Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tissue Pouch Tutorial...

This is a cute, super easy little thing you can whip up in 5 minutes. All you need is 15cm of off the bolt fabric. A fat quarter can also be used, but you will have scraps. From your 15cm strip, cut 2 pieces 23cm long, one piece 40cm long and 1 piece 15cm long. Pretty much all that will remain is a bit of selvedge. 

Take your two 23cm bits and lay them right sides together. Mark the middle line lengthwise, and measure 5cm from each of the short edges. Sew the 5cm along this line and back at either end. Try to stay on your first line of stitches so that it can be folded apart. It should look something like this.

Fold the two pieces apart so that it becomes a double sided piece with a hole in the middle. Sew either side of the seams and the hole.

Take the two remaining pieces and fold them in half lengthways. Hem the fold.

Layer the 3 pieces, Split piece first, then the short piece to the right with the raw edges alligned with the raw edges of the split piece, and the long piece on top in the other direction. If you have a preference for which part of the design you want on the outside once it's completed, it should be facing in.

Sew around the raw edges. Double check (you can just peek in the split) that all layers of fabric have been sewn in, and then trim and overlock or zizgaq densely over the raw edges. The neater they are, the easier it will be to put tissues in.

Flip the long piece of back right side out. Push the corners out firmly.

The easiest way to put the tissues in is to zigzag them a little so they dont bend as you're pushing them in. You'll want a bundle about 1cm thick, and still neatly folded.

Put them in and flip over the short end. I always give it a bit of a shake at this point to settle the tissues so they lay a bit flatter.

Pull the top tissue through the hole. It's roughly the same size as a real tissue box and they feed through just the same. When you run out, just flip the short end over and pop in some more.

These are great for bags (handbags, gymbags, nappybags), in the car or for keeping next to your sewing machine, perfect for when you're cleaning out the bobbin case and the lint gives you the sneezes :)

Big thankyou of course to Babycat, for being a tissue pouch model, and Honeycat, for not.

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