Sunday, January 30, 2011

Swag Quilt: Progress Report.

So this is my swag quilt so far.

Columns 1 and 2 are finished, 3 is almost finished and I haven't yet started 4 or 5.

Silly me accidentally cut the missing piece of column 3 as a pink and green floral (the fabric I call handbag, because it's the fabric of my handbag) and then discovered when I went to assemble it today that I didn't have enough spare of the pink with polka dots to fill in the gap. So it was back to Spotlight for yet another small piece of fabric, which is now in the wash with a whole heap of sheetings I've bought over the last few weeks to use as backings when I can't be bothered piecing anything.

I've double checked my little ziplock bags with all my pieces for columns 4 and 5, and they all look right, so hopefully I can be all done by tomorrow night. I'm working till 8.30, but that's an early night by my standards, so I've got plenty of time after that.

Weirdly, I don't feel very connected to this quilt. I think the problem may be that at no point did I lay the fabrics out on the floor and shuffle them around before deciding where they were going to go. I just followed the computer. It's not that I'm not liking where it's going, I just feel like it's not mine. It's like I'm looking at someone else's work. I imagine this is what doing a quilt from someone else's pattern would be like - like I'm looking at an answer without seeing the workings. It went from abstract coloured squares on a computer screen to part-done quilt without the usual middle process of choosing fabrics, putting them in their right spots and being able to see it all come together. I know I seem to rush a lot of my quilts but I still follow all the right steps in the right order, usually.

Maybe it's just that I'm not assembling repeating blocks. There's none of the 'sew-press-lay on floor to check that its all coming along nicely' that I usually do.

That said, I think it's a good thing that I'm only fond of it, and not super super in love with it. It will get used, in a field, when I'm drunk, maybe once a month. It will barely be seen. It will probably get really really dirty every time I use it. As far as quilts go, it will have a much harder life than most. I don't know that I would ever put my delicately thought-out quilts through that.

It's strange beginnings will lead to a strange life. But that happens sometimes.

In completely random news, we discovered tonight at work that you would need to drink approximately 27 cans of Birell (the ultra light (0.5%) beer we can sell at Woolies) in two hours to be considered intoxicated (2 standard drinks in the first hour and 1 per hour after that should mean you are under 0.05% BAC - the legal limit in SA, so 4 in two hours should put you over.) Since this is about 10 litres, we don't think it's really do-able.

Saturday nights are quite quiet.


  1. Oh Sara - I sympathise with the "Im not in love with this thing I'm making" but as you point out - maybe thats not such a bad thing given the life this quilt will have.

    And yes - Saturdays must be quiet ...but that sounds like the maths would have provided some fun calculations. I dont think 10 litres in two hours without vomit somewhere is possible...

  2. Oh Sara Im loving the B & S Quilt, its very vibrant. I would almost consider taking up drinking just to get one for myself, cant wait to see it finished, see you at 11