Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sort-of-Normal Service Resumation (if that's even a word)

I didn't get to go shopping,the night was simultaneously good and bad, and I'm still (literally) a little bit blue.

If I was a good little craft blogger I would have come home and got straight into finishing the purple quilt, or redux-ing the selvage stubby holder, but I feel like seven types of shit, all stacked on top of one another, and with a couple more types sitting around the bottom because they slid off.

I did get myself enough selvages cut and trimmed to make 2 more stubby holders (with the lines going up and down instead of around) but then I was trying to put them in order and Babycat jumped on them, so I gave up.

Now I'm watching Psych DVD commentaries and trying to muster up the energy to either go have a shower (which would involve having to stand up up for 20 minutes) or clear all the stuff off my bed (which would involve having to lift/move/organise stuff, and, also, stand up)

I'm onto my last unwatched commentary (I've already watched the last one (first) because that commentary was the sole reason I bought the DVD) so once this episode finishes it would be a good time to get into other stuff, but... 

We'll see how I'm feeling in 30minutes I guess....

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