Sunday, October 30, 2011

Home Safe

"So", said Brad as they drove back to the ball site from Loxton with their lunch. "What have we learned this BnS?"

"Well," said Sara, "I've learnt that even though people have a tendency to make disparaging comments about my boobies, I can still get a free bottle of vodka if I get them out in front of the promo guys."

"Thats... A very good lesson." said Casey.

I do sometimes wonder if I'm likely to offend people by talking honestly about what happens on my nights out, but really I don't mind. Judge away. I'm quite happy to look myself in the eyes in the mirror, and that's what matters.

Actually, in spite of the little incident discussed above, it was, by my standards, a VERY responsible ball. Had maybe a half dozen drinks, danced till 2am when it finished, made up my swag, read a book on my phone for 15 minutes and went to sleep. Made out with 4 guys, but Rob doesn't count. Came home dry and relatively clean, save for a slight blue smudge on my hands, which I think was more from the old dye on my coat than anything new. Some guy kept coming up to me and asking if he could pour his drink down my dress. I said no and in response to his 'why not?' I told him I'd kick him in the nuts if he did. It's got a very full skirt, so movement's not limited like it would be in something less ballgown-ey.

Today I slept in, meaning I missed the gelly-baff wrestling (thankfully) and in the afternoon we drove the half hour to Loxton for food, fuel and an impromptu swim in the Murray by Case, Brad and some guy called Kiwi. I put my shorts on and lay on the pontoon, trying to get rid of some of the pasty whiteness of my legs. It didn't work. The fast food place at Loxton had the best gravy I've ever eaten, ever, but the chips were a bit overdone.

We left a bit after 5.30 and had the most glorious afternoon driving home, except for Casey needing to chuck up a bit. I am the queen of the 6-stacker-CD-player, making us an epic 8 hour loop that had all the right music at the right times - mellow for when we were easing into the drive up there, stuff to dance like idiots to in the middle, country for arriving at the ball and then a bit of rock and some more mellow for the drive home. It got dark as we stopped in Naracoorte for a sausage roll but that's okay, because we know that part of the road well enough to do it in the dark.

And now we're home safe, Casey has fallen asleep on the couch and I'm going to have an early night.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Goin' Adventurisin'

Well the dress is washed, the CDs burned, the carrots chopped into little sticks and the coat... Well, I have to admit, the coat isn't looking it's best. I think it's time to call in the professionals: there's only so much you can do for a full length fur coat that's covered in blue food dye, especially when all you have to hand is some old towels and a hair dryer. But it will do for this weekend, and we shall have to look at getting it dry cleaned when we get home.

This BnS is called "Bush Chooks" and it's held in a place called Paruna, about 500km north of here. Noone knows we're coming - Casey is working till 1 tomorrow so we will be driving up in secret and arriving (hopefully) and hour or so before the ball starts. Fortunately, I won't be able to do a shot of vodka with every drink I have, so it shouldn't end as badly as a few weeks ago.

I hope my (still) bruised coccyx doesn't hold me back. And that I come home some other colour than blue. I'm so freaking sick of blue.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Would a rose by any other name still stab you with it's pointy stem?

Tonight I made a wheat bag with pearl barley instead. Can I still call it a wheat bag?

Yes, it's pieced, because, well, why the hell not? Final size is about 15cm square, and it feels heavier than the ones with wheat in them - about the same weight as the big one I made the other night, which probably has about a third more wheat in it. Tomorrow night I might get some more buckwheat and make a matching pair; same size, fabrics and volume of grain to see which I prefer.

The back is more chopped up denim, because I like any excuse to touch it. It's touchable.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ranty Ranty Rant Rant.

I, personally, find it a bit odd that people sew so much stuff for Halloween and Christmas. It feels a bit too flash-in-the-pan-ey for me to bother really. Not that we're even meant to do Halloween here in Australia. I was okay with it a few years ago when Spotlight had Halloween stuff, because apart from Rubber and Plastics, they're kinda the party and costume shop in the mount. But now that we have Halloween stuff in Woolies, I think it's time to make a stand. This is Australia, goddamn it! There's a Melbourne Cup to be getting excited about, not some stupid thing with bloody pumpkins. They're a stupid bloody vegetable, only good for soups and confusing you in the camp oven, sitting there pretending to be potatoes. And real aussie pumpkins can't even be carved, except with a bloody chainsaw. One time I saw my nanna split one with an axe! They're properly tough, and don't need some silly face to get that message across.

