton farmers, textile mills and fabric shops.

It is less expensive and more fun than psychiatric care.

It keeps without refrigeration, you don't have to cook it to enjoy it, you'll never have to feed it, change it, wipe it's nose or walk it.

Because I'm worth it.

Like dust, it's good for protecting precariously empty spaces in the house, like the ironing board, the laundry basket and the dining room table.

It's not immoral, illegal or fattening. and it calms the nerves, gratifies the soul and makes you feel good.

Because it's on sale.

Because at some point in the future your husband will retire and you wont be able to afford any more.

Because we are all participating in a contest - the one with the most fabric wins.

I don't wanna...

I can't recall whether or not I have already blogged about my recently aquired allergy to strawberries, but it's nasty. It started off that it was only ones I ate in a hurry in my tea breaks at work that would do it - it being a nasty burning of the throat and a hitting on the gag reflex for the few days following. Since I was fine when I was having a few strawberries with pavlova I assumed it was something to do with the fact that I was eating them warm and unwashed from the punnet, so I stopped doing that. I only ate strawberries washed, refrigerated, chopped up and with sugar or cream. But I think I pushed it too far. Thursday night I had a punnet, and last night I did as well. Now I can't swallow properly and if I breathe too hard I feel like I'm gunna throw up.

I really should be working on Mama Jan's quilt - I've aligned squares in mixed pairs ready to string piece later on, but I think I'm gunna go have a bath.

If someone could invent a waterproof laptop, that would be nice. Since they haven't, I shall have to go find a book.

The quilts so far...

I just went through and re-tagged a heap of posts, since I stopped putting quilt numbers at around #6.

#1 is the big rainbow quilt.

#2 is Maddy's quilt.

#3 is Levi's (friend from work's baby) quilt.

#4 will be Mama Jan's quilt, which got a number when it was in planning stages - that's how long it's been on the gunna list.

#5 is the retro quilt

#6 is the BlueGreen quilt

#7 is the purple quilt (not yet completed)

#8 is Esther's quilt

#9 is Dad's quilt cover (quilted, but not assembled)

#10 is my wonky Mingle mini quilt.

#11 is what came to be known as the Bubble and Squeak mini quilt (which has also gone to live with Esther, not that it will ever get used because I tied a bow around it in matching fabric and Helen thinks it's too pretty to unwrap)

#12 is the Honeycomb quilt I finished today.

Now I need a way to put that somewhere I can remember it - on the sidewall or something.

Friday, September 17, 2010

This one's done, and now the (not) fun begins...

I spent the morning sewing, the afternoon shopping and the evening playing with a baby.

Also, I may have borrowed her cot for some more attempts at bloggy photos.

Normal ones first though.

For all that people have said they prefer what I call the back, or that it's really a double sided quilt, this is the side my quilting lines match, so, to my mind, this will always be the top. Last night I bought a roll of what is essentially overpriced, skinny masking tape, and it did help me keep my lines a lot straighter than on the bubble and squeak quilt. But still, $4.50 a roll seems a bit steep. 40% off helped though.

The back is a lot bolder, and quite a bit funkier, so I get that there are people who prefer it. I did the binding a bit differently to normal so I could have it wide on the back to match the lines and still narrow at the front. I didn't fold it double - just sewed it to the front as normal and then tucked it under and pinned and sewed it on the back. Because the quilting was 7.5mm off either side of my seams on the front, it was fine to have a border stitch that far out from the binding on the front without it looking silly. I sewed it from the back so I could be sure it all caught and looks neat and tidy on that side, and then I in the ditched it on the front as per normal, giving it two rows of sewing on the back of the binding, so I know it wont fall apart.

Due to a distinct lack of cute baby cots at my house, these photos were all taken at Helen's house. Every time I call in I seem to spend ages there hogging the baby, and I feel a little bad about it, so open letter to Helen: if you want me to go away, or give you your children back, just say so. Even though they are terribly cute, if a bit noisy, they are yours, and I'll give them back if you want them.

PS, Thanks for blogging :)

And on that not, an open letter to Kelsey: where is your blog?

And for that matter, where are the blogs of anyone else who reads this? Last post on my dashboard was 9 hours ago, and I need something to read.

A very long day...

