Thursday, January 13, 2011


Harrow BnS has been canceled due to the weather, leaving me seriously bummed. I've been looking forward to it for probably a month now, but there's not much I can do. Apparently instead we'll be doing something for Casey's 21st, probably here, but who knows.

Our group of friends are pretty famous for randomly deciding to do or more often not do stuff, and it tends to snowball; if so-and-so isnt coming, then other people wont come, so other people wont come, etc etc, till noone's there, and the person trying to organise it (usually Casey) ends up all cross.

Bogans: turns out they're terribly fickle.

But anyway, if I'm gunna be home this weekend then I'll have time take part in the flood fundraising after all.

I'm almost finished quilting this quilt:

Which hopefully will photograph a bit nicer in the sunshine, if we get any, so I might put this one up if I get it done in time. I have a lot of brighter quilts but they're smaller: if you have a favourite let me know and I'll consider that one instead.

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  1. How disappointing that they cancelled the B and S Ball. That's kind of sucky.

    Hopefully you'll have fun at your alternative gig.

    Good luck on finishing the quilt. Ive been sick this week so not much going on here .