Saturday, August 7, 2010

Post Crafternoon, Pre Whoring...

Had a big crafternoon at Helen's, made some decent progress on the purple test quilt (3/4 of the top cut and pinned, all of the rest of the fabric washed and ironed ready to go) and had 2 fast food meals for the day (usually only have one.) Showed off the retro and bluegreen quilts, and stunned people into indecision with my huge array of 10cm squares.

And now, instead of getting stuck in further while watching the Big Bang DVDs I bought with my massive tax cheque, I have to, according to Casey, go "whoring"

Azza from work's birthday party is on tonight. She doesn't mean real whoring, just going out and acting slutty while not actually being slutty at all. It's a Casey thing. I'm not feeling it, as once I have started on a quilt it's go go go, but she is being insistent.

Guess who's not getting the purple quilt?

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