Here was the plan. Casey, who is always up early because she starts work at 7am most days and has a body clock that suits this, was going to drop my car off at our Grandfather's workshop at 8am, where his mechanic would take the muffler off before leaving for a job at 8.10. Mum would then pick Casey and the detached muffler up at 8.30 after she'd dropped Maddy off at school, bringing them home so Dad could weld a patch over the crack. then, later in the day, I would go in with Mum and the fixed muffler bits, we'd put it all back together and everything would be Hunky Dory, which, coincidentally, is also a rather nice fabric range from Moda.

Here's what happened. Casey was ready to leave at 5 to 8 when Dad finds out that Casey's taking BJ in, he randomly spits it and says I have to take it in, So I get woken at 2 to 8 and told that I have to take my car in, and that it needs to be there in the next two minutes.
For the record, legally, it's about a 12 minute drive. Today, so I could have a screaming hissy fit at Dad if I got done for speeding, I did it in about 9. This of course led Murphy's law to cause me to NOT get done for speeding, so it's kinda win/win.

I get there about quarter past 8, having not brushed my teeth, which made me cross. It takes Peter a bit longer than expected, and I hope whoever's tractor it was that he was going to fix wasn't in a hurry, because I don't think he left till about 9.30. But we went home, with the holey muffler, and I washed my hair, which I'd been putting off because I knew it would get all fluffy. It used to not matter, because I used to always wear it up, but Ive had it down since getting it cut, which has been nice, but, sure enough, nasty fluffy, and no time to straighten it because...

Since Dad has welded up the muffler, how about I clean his gutters for him so he can hook up his new water tank? This took 3 hours, in the freezing cold. I'm not kidding when I say that two of my fingers went numb and still are. The tips of the middle and ring ringers on my right hand. Actually, it's not really numb, it's kindof more like pins and needles without any pins or needles. But it's really really annoying. 

Then it was time to reattachthe muffler, and then it was time to have a snack (KFC) and the it was time to go to the quilt night that I thought was last week.

To be honest, I think I preferred last week. The first quilt you see going in is a log cabin, which Helen and I discuss our dislike of on a regular basis. And moreover it was a Christmas log cabin... A pointlessly time consuming design of quilt in a theme that renders it unusable for 11 months of the year. And it was mainly middle aged women and what appeared to be their angry mother-in-laws, and they had sold out of the bamboo batting I'm liking at the moment, so I stocked up on cozy cotton off the roll instead, which was actually a bit cheaper, so that's good. And then I got out of there, and went to the pub for a little bit, because Casey and Steph had decided to go early, but when everyone else got there for dinner I realised I wasn't feeling it, mainly because I didn't know half the people who'd turned up, so I came home.

Where I did this.

Which, technically, is the back. The front being the much more boring:

Which was done yesterday, and which looks a bit nasty at that scale, but the fabric that looks a bit of a mustard green on the screen is actually a very nice blend of greens and purples, and I do still love the front. It's the back that really impresses though, in real life as well as photo size, which annoys me for quite a few reasons.

First, I had planned to quilt to the front. That worked great for the bubble and squeak quilt, which had it's random piecing at diagonals so the quilt grid intersected it. But the back of this one is roughly on the horisontal/vertical lines of the front, whihc means that the quilting will not only be wonky, but will feel, to my OCD eyes, to be a little unsafe, with it's 8cm empty bits. Meaning I might have to do it on the diagonal, or, if I still follow the front blocks, something more substantial than just either side of the seams.

Second, It took about twice as long as the front. The front was a string, iron, string, iron, string, iron, pin, etc job, but this was just whatever bit I was up to next. I did the medium sized bit of wonky piecing first, but it ended up tiny, so then I did the big bit, then there wasn't much fabric left. But I'd bought these fabrics both times I shopped on, because the second time they were out for $2.50 per yard. Of the blue and pink, its only the bottom right blue corner and the top right crazy pieced corner that came from the second yards. Of the green, it's one strip, and then I plan on using that for the binding as well.

Third problem was, I find I struggle to sew strips. I don't know why, whether it's that if it's a long pieced bit I will pin it whereas with a single piece of fabric I wont... All I know is, there's some really shoddy sewing on the back of this thing. One of the crazy bits has a blue seam that I'm a bit worried about, and I was gunna put a bit of iron on sticky stuff under it, but then once I'd got it all smoothed out (because my split seams acted like little bitches on this thing, closing up as I tried to put it straight on the batting) I couldn't find where it was and, since it's been a long day, I gave up.