And I don't need an excuse to eat loads and loads of candy. And coming two weeks after the show, when everyone's still coming down off that sugar high... Actually, now that I think about it, most of the showbags have a variety of nasty looking lollies in the bottom that never get eaten. Halloween could be used to fob them off on the neighbours you don't like. I suppose if you're doing that though, why do you need to buy a special 1kg bag of nasty lollies to fob off on some other poor sucker's kid? They're not gunna eat them either, just gunna put them in the cupboard where they'll be looked at in disappointment every time all the good lollies in front of them have been eaten*

As you can see, not a big fan of Halloween. Christmas can annoy me too, mainly the whole having to get up early thing, combined with the forced visits to relatives thing, but at least it is actually an Australian holiday. Expecting aussies to celebrate Halloween feels kinda like expecting Americans to celebrate when Geelong beat Collingwood in the AFL grand final.

But what the shit is with Proclamation day, huh? Answer me that, fellow South Australians... Celebrating an event that occured on the 28th on the 26th...

The world is seriously doomed.

*While I'm having some random rants, I like the word "et" as a past tense of eat instead of eaten. Can we all work together to get this into wider usage?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NOvember is approaching.

So, since I've got a BnS ball this weekend, have decided to buy an industrial fairy floss machine with my family* and have concluded that I need a spare bank account with $1000 in it by the end of the year**, I've decided to invent NOvember, a month of saying "no" to stuff I don't really need to be spending money on.

This is not really a concept I've ever been that good at. I'm more of the "well, what the hell else is the point of it" mentality when it comes to money. But, sometimes, when I'm considering buying my 24th pair of jeans, I manage to think to myself "Really, Sara? Really?" and I'll sometimes come to realise that mind-me is correct, I don't actually need it, and I'm being a crazy hoarding lady. Just because I'm down to eight bras now doesn't mean I need to get more . And none of the fabric on my shelf is getting lonely, not with the 100+ other metres of fabric keeping it company.

So I'm calling it NOvember, because that's a bit more catchy that what it actually is - "really, Sara? Reallyvember." That's what I'm gunna try to ask myself for 30 days. In the most condescending type of mind voice I can muster.

I don't know how well it will work. I'm not putting any rules with it, I'm just going to force myself to come up with a better justification than cause it's nice/pretty/useful/I want it as a reason for actually spending money on it.

Christmas shopping season is coming up too. Need to start giving that some thought. Mum and Casey are pretty much sorted, but I can't say what cause Mum snoops around here sometimes. Hi Mum!

*We spent about $50 on fairly floss at the show, and 3/4 of it is already et. We have one of those pissy little table top ones, but there's 50cm industrial ones on ebay for around the $400 mark. Mum and Dad like the idea of going to the local small shows around the place, Casey and I like the idea of taking it to a BnS ball.

**Dad has this old Datsun ute that he's chopping into little bits and welding back together so that it's very, very low, 75% blind spot and bound to get him arrested at some point, so it's been decided that we really need to all have some spare bail money at hand ready for when it's finished.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Warning: Intense bum discussions ahead.

And my grand total of today's achievements:

4 wheat bags. There would have been 6 but I had to chop two little ones up for their wheat to make the beige square one. It's organic wheat too.

The idea was actually so I'd have something to keep my sore bumbone warm while I'm sewing. I bought the only wheat that Woolies had (macro organic raw buckwheat) though the internet told me when I got home that I could have just nicked Mum's rice, but sometimes the internet can't be trusted. The stripey one uses two of the little bits cut out of the sides of the fabric for the bags, and I just zigzagged the outside because it's still two interfaced layers thick. And yes, I test microwaved before starting. But it gave me hot buttcheeks instead of a comforting warmth in my achey crack so I decided to do an even narrower one. It's good, should you be looking for something to soothe your fierce bumbone ache, but it gets cold quickly.

