Saturday, August 28, 2010

Time to call it a night...

I was so right about the guy on Law and Order. I'm just awesome that way.

Got some more done on Dad's quilt - the blocks have been paired and the pairs have been pinned together to sew into strips tomorrow.

What a nice looking pile.

Here's the bits all out on the floor right before I pinned it.

The angle is horrible because it's quite a bit longer than what I usually make is, and I couldn't fit it any other way.

If I have one criticism of this quilt, it's that I didn't choose fabrics with enough definition.The plain colour sketch of this quilt looks really vibrant, with the thinner bits making the big bits pop, but the design is a bit lost in the similarities between the fabrics. It's a complaint I've made about a lot of quilts in books, and it's something I've so far not had trouble with, but I think it's mainly because of the line I'm using - trying to keep with the fish theme, especially this style of fish theme, left me with really limited choices. It looks better on the angle, when your eye is following the lines the pattern makes, but still.

We are our own harshest critics.

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