Sunday, August 8, 2010

I shleepie...

Came home after an hour at Azza's party... The music was too loud, the sound quality not great and neither was the playlist choice, and with a few notable exceptions, the boys had bad hair and the girls were too big for dresses that were too small.

Got home to season 1 of Big Bang on DVD, watched the first disk (about 2 hours) but only managed to sew 3 of the six strips of the purple quilt. A bit lazy but a lot has been accomplished today, and it was silly to ever expect it to be pieced in a weekend.

Tomorrow I will be (hopefully) sewing at least 1 more strip before work, which mercifully is only a 4 hour shift, then I will drop the tickertape bits that I forgot to take in today off at Nanny's so that Kelsey can pick them up. Then, if all goes to plan (ie. dad leaves me alone) sewing the other 2, ironing them out, working out where the hell I'm up to and cutting the next lot. I bought more fabric than I needed of each, because I tend to underestimate the backs as well, And I'm not sure how I'll be piecing it yet. Or when, since it's back to doing closes after this weekend.

In the meantime, I need to put some new Psych onto DVD for Tegan, whose usual supplier is on holiday and is therefore behind 2 episodes, and do some sleeping.

Since it is 2am already, and I need to get up in time to do 20 minutes of sewing before work, this will have to begin soon.

After I've cleared off the bed.

Damn this outfit choosing mess...

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