Still, I was sitting neatly on it, feeling good, so I decided the thing to do was chop up one of the five pairs of white RM Williams jeans I've bought on ebay over the last 3 weeks (in search of some nice leather tags to put on bags like Meagan's) These wheatbags started at 15cm wide, cause that's how wide my ruler is and I was feeling too lazy to work out anything bigger, and they feel like, well, a comfy old pair of jeans.

I think I may use the other leg to make some lovely stubby holders, since I'll spend most of my time stroking these instead of using them.

Monday, October 24, 2011

And again...

The nice thing about corduroy is that it's cotton, so you can interface it and make it into a bag.

The nice thing about this particular corduroy is that it's really, really pretty.

Problem is, I'm struggling to find a fabric for a lining or a nice ribbon for some straps, but when I do it will be my new pretty bag.

This is some kind of furnishing fabric that is also 100% cotton, but it has the unusual distinction of looking completely, completely different in photos. None of the colours look like that. It's actually quite nice, as a potential bag, though I imagine if you used it for curtains or to cover a couch or something it would look horrible. And in real life too, not just in photos. It's a bit, um, gaudy. Still, cute summer bag, for the beach.

I'm so ready for Summer. These sorta-nice spring days we've been having have been like a nasty, nasty tease before we get into the good stuff. I know people hate it, but I am so ready for 35 degree days, going down the river, doing stuff all and not feeling a need to justify it cause, hey, it's the middle of summer and laying down under the trampoline for 6 hours is kinda the done thing.

I guess what I'm dancing around saying is that today I didn't really get anything* done and I feel bad about it.

*I got my harddrives sorted though, and that took about 5 hours. Most of the rest was sitting on the couch eating fairy floss.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

In my honest opinion

There should be a sign at the show, something along the lines of "If your bruised coccyx is finally starting to heal, don't go on the rides. You'll be hurting as much tomorrow as you did Sunday last week"

I'm just saying, a bit of warning would have been nice.

In sewing news, today I sewed a total of 24 metres. I know this because I sewed the zippers to 6 bags, and they're each 50cm long and are sewn 4 times a side. And for the record, setting zippers is not hard, but it is mind numbingly boring.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Going nowhere fast...

Tonight, I cut 18 pieces of fabric 46x60cm, and interfaced them together into nine big double sided bits.

That might make it sound like tonight was another night of procrastination, but that took me two and a half hours. The ironing and the measuring and the cutting and the ironing and the measuring and the cutting and the ironing. I didn't even take anything to watch, cause I was doing it out in the kitchen while my new harddrive talks to my old harddrive and they get cross when you want to watch TV at the same time.

I guess the moral of the story is that attempts at mass* production usually leave you feeling a bit crap. All that work for a nice neat pile of really big rectangles. Whoopteyfreakingdoodah.

I've tried to pick some boy fabrics, or at least some gender neutral ones. There's a Riley Blake that I seem to recall getting last time I was in Adelaide, something with cute animals that I think came in a mixed remnants bundle from, a Kaufman and a variety of Spotlight stuff.

Tomorrow I need to cut out the little bits on the sides and take the offcuts, which suddenly becomes a set of handy colour cards, into town and find some ribbons to match to be the handles.

And now I'm off to bed, to fall asleep to the dulcet tones of 3 little hardrives whirring furiously. I think they'll be at it for a while.

*the m key on my computer doesn't work sometimes, and it's a good thing I re-read all my posts before hitting publish, because otherwise you would have all been thinking I spent the night producing ass.

Friday, October 21, 2011


I think everyone should be very proud of me. Not because this is my 550th post, or because I got an epic amount of sewing done tonight (full disclosure - I didn't get any sewing done tonight. I rearranged some piles though, and was full of high hopes, and then I needed to go to the loo, and then I couldn't be bothered any more.)

No, you should all be proud of me because, after finding a whole heap of bargains on the American Kmart website, I closed out of my cart without actually buying any of them. Just because it all looked really awesome and all cost $2.99, doesn't mean I should go through the hassle and expense of trying to do a tricky, potentially-multipley-packaged and therefore probably-ending-up-way-more-expensive-than-expected order from the US.

