Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grump, grump, grump.

I'm feeling like I'm sunburnt, even though I'm not even slightly red or tanned. It's bloody annoying and it's making me grumpy. Grump, grump, grump.

That said, I achieved quite a bit today, though none of it was sewing related. We took all the bottles and cans to the depot, and because South Australia is awesome we got over $100 back. In our defense, that wasn't just this weekends drinking, they've needed emptying for a while, and it took most of this morning which I was gunna spend sewing on the binding. It's still not done, but I did some $5 donations and entered a couple of the raffles instead.

I also finished my book (The Last Continent - I'm reading it early because I'm working on Australia Day) and worked 5 hours and watched the first 4 episodes of No Ordinary Family, which I saw an advert for last night and immediately downloaded. Hurrah for bittorent, since channel 7 was all "coming soon" and that could be months away. It's still a whole day till I can download the new episode of White Collar, and I need something to fill in the gap.

Yes, I could fill it with binding. But, it's... binding. I hate binding.


  1. Isnt the whole deposit on cans and bottles thing cool. It's like finding money!

    What did you think of No Ordinary Family?

  2. Mum got to keep the money, since it made up for what she spent on the bacon, eggs and toast she fed us all thirty of us sunday morning.

    I'm only four episodes in, but No Ordinary Family is looking quite good. I found Julie Benz really off-putting in Dexter (to be fair, I only ever watched a half dozen eps of that) because her character seemed so much like Darla at the end of her re-appearance on Angel all those years ago. They're actually only about 12 episodes in in America so I don't have too much catching up to do.