Tuesday, January 4, 2011

There are so many better things I could do with my time, but...

Even though it leaves a lot to be desired as a drawing program, I love playing around in flash.
It uses something called vectors, which is a way the computer cleverly works out what you meant to do from what you did. In high school we jokingly referred to it as a make it good button, and I'm in love with the results. I was trying to do some cute versions of drinks to add to my Lower South East Ladettes collection, but then I got distracted by the urge to draw monsters. I'm still particularly proud of my little cocktail with an umbrella in the middle. That's really cute, but not something any of us really drink. Bundy Red is our "official" drink (even though Casey prefers Stones, I like Cruisers and Becky will drink anything) but my tiny version of the bear on the label is rubbish, so these at least will remain silly, self indulgent, I-didn't-get-enough-photos-from-Helen-to-do-what-I-was-gunna-do-tonight procrastinations.

Also, I appear to have forgotten to put tyres on my little ute's hubcaps. Whoops. That will completely spoil the ride. Good thing I'm taking the Swift.

I think the reason I'm distracting myself is that I'm feeling an urge to get sewing all afternoon, but I'm stuck working. Real life sucks. I have three more days of 8 hour late shifts before I can get stuck into something, though I'm not sure what. Hopefully work should start to ease off now that the public holidays are over, and I wont be so desperate to just bum once I get home, and I'll start sewing after work again. 

And maybe I'll run out of Time Team and lose that as an excuse to procrastinate. I've got about 7 complete ones left, and that's only a night or two's worth. Not that I have an actual project cued up, but I've got plenty of part-done ones to get cracking on.

And I want a cute case for my tablet. I'll make it a pretty outfit as thanks for playing all my Time Team, and leaving my laptop free for doodling and trawling the internets.


  1. That's one the draw backs to working afternoon shift I think. I'd much rather get to work and get it over and done with (Henceforth the reason I go to work early most days )

    Have fun doodling. When do you pick up the shirts?

  2. I'm a huge fan of sleeping in, hence my response to your question: when I get out of bed.
    (so, um, now I suppose)