Tomorrow though, to make myself feel better, I'm going to go spend a slightly silly amount of money in town. I need new singlets. Lots of them. And then I'm going to go to Helen's and watch the end of the Hungarian movie we watched the start of last week. And then, maybe, just maybe, I might do some sewing.

My three day weekend is here. And I'm still slightly optimistic as to my chances of not completely wasting all of it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Things I need to stop doing if I ever want to get sewing done #128

Watching stuff on youtube in the toilet.

Things I need to stop doing if I ever want to get sewing done #129

Playing Bejewelled on my phone. In the toilet.

Things I need to stop doing if I ever want to get sewing done #130

Playing tunes by tapping different spots on my belly*.

So, um, as you may or may not have realised, I didn't really get any sewing done tonight. Thankfully though, what with my internet dying last night and all, I've sorta got a leftover post I can give y'all.

Have you ever wondered how to make my sisters happy? And simulataneously hate one another? It's simple. Go on ebay and search for some Alexander Henry fabric called "Wranglers"

And then buy two yards, which, due to an unexpectedly large scaling, means you're gunna be using it for one quilt back instead of for 8 cushions. That photo by the way is very nearly the folded width of the fabric. And I just don't think shirtless cowboys are quite as appealing when they're all chopped up.

For my shirted cowboy fix, the new RB Sellars catalogue arrived in the mail today. I don't know where they get such good looking guys, because google maps doesn't know either, but I would like to go there. In the meantime I will have to settle for getting myself some of these, and thanking the gods that my tush fits into kids clothes, because they're always waaaay waaaay cuter.

The great thing about fabric though, is that it's one size fits all, and also 7 yards fits into a flat rate envelope, so along with Casey's dream fabric (Becky has decided she is a quilter now too, so she has to source her own fabric. As a real quilter, real quilters rules apply, ie. I can attack her with a flamethrower if she tries to get near my stash) this pile of deliciousness has been added to my groaning shelves.

One yard cuts that I only bought because I had an envelope to fill. Don't judge, I know you all do it too.

*Yeah, I was in the toilet when I was doing this too. What of it?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The stupid internet is refusing to work (it did at least first download me the new episode of castle) and because I'm on the cusp of phone service here on my bed, I should be fine to upload this text but not the pretty pictures I took. Which is a shame, because one of them featured half naked cowboys. Maybe tomorrow...

Monday, October 17, 2011


Okay, so I know I said we should never speak of it again but it's been on my mind. Saturday night was the first time I've drunk so much I couldn't remember what happened. And I spent most of yesterday feeling guilty about it, and also quite sick. Today however, I'm annoyed at myself. I know I have what is basically very early onset amnesia, seeing as how I can't really remember very much of anything*, ever, even when stone cold sober, but I can usually at the very least remember snippets. But from the sounds of things, I had a wow of a time, up to and including falling off the stage, and instead of warm, fuzzy, slightly guilty memories, all I have is a bruised coccyx. And a faint disgust for whoever decided that that word should be spelled that way. It's the bum bone, in case you were wondering.

I'm just a bit bummed (no pun intended) that I was having all this fun and I missed it.

*except song lyrics and credit card details. Some theories as to why include my lack of a sense of smell (the sense with the closest link to memory), the fact that I live too in the moment to worry about the past and the remote possibility that we do in fact live in the matrix and my brain refuses to accept it. But probably not the last one.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The evening after the night before.

And so, in summation, I drank too much.

And we shall never speak of this again.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good stuff, cheap stuff and a short(ish) rant...

And now, in the interests of honesty, it's time for Favourite Things 4am Saturday morning. Not quite as catchy, but factual accuracy has always been a favourite thing, no matter the time or day.

I'm picking the salvos. Specifically, the one in the Mount, the one that's next to the back door of the OK Pie shop* - the one in Grantville Court isn't as good.

When I last went there I got a Bonds hoodie (six sizes too big, but six times more comfy) and two pairs of jeans (RM Williams and Just Jeans skinnies) for $16. And even though a lot of people say to me "oh, well of course you can find things in your size," obviously there's also some nice size 16 jumpers about, or, there were, but I bought them.

