Saturday, January 15, 2011

My boots.

These are my boots. I love them.

They are size 5 (technically kids size) Ariat Heritage Ropers.

I bought them for $90 at last year's Lucindale Field Days.

When we go this year I'm gunna buy another pair.

I'm really not a shoe person. I have a lot of pairs, because even though they feel okay in the shop, I get them home and wear them for a day and realise that they hurt (I have bunions, see) and I hate them (I also have a really really low pain threshold), and then I need to buy another pair and go through the process again.

As a result, except for my work shoes (which I hate with a fiery passion, for reasons listed above), these are pretty much the only shoes I've worn for the last 10 months.

I would like a taller version, too, but noone make them. These are 8 inches* tall but I have skinny ankles and they rattle around in my boots and make me look silly if I try to wear skinny jeans. If I had a taller pair, maybe 13 or 14 inches, it would go up to my calves and look more right. But you can't get plain tall cowboy boots, they all have fancy coloured leather and ostentatious stitching or big decorative holes. These are the closest I can find - right colour, and only small (comparatively) amounts of stitching.

Or maybe I'll go with these. The blue is a bit ridiculous, but oh well.

Or these. They have big sill holes, and the leather's a bit red, but they have a round toe, and really low heels, so they should be more comfy.

Of course, to buy any of these, I'd have to seriously cut back on my fabric buying. And since I can't possibly cut back on fabric, my current boots will probably remain my favourite for a while.

*they come from America, where they don't believe in the centimetre. Not even my spell checker believes in the centimetre, which makes me sad.


  1. I am a boot fanatic. I have 7 pairs. I bought some really light tan western boots 5 years ago and have practically worn them into oblivion.

    I also stupidly bought some Sachi boots 4 years ago for a horrifying price and wore them once and gave them away because they were so bloody uncomfortable.

    Next time you see boots you love (ie at Lucindale ) buy 2 pairs. Not far away now and time to save up.

  2. I love boots. I have a pair that I found for $20 at the mall of all places. Most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. I'm going to have to replace them soon though. It is very sad.
    Centimeters are confusing and small. We Americans have tiny brains and can only understand easy things like inches. :)

  3. I have always wanted to wear boots .. I admire that you do! and those are great. What a fun favorite thing.

  4. I love boots too. I grew up with them. I've been wanting me a pair of real boots. You've inspired me! Check out Shepler's ( for all your boot lusting. This is the store I would go to for all my boots when I grew up in Kansas. Fabulous favourite! :o)

  5. I love boots too but they are sort of Winter shoes aren't they and it just doesn't get cold enough here.

    Back in the 70s I had a pair of white patent leather boots! My, I looked good in them with my hotpants!

  6. Oh now, don't knock the blue ones. I love those! LOL

    I've been wanting a good pair of boots for a while now but just haven't gotten around to it yet. If we stay living in this country rental, I'm going to go for it. I just can't justify the cost if I'm going to move back to suburbia. Ya know?