Friday, January 28, 2011

Baaargains. Love 'em.

Apparently, there are some people out there who don't like bargains. They worry that buying something cheap will make them look cheap, so they make a point of always paying full price for everything.

These people should be taken out the back and shot.

As far as I'm concerned, the existence of bargains means that every day can be a treasure hunt. They'd probably call it a scavenger hunt, but I've always thought that a scavenger hunt had to be planned and was usually to celebrate an event, whereas treasure is just there. What's more, with regards to scavenger hunts, I'm usually the one doing the planning. In the party of life, I'm on the committee. So the opportunity to go treasure hunting whenever I feel like it, with no planning necessary, is tops in my book. 

That's the double whammy of greatness that a bargain brings. Not only do you get what it is you're buying, but the joy of success and the envy of fellow bargain lovers.

Definitely my best bargain recently was a pair of brand new RM Williams jeans for $8 from the Salvos. I go there at least a couple of times a week and it's quite rare that I don't get something nice. These particular jeans have an RRP of about AU$170, making them 95.3% off. Baaaargain, but one of my best friends wants to kill me and steal them. She has baaargain envy, which can usually only be cured by her finding a suitably bargain baaargain, and then showing it off.

That said, I don't think the Salvos (or Lifeline, or whatever thrift/charity store you have in your area) are my favourite providers of baaargains. My favourite type of baaargain is the end of range baaargain, which comes in two varieties.

The that's so cheap I can't not get it baaargain. The other day I went to Spotlight and there was some jelly rolls, formerly $29.95 each, out for $5. Nothing wrong with them, they were just old stock. I got 4 for me and 2 for a friend, even though I don't know that either of us would use a jelly roll. This is how most of my stash has been born.

And there's the I was totally willing to pay full price baaargain, with the optional extra of well I'll get the whole roll then, thanks. I decided yesterday to have a go at making a wallet, and decided it would be excellent to try laminating the fabric first. Prepackaged iron-on vinyl was $33 for 2 yards, but they had a bit left on the roll at $17 a metre, so I decided to get about 20cm of that. When they scanned the barcode, the only thing in the computer was a non-quantityable $1, so I got over a metre for that price. I was willing to pay $3 for 20cm, so I'm totally willing to pay a third of that for five times as much, thanks.

Those bargains are the best, because they're so unexpected. I actively seek out bargains (I also got 25 big buttons for $6) but it's the ones that fall into your lap that are the sweetest. It's like the universe is rewarding you for being awesome.

Thanks, universe. I'll take two.


  1. Ditto and snap all rolled into one. I hear you!
    I love a good bargain also.
    Got heaps of malamine plates at Target on the weekend, they were RRP $4 each, reduced to $2.88 but they scanned at $1.65 so thats cheap enough for Bob to smash every one of them because even the ones from cheap as chips were costing me $2 each. Best buy of the month was also jeans for myself from the Salvos, not only were they my size but the previous owner had also taken the hem up so she was also my height, way to go lady, I love your work.

  2. "Those people should be taken out the back and shot." ROFLMAO! I couldn't agree more. Love baaargain shopping (I sound like a pirate when I say that)!

  3. Pronounce all your 'a's as 'u's and don't bother pronouncing the 'ai' at the end. Actually, don't bother with the 'r' either. So I suppose it's kinda pronounced 'buuuugn'

    If you really can't do the 'u's, an 'ah' sound is more city-Australian.

    "She's a bahgn mate..."

  4. Love the pronunciation lesson, you nailed it!
    I love a great bargain too, but for some reason all the op shops around here must think we are all loaded as there are very few bargains to be had.
    It is just fabulous when you go to buy something and find that it has been discounted even further, yay! I wish that happened more often.

  5. what a great post! I love bargains too and I totally kick myself when I stupidly pay full price for something ...

  6. Fabulous favourite! I readily agree with you. Anyone who is snotty enough to believe they are above bargains don't deserve finding them in the first place. LOL

    PS...My 40th birthday was all about the bargains. My Mom and sisters threw me a party with 40 thrifty/bargain gifts. It was so much fun! Happy FTF! :o)

  7. I actually thought about doing a post on this, too! Don't you feel like you're "sticking it to someone" when you make a great buy? love it!
    Happy FTF!

  8. Oh yes - this is possibly the best post ever ...I love baaargains (and I do say it like a city chick after living here for the last almost 10 years )

    It's like I say to Mr. P when I find something bargainy - "but look how much I saved!", or my other favourite "I save dmore than I spent ". There's something so thrilling about finding stuff on the cheap.

    And yes lets shoot all the snooty non bargain lovers. I'm up for that.

  9. Everyone LOVES a bargain, and you know that Shay is on the bargain food kick, can't wait for that.
    I love going to goodwill to see the big bargains there. Love the beddings that people don't realize how fabulous it makes my quilting.

  10. Love A BARGAIN! And I love to tell people about my bargains! This is a great favorite thing!

  11. I had a snicker at work the other day, the other ladies were pish poshing Thrift stores and garage/yard sales. I particularly enjoyed it that day as most of my name brand clothes I was wearing had been found at the thrift store. Why would people pay full price? Love bargains!

  12. Who doesn't love a bargain!!!! Are they insane???
    $5.00 Jelly Rolls!... now I am envious ;-) Will have to go hunting to remedy that!

  13. You mean you are condoning my shopping trips at the local thrift store to purchase clothes for myself and/or kids when we can find stuff we like? Sa-weet! :D lol

    I agree, a good bargain is the BEST and people who want to waste their $ just to say they did are not very wise with their dollar.

  14. I love the bargains you get when you aren't expecting them, especially if you were going to buy it anyway.
    However, department stores sales are things I avoid. I went to the Harrods sales once and it was horrific! Pushing and shoving and trying to rummage through jumble to find anything worth buying. Never again.