There were a couple of other girls my size there too, and, as usual, I got irrationally cross at the idea that they might get a hold of something I wanted for me. But then, I saw what they were looking at, and got rationally cross at them. See, they were buying an outfit for an "op-shop party" which for some inexplicable reason translates in their mind as "find the most horrible disgusting thing we wouldn't normally be seen dead in and buy that. It'll be a right old laugh"

This attitude makes me really cross. Probably half my wardrobe comes from the Salvos. It's cheap, it's better for the environment and it helps charity. But when they think op-shop, they think something shapeless in brown velour. They don't think $200 worth of clothes for $16. They're missing out.

Actually on second thought, maybe we should be encouraging this kind of stupid ignorance on the part of my contemporaries. It means more good stuff for me.

*Mini Sausage rolls, also a favourite thing.

Friday, October 14, 2011

I am very easily distracted.

Case in point 1 - Today, I went to Spotlight to get some ribbon. I got 3 types, and, well, some other stuff too.

Case in point 2 - Tonight, I was gunna come home and start sewing, but I got on the internet for a bit. For about an hour.

Case in point 3 - There's new episodes of Psych and QI on the internet tonight. But I accidentally watched 4 episodes of Angel instead.

Case in point 4 - I started writing this post two hours ago.

Case in point 5 - I switched to a new tab thinking I'd pressed publish. That was 20 minutes ago.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Be afraid... or at least slightly baffled...

So tonight I figured I may as well have a go at some alternative ribbon handle setting ideas.

There's coming up at a diagonal from the side seams, like I considered last night.

And there's making into a big loop and sewing it right around the bottom.

After these were all finished I made an amazing bit of scaffolding out of some coathangers from which I could nicely photograph them.

I think dark magic may have been involved in making it work. I took it down in case it tried to attack me in the night.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I'll sleep when I'm... finished sewing. Maybe.

Tonight, instead of lying awake in bed unable to sleep, doing nothing, I figured I wouldn't bother trying to go bed early and stop those four hours being wasted. I had the fat quarters I got on the cheap yesterday (I went with the blue one because it didn't quite fit with the others) something similar, old and cheap that I've had for years to use as a lining and, after about 45 minutes of searching, some zipper and ribbon for the handles.

I put the coke bottle into the picture to give you some idea of the scale.
I hadn't really considered before how big of a bag I could get from a fat quarter. By no means is this a big bag... It's the same height (12cm) as a coke can. But it's over 30cm long and about 15 cm wide, which makes it fit, pretty much exactly, a pair of sneakers, yoga pants, a t-shirt, light jumper and a microfibre towel (if you go to a gym and don't have one of these, go onto the internet and find one. It's a full size towel, that scrunched down would probably fit in that coke can)

I wanted to try an even lazier way of doing the handles so these are ones that go parallel with the zipper, instead of attaching vertically on the large sides.

It's not quite as natural-feeling to hold, but I think next time I might compromise and sew the ribbon into the seams on the big sides instead, and have them come up at a diagonal. It's certainly easier than cutting and resewing a whole new seam just to piece the straps in.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pretty Bargains

I went and bought more velcro today. And got a bit distracted by these.

$6 for 8 fat quarters. I bought all three pink packs they had - sadly, the blue ones were still $25 for some inexplicable (and annoying) reason.

Tonight when I got home, Mum had found the velcro under the table. I expected this, which is why I bought black velcro, which I didn't already have.

Monday, October 10, 2011

This is a post about nothing much, really.

Well I've been back at work for two days now. I think I'd like to go on holidays again. I was just getting in the swing of starting to sew in the late afternoon, instead of waiting till midnight and only getting a couple of hours in before stopping for the night. Also, this whole "having to be up at a certain time" think isn't something I'm cool with.

But it was lovely to see everyone again, and it was good to be coming in at a time without any managers being present at all, because I don't really like a lot of them. And now I'm going to try going to bed at a reasonable hour. It won't work, I'll just lie awake and waste the next few hours, but that's to be expected. And tomorrow I will buy some more velcro, because I still can't find mine. It's annoying - that was the expensive stuff.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The important stuff.

