Friday, January 21, 2011

Favourite Things.

Today I have lots of favourite things.

The first is to be driving home from work and have lots of cars coming the other way, because it means the speedway (across the road from my house) has finished for the night and I will be able to hear my television.

The second is socks and jocks. So terribly underrated, but a day with a bad pair of either is a day ruined.

The third is the fact that all the TV shows in America are coming back form their midseason breaks right about now. In the next week I have new episodes of White Collar, Big Bang Theory, Castle and Bones.

The fourth is cheese. Mainland Vintage is my block of choice. Om nom nom.

The fifth is the fact that I have the weekend off. And nothing planned.

The sixth and final is something that I don't have right now. I am missing the stylus for my touchscreen laptop like you wouldn't believe. About this time last year I found myself suddenly single and I think this is worse. A replacement is on it's way but it's taking too long. I don't understand how people use computers with only a mouse or a touchpad. Everything seems too hard so I give up.

I also like stuff on other days of the week.


  1. I too am looking forward to all the new episodes of the good shows - especially Grey's Anatomy !!

  2. Agreed on the new shows .. I get tired of repeats. All your other favs are great too! I like the traffic one -- my problem is living near the airport and we have to have the windows closed and the TV up! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I'm especially looking forward to the Big Bang Theory, I love that show.
    Happy Birthday, Sara.

  4. Nothing better than a couple of days off work !

    Completely agree on the jocks thing. I rarely wear socks, although when I lived where you lived I often used to wear double pairs in winter as well as leggings under my jeans.

    I love Castle and Bones (They're two shows I DO watch )

    Cracker Barrel is my fave cheese.

    Dont have a touch screen but you and I are going to have to talk tablets at some point because Im feeling the urge to buy one ...

    Lots of favourites today Sara. Enjoyed the randomness of this post as always.