Friday, December 31, 2010

Once again, all the blog titles I wanted have already been used.

I realised when I woke up this morning that I had gotten so distracted by new episodes of Time Team last night that I completely forgot to do a blog post.


Crafternoon got a bit distracted by a trip to the movies to see Gulliver's Travels, which was quite good, and then, since I was in town anyway, I figured I'd do all my running around. So I bought hot pink shirts, and went into Jagga Jagga, and talked to the man about getting them printed, and bought clothes, and booze, and food, and an esky for tonight, and I went to Spotlight too but I only spent $10 on a heap of eyes and a very cute red fabric with little birds on it, which doesn't match anything in my stash but which I think will make nice headbands.

After that - is a crafternoon still a crafternoon if it's held in the evening? Crafterevening doesn't have the same ring. And silly me had only taken the terribly not-fun task of cutting out the patterns for monsters. I got bored after 6 or 7, and gave up. And I got a blister on my thumb.

I used to love scissors. Helen called me SaraScissorHands when I was little because I was always always using them. But for the last 6 months I have been spoiled by the existence of the rotary cutter, and it's blister free method of chopping fabric into little bits. But I'm willing to concede, it's useless for cutting around the fiddly little bits of a small plushie. So am I really. Once I have picked a craft I can really only temporarily stray from it. Doing a couple of monsters in their entirety would probably be easier, but I still feel that it's more efficient to cut out all the bodies, then do all the faces, then make all the damn things at once. It just feels quite uninspiring to me at the time, especially since they're all ones I've done before.

No time for crafting today, since it is new years eve, and much fun/feralness/dunkenness/ boganness is to be had. We are boating from Donavans to Nelson thisafternoon. I have 16 cruisers and two ruskies. And a cute new esky, which is the exact right size for 18 premix bottles, which worked out well.

So, since I won't be in range of an internet :( till tomorrow night, Have a Happy New Year everyone. Personally I think that statement is a bit far-reaching, and we should all settle for having a lovely Saturday, before planning a lovely Sunday, just like we do every day, but what the hell. Every day should be nice, and we shouldn't only be saying that on December 31st.

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  1. Enjoy your evening Sara. Looking forward to seeing what mischief you get up to next year!