In the words of Holly Williams, "I wish I was a fine wine, I wish I were a good drug, and hey if I were Jesus, maybe I could heal all of us..."

But is it my job to fix people's problems? I fell horrible at the idea of leaving them to flounder when I can maybe make them feel better but sometimes I feel like telling them to suck it up and get on with their lives, and that wallowing in their misery isn't gunna help them get past it. Maybe I should. Maybe it would help.

All I know is this: I start work in 8 hours. The one lonely beer that I had tonight wasn't enough. My skinny jeans are cutting off the circulation to my feet. There is no magical key to happiness, but I think that being a happy person has something to do with it (maybe). My parents come home tomorrow. If there was a Nobel prize for things that end my day on a high note, it should be awarded to whoever invented the electric blanket. If you buy a dozen chocolate bars at half price, and half of them get eaten by your sisters because they figure you had heaps to spare, it's not really a saving. You can't consider yourself responsible for anyone's happiness but your own. Wool is naturally flame retardant but not known for it's absorbancy. Purple and orange are very in this season. I write this blog mainly for me, but it's really really lovely that so many of you come along for the ride. You can't really know love for someone else till you have learned to love yourself. Maccas always tastes better at 3am. My toy lamb needs a wash. You've gotta make the wrong choices to learn how to make the right ones. I should make a detachable strap for my new phone case-wallet (it's purple and orange). If I could be anybody, I'd be me, but if I had to be someone else, I'd be Zooey Deschanel. You can't un-say something - once it's out there it's out there. The square root of 225 is 15. Thirty days have September, April June and November. Secrets are meant to be just that - secret. But sometimes they aren't, and most of them aren't eventually. There's a mini stash of fabric in one of my cupboards that I totally forgot about. I envy the people who have the luxury to take a side and stick to it - it's tough in the middle. Sometimes I think about the fact that there's a set of primary light colours and a set of primary solid colours and that they're different and it blows my mind a little bit - especially the fact that both the colour wheel and the spectrum are essentially the same, but they start from different things. The only even prime number is two.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wherefore art thou, velcro?

Tonight, I couldn't find my velcro. So I sat on the couch and ate chocolate instead of sewing. It's what the velcro would have wanted.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Blabbing, TV and Stubby holders.

I may be experiencing what feels to be the end of Thursday, but it's been Friday here in South Australia for four and a half whole hours now and I just ate a bowl of nutri-grain and that's a breakfast thing so I think I may as well do my fave things Friday now.

First up, some random good things.

Parents are on holiday, so to save on dirty dishes it's time to start drinking milk out of the carton. This makes me way happier than it should.

Improvisational scrap piecing. Probably not gunna be able to do it again anytime soon, since I'm not big on the scraps. Actually, this was pretty much all I could find.

30cm square, leftover bits from making the back of the Autumn Nutmeg quilt

Today, Spike got killed on Hawaii Five-0. That's not good, because they needed him to tell them about the Asian guy that the Aussie guy's dad may or may not have been having bad-guy collaborations with, but the point is I quite enjoy referring to characters on shows by the name of the character I most know them as. I'm sure James Marsters' character has a different name on this show, but I can't be bothered learning it. Also, I really just like James Marsters in general.

A long time ago, long before Team Edward and Team Jacob, us Buffy nerds were all in love with either Spike or Angel. I was only 15 at the time, so it was the dramatic, never-can-be love of Angel that I was sappy over, but now that I'm older, I must admit, I would like to have a house fall down around us while I did the dirty with Spike. It makes me sad that I've only just started re-watching season 2, and I have 4 more seasons to watch before I get to that storyline. Nonetheless, the fact that that storyline exists makes me happy. Aww hell, the whole show makes me happy. Except, you know, when someone dies. Then I bawl like a small child.

Anyway, back to good stuff. Strawberry and Lime cider. But it's a bit expensive. I also like the Smirnoff goon sacks, and they're much more alcohol-bang for your buck. But the nozzle looks like it may be a difficult one do inflate after I've gotten around to drinking it all.

Being massively bogan. And a massive geeky fangirl. All at the same time.
Having the coolest stubby holders around. And a tutorial to share too!

