Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 Resolutions.

Tonight I figured out my new years resolution. A little bit late, I'll admit, but oh well. Last year I went with "drinking cranberry juice even when I can wee" and it probably lasted about 4 months, which I deemed a success. I figured I couldn't do "eat less fast food" since I had KFC for tea, and "buy less fabric" just doesn't feel right. "Blog more often" is a bit of a silly one for me - "blog less" might be a better one. I've settled on two resolutions.

Resolution 1 - Try to keep my phone charged. I would say that currently at least two days a week my phone is flat. I've bought 2 spare batteries but they're taking their sweet arse time getting here. It's on the charger now, so, yay, progress.

Resolution 2 - Check my junk folder more. I never used to bother, but hotmail keeps thinking that you guys commenting is spam, so I've been going there more. From now on, any time I see there's anything in there, I will see what it is, and either delete it or move it to the right place.

So there you go. Resolutions. But lazy ones.


  1. Extremely sensible resolutions and ones that should be easy to keep. I say "should ", because resolutions no matter what they are , often seem very hard to keep!

    Cant you change your email settings so hotmail recognises anything from blogger is not in fact junk...(I dont know if thats possible because I am not a computer wizard but I can do it with my outlook mail program )

    Happy New Year Sara.

  2. Years ago I made a News Years resolution that I have still kept to this day. My resolution was to never make another New Years resolution. And its Still going strong.
    However on new years eve I made a promise to myself that I would start eating to be healthy, so far so good.