Finally, accurate cutting gets harder the bigger the piece gets. Following the cut lines makes my head hurt, especially over the hexagon design. Which doesn't point in a consistent direction either. Which is another annoyance. They all face the same way on the front.

But still, it's very nice, on both sides, and that back is probably the last interesting thing I get to do for a week or so, since now it's time to get started on Mama Jan's quilt. Thankfully it's pretty much all cut, as my rotary blade is very blunt, and I haven't made any progress on either cleaning my room or finding where my spare ones are.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

No, I havent done anything...

Today I got no cleaning done.

But, I did...

Get 3 DVDs coppied
Get Honeycat's stitches out
Receive a bundle of fabric in the mail
Go on a hunt for raspberry twists
Pick Maddy up from school
Find raspberry twists at Badenochs
Maneuver a 3.7m diametre water tank into position
Climb in and out of a water tank to install the fittings
Make a 1m by 1.2m quilt top
Whip a bowl of cream
Go out to Jess' house
Catch up with Sophie
Eat all the raspberry twists
Get home after midnight without turning into a pumpkin

Which I think is about enough for one day.

Because we weren't planning on staying at Jess' so late I roughly pinned the top to the piece of batting right before we left so I could try get the backing done once we got home. But since we got home at about 12.15, I'm kinda tired, so it's all rolled up and it'll be getting put off till tomorrow. Also, I forgot to photograph it before it got rolled up. It's essentially the same as the bubble and squeak quilt adopted by Esther, but a row bigger on each side, and in these fabrics. Green is the big squares with pink and blue 4 patches.

My dream of a quilt in a day continues to be thwarted by people wanting to go somewhere and do stuff. But, to make it up to me, Casey has organised getting my muffler fixed. Which is good, as poor BJ (my mondeo) is 3000km overdue on his service, and spluttering a bit after the change to 2nd. The mechanic pointed out the crack in the muffler about 10 months ago, to give you a clue on how long we've been stalling on fixing it (and also a clue on how much less I've driven my car since the breakup, since it used to need a service every 4 or 5 months) and I've been putting off taking him back until that at least is fixed.

So tomorrow that'll be getting done, and I need to wash and then try to control my hair, and Casey and everybody are going to Flannies for a light afternoon sesh before dinner, and at the same time, the Spotlight quilt thing is actually definitely on from 3pm, though that seems hideously early, and also, I want to see if I can finish this quilt.

And I should try make more progress on the room cleaning thing at some point, lest I need to ask for another week off.

And Mama Jan's quilt needs to be started and finished in the next 10 days, since we are leaving for Rainbow mid-Saturday week.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Another one bites the dust...

One again, I don't appear to have achieved much today. I hand sewed the new stubby holder so that it's a nice neat tube now, but I still haven't got the top or the bottom sorted out yet. the bottom of the original was the bit I was least happy with, so it's gunna take some thinking before I make a real attempt. I'm fairly sure it will need to be handstitched, but I'm not sure what to what.

Yes, the other one is filled with kinder bars. I like them.

Because the first one was done around and around the top and bottom bits were already there. I'm fairly sure I'll have to machine the top binding to the inside and then do it by hand on the outside, and I'm still not sure about the bottom. I have seen open ended stubby holders but they work much better with plenty of stretch (they are usually made of wetsuit material) and even though this one fits perfectly, I would still be worried about the can falling out of the hole. I'm thinking a loose binding to cover the raw edges and also to give me something to sew the base too, and maybe a yoyo for actual base. Not that I know how to make yoyos.

I also got 4 bags of mixed stuff out into the shed, not that it's made the room look even slightly cleaner, and I'm considering getting some more tubs from woolies now that I have money again. I've also found the pattern book, but the scanner persists in being at the other end of the house, so I will persist in not scanning them. Sorry.

In spite of the cuteness of that picture, I'm feeling a bit glum. I'll be on eBay if anyone wants me, shopping my way back to happiness.

Something Something Something...

Well, it took a while, but my pile of fabrics have been washed, ironed and neatly folded.