Stubby Holders: You will need (measurements are in cm, a rough conversion should work fine)

10cmx 24cm rectangle of insul-bright (the stuff that goes in quilted oven mitts)

9cm long piece of soft and flexible velcro (you can use the regular stuff, but this is way better)

30cmx12cm piece of pieced fabric (or whatever print you want on the outside) and 30cmx12cm of inside fabric, sewn together to make one long piece. Or a 60cmx12cm strip of fabric.

Lay the insulbrite on the wrong side of the inside fabric, with a centimetre or so overlapping onto the outside fabric.

If your insulbrite has one side that looks plusher than the other, put the plush side up.

Flip it over, holding the insulbrite in place, and sew the scratchy side of the velcro over the seam, about 5mm from the edge of the insulbrite.

The stitches can't be seen very well, but there's about half a centimetre on the three edge sides

Trim the overhanging end edge to 3cm.

Fold the outside down over the insulbrite, get the inside fabric out of the way and trim the outside fabric to 1cm beyond the end of the insulbrite.

Flip the outside fabric back over the insulbrite, leaving a couple of millimetres of overhang in your fold, so the insulbrite doesn't bunch at the end when you turn it right way out.

At the other end, fold your outside fabric back at about a centimetre from the end of the insulbrite.

Fold the inside fabric over the top of that, with the fold extending a few millimetres past the end of the insulbrite as before.

Sew down the sides. It doesn't matter if any insulbrite gets caught, it will just mean a slightly bulkier bit. Make sure to backtrack at either end or else it will come loose.

Turn right way out. The opening should end in a little pillowtuck type end.

Sew the soft side of the velcro over this to close it.

Quilt however you like. Vertical stripes make it curve easier. Sew a box roughly around where the velcro is at the other end. I also did random lines and an edge stitch.

This is designed to fit 375ml cans and standard stubbies. If you drink from different sized bottles, cut your insulbrite to the circumfrence of the bottle +3cm for overlapping velcro.

If you want your drinks to remain extra insulated, use two layers of insulbrite. Cut each to 23 cm and skew them to make a 25cm piece - it needs the extra length because it's thicker. If you can get hold of wetsuit material, that's really good too.

These really aren't that different to the coffee insulators that I've seen about a bit, only straight. And with the velcro helping you cheat your way out of tricky turning gaps needing sewing up.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chop chop.

So after not really achieving much all day, midnight hit and I felt the urge to sew. Two and a half hours later, I had a quilt top.

And now, an hour after that, I have some bits.


And I can't be bothered putting them back together tonight.

*Don't worry about the missing corner, I have spare fabric. Actually, the main reason I can't be bothered finishing is that I need to cut those two squares.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stubby Holders

Today I happened to empty the tub that had some insulbright in it. So I stopped emptying tubs and started making stubby holders instead.

I cut the edges really really wide when I was doing the offset quilt especially so I could make a stubby holder.

The ones on the left match my handbag. The one on the right... Can you think of a better fabric to make a stubby holder out of?
It still kinda blows my mind that people overseas don't have stubby holders. They must just have cold hands and warm drinks. Poor buggers - I'm gunna write up a tutorial for them. It's ridiculously easy.

After I got bored with making stubby holders I started on a quilt. It's just big squares of pretty fabrics but I had a fabric selection breakdown halfway through cutting. I'm okay with it now, and it's all neatly laid out in pairs ready to sew tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What I did today

What I did today:

If you click on it it should zoom to full size and you can play the "what fabric is that?" game. This is 3 of 8 tubs.
What I've decided to repost after a good three four hours of random internet trawling, that I did instead of getting a 4th tub:

If you are feeling bored or glum, I got them from this website. If you could magic into my brain the knowledge of where I've put my copy of Hunter S Thompson's Kingdom of Fear, I'd really appreciate it, cause I can't find it and I want to read it like, right right now, and I can't find it on the internet. If you want to share the song that's stuck in my head at the moment, here it is on youtube.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Today was dedicated to geocaching. Well, I say today, but daylight savings is messing with me and it ended up being late this afternoon was dedicated to geocaching.

