Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Honeycat has gone walkies. I last saw her yesterday when we had a big ol' snuggle at about 3 before I went to work, and last night Casey said "Hello Pookie" to something* while I was in the loo having a read while I waited for Casey to get off my laptop and give me my bedroom back, but noone's seen her since.

And I know cats have a tendency to disappear and reappear, but Babycat went walkies and never came home, so I'll be over here, doing my worried thing.

Even though Terry Pratchett's The Unadulterated Cat is very funny and often scarily true,  contained therein is the knowledge that cats can travel through time, and that makes going out in the yard to find her a damn sight more difficult. The sound of a shaken box of food obviously travels, but through time? Even though I clearly have a Schrodinger cat, I don't think I have Schrodinger catfood.

*one of our friends has a cat called Pookie. I'm convinced Honeycat will end up with serious psychological issues from having two names, but they can't seem to help themselves.

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  1. I lost a cat for 8 days once. She was locked in the shed up the back of the house . I was in Darwin at the time. I kept telling the housesitter to check the shed!

    Honeycat will turn up. Keep shaking the box.