Sunday, January 9, 2011


I was making quite good progress. Sure, I stupidly decided that since I was using the Mingle fabric again (this time in the Newsprint colourway), maybe I should add just a little bit of wonk, like I used on the last one, and because it was quite a sudden decision (aren't all of mine? maybe it's something I need to work on) none of you had the chance to remind me that it was a terrible idea. Last time the big problem was matching the points, but I came up with a design that completely avoided wonky points, so this time, it's instead been the changing sizes of the blocks as I sew diagonals. I had to trim, which is something I really hate doing, because there's such a stupid huge amount of waste, both of fabric* and time. 

It will be almost a wonky version of the big block disappearing nine patch, but without the nine patch, or the disappearance. So that makes no sense, until you see it. Which unfortunately wont be till tomorrow, because I'm also watching Time Team as I sew, and someone mentioned a nice warm bed. So now I'm sleepy, and even though there's only an hour or so of work to go, I'm bowing out. My electric blanket is calling me.

*tonight's trimming - 1700 square centimetres, which is a bit bigger than a square 40cm each side - nearly a fat quarter of it's own)


  1. Sara you make it so hard for yourself dont you. I went Spotlighting yesterday and got some toweling to make Esther some bibs, a couple of designs later, the Mark 2 Bib is lovely, liking it so much I sat up all night and made about 10, (of course its really all about the pretty fabric) Im off to spotlight again this morning to get some more toweling because they were so lovely I decided to make some for the market, I know everyone will have bibs but I think if I sell them for $5 which is bloody cheap, they will go like hot cakes, so should be a quick money spinner for not as much work as all the other projects I still havnt started yet.

  2. Im looking forward to seeing what you do with this Mingle because as you know I have a stack of it sitting here...which is of course all your fault.