So I got up about 1.30 and we headed off about 3. Jolly good thing it was light until well after 6 or we would never have had time to find all eight caches we went looking for. That's right... 100% success rate. We had planned to geocache our way up to Kingston to see some friends but they went away for the weekend, so we did some of the more local ones. And because we weren't going too far or away half the night, Maddy came with Case and Jess and I.

We did the one behind the western entrance, the one at Buck's hill, the one on Pannells road (there was a geocoin in it, but we didn't have one to trade it out) the one at the Pt Mac lookout, the one under the watertank, the one at Racecourse Bay, the one at Ewens Ponds and the one at Caveton.

We stopped at Pt Mac for chips and I finally got around to taking the quilt photos.

Tonight when Case was about to go to bed she chanced to look under her bed, and found this.

A little paper geocache. Containing:

A log and a (paper) geocoin.

We wrote on the log and put into it all the things we've taken out of caches so far, so that she'll have them if she checks it.

I guess they're right, and despite my doubts due to her dislike of mint* Maddy is really my sister.

*Mint is obviously the bestest flavour in existence. How can someone with the same genetic sequence as me not like mint? Were it not for the fact that she's, you know, exactly like me in pretty much every other respect, I'd seriously think she was switched at birth. She's eight.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


I remembered. I nearly didn't but I did at the last minute.

And in other good news, her tablet fit into it's little case pretty much perfectly. Winner!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yay, random...

Can I do my new phone as my favourite thing two weeks in a row? Probably not. Also, it's taking its sweet arse time sending these photos to itself, and that's annoying.

So, random stuff it is.

I'm quite liking this new Charlie's Angels, even if other peeps are dissing it. The three girls look like they are having fun, and I tend to be an immediate fan of anything where the actors appear to be enjoying themselves. Also, it airs in the US on a Thursday, which is great for me, because I don't work Fridays and it gives me something to watch in the afternoon.

I'm enjoying re-watching Angel from the start with Casey. It's a big undertaking, about 75 hours all up. I'd kinda forgotten about the earlier episodes, tending to just re-watch the latter ones. But it's cool, like being 17 again. Only with the spoiler alerts embedded in my brain.

I really like geocaching. If the weather clears for an hour or so tomorrow I'm gunna take Maddy to find one. Again, any of you with Android, go get the app, and while away an afternoon.

I like making up stuff. Having a good solid think about it and then just hoping that my thinking won't let me down. Sometimes it does, but today (well, last night was when I did the thinking and most of the measuring) it all came together okay. Except I made a little booboo and the time it took to unpick it meant I missed getting to the post office by 5 minutes. Now I'll have to wait till Monday to find out what I get when I hand over my two blue cards.

I figure I can show these, since it's an unplanned, receiver-informed auxiliary present. And my phone has finally sent them through.

Perfect present to bring to a horror party. The zipper should square out once it's got a tablet in it, assuming of course that the tablet fits. I've no idea, since I guessed what tablet it actually was (well, Toshiba appear to have only released one, so I should be okay) and downloaded the specs from the internet.

This is kindof like trick photography - that's my 7" CE tablet in there. It's almost the right width, but you can't push it in further than the zips go down the side.
I don't really like using other people's plans, except as inspiration. This, technically, is a box pouch. Except, well, not really any more. So for that matter are my gym bags, the morning after the night before/geocaching bag (it got reappropriated) and Kelsey's backpack. Go look at it, it's a very versatile design. I like it.

I like going in to work and telling everyone how much I miss them. Cause I'm a massive loser like that.

I like mentally dissing people's cars. I don't do it to their face, obviously, but some people, I think about the cars they have and I just can't help thinking up insults. Sometimes I'm not a nice person. And am I a worse person for enjoying not being a nice person, or a better person for admitting it and being true to myself?

I like the idea of headbands, even though they give me a nasty headache when I do actually wear them.

I like tissues. Can you imagine how nasty it would have been before tissues. All that fabric, covered in snot. Terrible.

I like vliesofix. The 30cm wide stuff is on clearance at spotlight for $2 a metre, so I got 15. It's useful stuff.

I like buying pink trackies ($8 at Dimmeys) just to make a friend jealous. I'll probably only ever wear them once, just to annoy her. I like a dark bottom to an ensemble.

I like 3.30am.