Apart from sewing myself a couple of headbands, I haven really achieved anything. I got my hair cut, which I'm sure I will soon come to regret (my part is still aching. How? It's not even a real thing... it's a gap, an open space between real things...) I gave Helen back the bubble and squeak quilt, and showed it to Nanny at the same time. I wandered around town for a while - I said it was to look for a bookcase the right size, and I did look, if a bit half heartedly, but I couldn't have bought anything anyway as I have no money left. This is also annoying in that I finally got sent the invoice for a few more bundles I bought on eBay Friday night. But come 6pm tomorrow I will have plenty of money, so that's okay.

And of course I got the washing done, although annoyingly once again a fat quarter seems to have gone missing somewhere along the line. I know exactly what one it was, and it was missing when I reassembled my bundles. I remember shaking it out before putting it in the washing machine, and then it's gone. Because I took them all out in one big bundle I don't know that it ever made it into the dryer, but I have checked both, as well as on the floor, in with the other clothes and down the side of the machine.

I think it has gone to live with the socks.

Oh, I have just remembered, I got some work done on my version2.0 stubby holders. not much, since I cant seem to find any hand sewing needles, but a little bit.

That's something.

Monday, September 13, 2010

What I have done...

So I went and got my haircut. I was all worried about the fringe but it has come out really nice, it is instead the back that I'm worried about.

It's short. like, super short. possibly my fault, since the photo I had was only the front, but still. I can put in a ponytail still, thank god, but only just. At the moment I have gone for piggietails, which look cute, And more importantly, hold down my new part.

I've always had a centre part and it's probably the shifting of it to accommodate a wispy fringe that has caused the most difficulty. It's only moved a centimeter or so to my right, but this, combined with the prevailing south-easterly winds means I can no longer walk in a westerly facing direction. It also feels a bit raw and I can feel a tingly sensation where my normal part is. It's a bit odd.

Naturally the nice flick out she gave it had disappeared within the hour - my hair doesn't take too well to being told what to do. But it's a lot lighter and a lot thinner, for all that I suspect I will have to learn to love my straightener again. We hadn't spoken in a few months, due to it's nasty tendency to create the type of static that causes mad scientists to shout "ITS ALIVE" while clawing at the air, but the girl said there were serums you can get to make it stop doing that. 

I got some new fabrics in the mail today so those, along with Thursday night's Spotlight shop, are in the wash at the moment. I'll be using the time to make myself some new headbands.

A perfectly valid waste of a night...

Designing name necklaces is something I consider myself to be very good at. It all started last year when Casey said she wanted one like Carrie in Sex and the City, but since Casey is an unusual name she was having a bit of trouble in town. I of course went on the internet, found a seller on eBay and asked then if they could send me images of her name in the various fonts they had available. They replied that they could do it in any font or - and here's the kicker - from a JPEG of the text.

So I found a font I liked (actually, I used the one that my touch screen handwriting-to-text converter uses) and, having discovered that the cursive version of that font isn't nearly as nice, became an expert at making names look pretty in all-connected-cursive. Casey got one, Maddy got one, Becky got one and so did I.

Then came the realisation that if they were working from a JPEG, they were just doing shapes, so we could do anything we wanted. Next up came converting logos into shapes that could work in silver. Lots of communication with the seller led to us discovering that we could do two layers, in two different finishes. I ended up with 2 of the RM Williams longhorns (I think I got one each for Casey and Becky, then I just kept them), Becky got the initials and Casey got the fancy one with both - The initials in brushed silver with a mini longhorn in polished on the top. A friend got her name with longhorns underneath them.

Okay, so, technically it's a copyrighted image. But there was no licensed alternative, and actually, I have to alter the buggery out of the images so they become suitable. The actual proportions are way too skinny to work when scaled down to 5cm wide, even more so at 3cm.

Tonight I finally cracked the signature logo. It's the old style logo - I prefer the modern ones but Casey really wanted the signature one. I haven't ordered any since February when I got some for Helen - Liz asked me to do one a while back for Kelsey's birthday (whoops, bit late now) but the seller put up their prices a few months ago so I haven't really been looking to get any more done lately.

