Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to meeeee....

Today for my birthday, I got a swag. It's only a mini swag, but then, I'm kinda miniature and my car is officially classed as a "supermini" so I doubt anything bigger would fit. But I doesn't have any blankets in it, so, naturally, I need to make it a quilt. But even a mini swag measures about 1m by 2m, which is quite an awkward shape. I was thinking about adapting the Two Tyred/Awesome quilts into something long and skinny because they have a lovely 25cm square block, but instead I accidentally ended up writing out the proper pattern, in imperial measurements no less. I'll buy some fabric tomorrow so I can do the photos that go with it, and hopefully it'll be up tomorrow night.

In the meantime, I haven't gotten any further with the swag quilt. I'm actually considering doing it in drill, since there are some really lovely ones at Spotlight at the moment, and I think it would be nice to have it be a tough, outdoor quilt. It'd probably end up matching my handbag, which could be interesting. Also the outside of the swag is blue, so some pretty colour is totally in order.

Actually, I'm a bit baffled by the design. There's a foam mattress built into the canvas, but the way it fastens into a roll means that when you unroll it the mattress is at the top, with any blankets you've put in underneath it. Which seems super daft, but I think I can probably invert it by removing the in-built strap and giving it some of my own. Probably hot pink ones. Note to self, go to Cheap as Chips tomorrow, that's where I got Casey's from.

As for my birthday, I didn't really do much. Had a bit to drink in the wee small hours since everyone came home from the speedway and stayed over, and then this morning I woke up at NINE AM to a strange boy in my bed; actually it was just Gordon, and he's not really that strange. Circumstances were though - he's exactly like my Dad of 30 years ago and he has a girlfriend, who got cross at him and went home. Naturally nothing happened, except sleep and a small snoring competition, but the important thing is that on my birthday, I got up at nine am. Me, who never, even on a workday, wakes up before 10, was up and out at 9. NINE!

I got Bob's quilt bound (finally), half did the binding on the other one from a couple of weeks ago and got bored. Mum and Dad got me some cream with a small amount of cake in it, and sung a song at me, then tried to shaft me one of my "hip hip hoorays." Three is traditional, I want three, so I refused to blow out my candles till I got it.

Helen, Bob and Esther came out for a bit and we ate an apple, and some cheese. I got a replacement cat, but this one is for sticking pins into. The fabric is prettier than Honeycat's fur was.

Maddy decided she wanted to make me a quilt out of icing that I could have put on my cake, so we did that for a bit. I highly recommend cotton buds for painting icing with food colouring, since they don't soak as much in as a brush does.

3 hours ago I started to do some math for a new quilt, and tomorrow you get to read my first ever (old) quilt pattern.

Happy Birthday.

PS, Thanks to everyone who said happy birthday. It's nice that people I've never met wanted to wish me one.

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