Monday, January 3, 2011

Bogan-geeking. It's the new thing...

I think I've been watching too much Time Team - my brain is starting to dribble out my ear a little bit. But it's not like when I got caught up in Chuck, where it all flowed into each other, because I'm not even watching them in order. But paired with the distractions of New Years shindigs, I'm not even feeling motivated to plug in the machine. I feel bad about it, but then I come to my laptop and put on Time Team, and, currently at least, get cross at the French for daring to try to invade Mother England. Obviously I'm not British, but in the same way I tend to get passive drunk while chillaxing with the bogans, I find myself getting passive GB patriotism when I watch too much Time Team or Top Gear.

Maybe if I could find a decent quilting show as opposed to the hideously staid American ones on Austar, I could get passive craftiness?

I'm thinking of getting going on Casey's Southern Cross Quilt in hopes of getting it done for her birthday (on the 15th, the same day as the Harrow BnS ball), but I've bought her a real present so it's not super important. One thing I really need to do in the next two weeks is sew up the tear in my epic fur coat which got torn by a boy at my last BnS ball, as well as find my ball gown - I think it was lucky enough to be in the back shed, and not get landed on by a tree in the main storage shed, so all it should need is a wash and it's sorted.

What I'm really looking forward to is going to Jagga Jagga on Tuesday to get my Lower South East Ladette shirt. Casey wouldn't let me go pick it up before we went down to Nelson because I hadn't organised to get hers done (mine was the test run) and I wasn't allowed to have it if she didn't. I spent a damn long time on those designs, and I wanna see how it's turned out. I'm also immensely proud of the fact that I managed to leapfrog Becky's shirt plans, and that mine will be way more awesome.

Would I be taking it too far if I spoonflowered the designs and made a quilt from them? The opportunity to bogan-geek-out on that scale would absolutely motivate me to start sewing again. 

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  1. Laughing @ passive craftiness. That would make a great book title and I think you should be the one to write it!

    Ahhhhh spoonflower- How I love that website. One of these days Im going to create something just so I can see it on fabric.

    Im sure your craftiness will return. I have days where I dont even look in my sewing room.