Friday, January 28, 2011

Never again (until next time)

Today, while we were waiting for some photos to be developed, Casey and I went wallet shopping. Strangely, she was the one who needed a wallet, but I was the one who bought one. Not a particularly nice one, but one I thought I might be able to copy.

I was wrong.

I should get a proper pattern and have a go with that, instead of just trying to make it up, but that's not really how I roll.

Anyway, having failed I decided to make myself some pouches. My first one was a bit crap but I got into the swing of it and my last one is seriously super nice. Except I used white thread instead of brown, but it's hardly my fault the bobbin shelf failed me, and there wasn't much point in only changing my top thread.

I really need to make a start on my swag quilt, since it's 3 weeks till Lake Charlegrath when I'll be needing to use it. The good pouch had some cute runching though and that's making me want to have a go at doing a quilt with a bit of dimension to it. Is this a terrible idea? Do I need warning off of it?

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  1. Bloody Blogger ate my original comment...

    I think dimension on a quilt sounds like a challenge . P at The Way I sew It has just done a Chinese Lantern Quilt that had seed pods as #D effects and it looked wonderful.

    Are you thinking ruching because I think that would look could quilt in straight lines between the ruching - it'd look quite eye catching.