Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Please Hold...

Just wrote my first mini tutorial, but I have to go to work now and I don't have time to do the photos that it needs. I'm also not sure how to post it - whether I just do it as a regular post (probably, it's not a very big or complicated thing - I can do them in about 5 minutes) or as a proper PDF download thing. There's no pattern to print so scaling doesn't matter; although I have of course written it in metric it would be a super easy conversion for the imperialists amongst us (Hi American reader! I see you! :) to convert it.

Only a short shift tonight, thankfully, as I really need to make some progress after 2 days wasted staring at numbers.

There's the photos for this (for which I will have to make at least one, which usually leads to me making 3 or 4, because of the OCD), and a bag for one of the girls at work's portable DVD player (though I need to find my foam for that one) and I really need to make some more progress on the boat quilt cover, which has sat sadly in the corner since being basted Saturday night.

And the purple quilt has been ignored for over a fortnight now and I'm feeling guilty about that, and I'll probably get the math sorted for the mini quilts while I'm at work and be filled with a burning desire to start as soon as I get home.

Although what will probably actually happen is I'll accidentally go into the lounge at some point, become entranced by the warmth of the fire and the brain lull of primetime TV, and my night will be ruined.

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