Tonight I was going through my desktop folder which has all my important stuff in it (that and the download folder) A while back I got started trying to convert the wrangler horse into a logo, but it was proving quite difficult. Tonight, once I'd worked out that my photoshop cursor was broken because Babycat had pressed caps lock, I had another go and it came together perfectly. So I did one for Brad's niece that he asked for a month or so ago. (it was the final of Masterchef... how long ago was that?) So I had a go at the signature logo. It's a particularly tricky one...

...because of the weird angle and the near impossibility of getting the R, M and W to look nice on one line. I'll have to show Casey before I send it off but here's my finals, along with one for Kelsey (Hi) a couple* for me (My first one looks like it says Sard because they add little loops to the tops - that's why these have holes drawn into the design) and the one for Brad's niece.

Of course, getting these might mean I stop wearing my longhorn ones. It's strange, I would never have the longhorns on my car like my sisters do but I feel odd if I dont have them around my neck.

Plus, random people come up to me and beg me to tell them where I got them from. That feels good too.

*I'll probably only get one, but at the moment I cant decide which I prefer.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What have I done?

I have long maintained that getting a fringe is a bigger commitment than getting married (it takes a year and a day to get a divorce, my last fringe took 18 horrible, horrible months to grow out), and that as a result you should have to give 30 days notice of your intent to get a fringe, so that you can be really sure you want one, much like you need to get a marriage licence a month before you can actually do it.

So why the hell did I say "me" when the lady came into the store tonight saying she needed someone to give a free haircut too? Apparently she's a 3rd year apprentice and needs to give people style cuts, and she works at Salon 7 which is where some of the aunts that don't get their hair cut by the hairdresser aunt go, and for whatever reason, I said yes.

Now let me make it clear that I'm not gunna get a straight cut fringe like I had when I was 4. That looked nasty then and I suspect it would look even worse now. What I'm more looking for is like that lady in numbers...

...who I much preferred to the lady who replaced her - I pretty much stopped watching it the season she left, and I haven't bought any of the DVDs after season 4. In looking for this photo I found out it just got canceled, but oh well. From the season synopses it seems to have become very soap opera-y anyway.

I'm sure having my hair this way will be much more high maintenance and involve actually doing my hair in the morning instead of just putting it into a ponytail, but hopefully the layering will make it a bit less thick and a bit less knotty. I'll also probably go a bit longer than that, try and keep as much as my current length as possible, so I can still rock the ponytail. I'm not gunna deny being lazy when it comes to hair.

And with regards to that, I guess I'm gunna have to go wash it now. Which means I'm not gunna get any fabric washing done tonight. Which is a shame.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A blog from on the bed (actually, about 95% of them are)

Having discussed with Helen my tendency to peruse the internet while enjoying the comforting solitude of the loo, it seemed only appropriate that I read her lovely comment while sitting in the bog at work, while hiding from co-workers trying to tell me about how much alcohol they plan on consuming tonight, or how their mum wont let them sleep in the same bed as their boyfriend, because "she was having sex at 15, and I'm 16, so I should totally be allowed..."

No, you're still a kid sweetheart. You should think boys have cooties, and be sleeping with a stuffed toy, not a fella.

Anyway, it's nice that someone else thinks that the things I make are as nice as I think they are. I've probably become a bit up myself about it, because I love some of them so much, but I do still wory that some people wont like them as much as I do. I look at the wonky quilt, in spite of the fact that some points are more than 5mm off, and in spite of the fact that it's too small for me to really use for anything, and I think, shit, I made that. Me. Noone helped, or showed me how to do it, or did the design for me. I came up with it all by myself, and that makes me awesome. And now, or more specifically later, when the nagging doubt creeps in, that my fondness for the wavy stitch and my unwillingness to put in the effort of in-the-ditch makes me a lazy sewer, that my inability to free-motion means I'm not a real quilter, or that the occasional bad tension coming from my sewing machine for no apparent reason means I'm unfit to show anyone anything I've made, I can read that comment, and feel good.

Actually I've been pretty lucky to have come from a family that gets the effort that goes into this sort of stuff. Both Nans knit, Nanna Joy at a much more prolific rate, but Nanny Ella has spread herself out over a whole lot of other crafts: I imagine its much harder to knit a new toy every 3 days when you're also trying to complete a couple of tapestries, or pulling little holes in bits of fabric. Truth be told, I don't really have the patience for any of that stuff. But they all make things, and they know that we are our own harshest critics, and they humour me by letting me go on and on about all the faults in an item, but without really listening. Sometimes, when it takes me a few minutes to find the mistake I've been going on about, they laugh at me. This is of course the correct response.

