Saturday, January 29, 2011

Isn't it nice, when things just work?

Good news, sports fans! The swag quilt is a go!

I wonder sometimes if I'm the only person who does their quilt designs in Paint? I know there's many, many better, cleverer, more specialist programs available, But I really really like it. It's like colouring in on graph paper, but you can easily change the colours, till everything's in the right spot.

Of course, I'm not doing it in solids. I'm using a variety of printed drills from Spotlight, bought a week or so ago with the shared spend-$100-save-$40 coupon.

Though I did have to go back today for another 20cm of third-from-the-right, because that's the white squares in the middle, and I needed one more strip from which to cut my three 11.5x21.5cm edge half-squares.

The black lines all over it are my assembly points, and I admit, it's probably only understandable to me. But that's okay, I'm making it.

Every square is a finished 10cm, making the total size 110x180cm, which, although it's an odd size, is exactly the size I need, and handily means I can just use some standard width fabric for the backing without needing to piece it any extra. The fabrics are all cut, except the blue which is the binding and the last 20cm, which is still in the machine, but I'm hoping to make a nice big dent in the piecing tomorrow once that's dried and ironed. It's all in bags of rows 1-5 (the thick lines) and the mid-thickness lines show me the various sized cuts of fabric from within them - it'll just be like a big jigsaw puzzle.

This will also be quilt #40. Obviously, as mentioned the other day, not all 40 have been finished, but it will officially be quilt top #40, and for about 8 months of quilting, that seems pretty good.

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  1. 40 quilts for 8 months of quilting is a massive effort. It'd take me about 4 years to get that many done. Where do you find the time?

    Good Luck with the swag quilt. Cant wait to see it.