Anyway, now that I've blathered on for a bit, photos.

It came up nice after the wash. I was a bit worried, having not pre-washed the fabrics, but they were all the same range, so I figured they would be fine, and they were.

First of course is the standard "front of quilt" shot.

Next, and also standard, "back of quilt" shot.

Next up we move into exciting territory. Me, having ago at "quilt blog style" shots. I'm not that good at them - since the Sony T20 debacle I'm back with my trusty old Kodak, in my bedroom, at night. The lighting isn't great, and I cant be arsed photoshopping.

It's all very nice, but I'm worried that having the blue-green quilt as a base makes the photo too busy and is therefore breaking some kind of blog-photo violation. But I lucked out on folding it up in such a way that you only see nice neat seams. That was good of me. Next time I might get up off my arse,* go down to the kitchen and take it on the nice hardwood table, though I think that rustic driftwood would be better, and make me look like I live somewhere much more exotic than I do.

This seems to be a little more like some of the ones on the proper blogs, the ones that have sponsors and giveaways (not gunna, cause I cant help but think they're just a cry for comments.)

Nevermind. Photos arent the be all and end all, though I do feel a bit bad about the fact that people actually sit down and read my drivel. That said, they're showing Princess Diaries 2 on TV tonight for the 43 billionth time, so it's not like there's anything better for y'all to be doing. You could go wash your hair like Babycat is doing. You could blog like me...

On that note, Helen, you should totally blog. I'd read it.

*earlier, spellcheck was fine with arsed but now, without the d on the end, it's no longer acceptable. Silly spellcheck**
**spellcheck: also not an accepted word.

I have a Cow Headache...

I have always suffered quite badly form cheese headaches, which you get from eating (obviously) too much good cheese. Now however, for the first time, I have cow headache.

After I left Helen's tonight I went to woolies and got the garlic bread I had randomly been craving, and it was nice, if a little skint on the garlic (there was lots of bread to make up for it) but, a couple of hours later, I decided that what I really wanted was some shredded cow. Shredded cow, by the way, is beef sizzle steaks from woolies chopped up into strips. Basically it's yiros meat, the proper stuff, not the stuff carved of those meat spindles. That stuff looks gross. This is just beef a few millimetres thick and a centimetre or two wide, by maybe 5cm long. Shredded Cow.

It's good shit. I was veggie for a while (mainly due to one of my Nans having pet sheep and cows - I felt bad that I was eating their friends) but I get that my body wants red meat sometimes, so if I feel like it, I buy a pack (they're about $5) and I eat half. That's enough for me, sometimes I will have it with lettuce (I like lettuce) and I'll feel good, not only that I've given my body what it wants, but that I've done what my body wants. Like I'm in touch with my inner nutrient-level-checkers or something.

Tonight however, I was in a bit of a hurry, because it's late and all, so I decided I would just cut them up with a pair of $2 scissors (I have a lot, because Maddy steals them so I go buy more) instead of fiddling around with a knife (I have to cut all the fatty bits off. They're chewy and I don't like them) and it was really easy so I cut up about 6 slices instead of 4, so I ate too much, and now I have cow headache.

In other news, the mini quilt is in the dryer, drying off (as you would) and once its done (well, actually it will be done in an hour or so, but I'm going to be now becasue I start at 8.30 - I actually mean tomorrow afternoon) I'll take some pretty photos of it before I give it back to Esther. She could well turn into more of a spoilt-with-handmade-stuff-brat than Maddy is.

Ah well, I know Helen appreciates it at least. It seems only fair though, since she taught me how to do most of it. I suppose its good that she taught me sewing and crafting and all that, but I also learnt how to buy unnecessary amounts of fabric (only spent $15.50 today*) and hoard stuff and make things and then not know what to do with them.

Ah well.

*no, that's not true, I also bought 3 bundles on eBay just now, but one of them is to do Casey's Christmas present, and all up they've come out quite cheap, because I'm fitting 3 bundles in one flat rate envelope, but I haven't actually paid for them yet, so I don't know that it counts.