Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Waste of a day, and a waste of money...

Today, probably bummed at the fact that there was nothing at the post office for me, I bought a new phone. It's a Nokia 6220 classic, it is 3G, it has a 5mp camera and, most importantly, GPS.

I'd been considering it as a replacement for the old dash for a while, because I cant seem to find anything better than the dash at a decent price, and the dash is starting to show its age. Not that I ever really use it, but it lives at the bottom of a very full handbag, and for some reason lately it has been refusing to send messages when it gets turned back on, which shouldn't matter as I never turn my phone off, but does matter as I often forget to charge it, and it goes flat because of this at least once a fortnight. The SMSes start working again after a few off and ons, but I know it's only a matter of time before it's done for good. So, planning ahead, with the 6220 a massive 40% off (that's about $80) I bought it.

It's locked to vodafone, but its only a $20 unlocking fee after 6 months, and I figure the dash can hold out that long as my actual phone. In the meantime, I'll put a super long expiry on the phone and use it as a GPS - since I already have a Nokia charger in my car for my sisters' phones it should work out well. And at $120, it was cheaper than the dash, and that's only 4 months of ownership (4 and a half if you include unlocking) by my rules of a dollar a day, before I can get a new one if I change my mind. Or Becky steals it.

I have price/usage rules for lots of things. Big ticket items (anything over $100, includes phones, cameras, laptops etc) cannot be replaced until it has been used for as many days as dollars it cost. Little things (clothes, jewellery) must be worn for as many hours as dollars spent. There's and amendment to this rule too - the hours can also include time spent altering. So, if I buy a shirt from the salvos for $3, I have to spend at least 3 hours trying to change it before I can give up and throw it out. As a result of these rules, I have about 20 pairs of jeans (at an average of $7 each I need only wear them for a day) and twice that many long sleeve shirts. Oddly though, I usually wear them the day after I get them, thus filling their commitment, and then put them in the cupboard and go back to rotating though my 3 favourites. But those 3 have evolved over the years, so it's not all bad.

What I really need to do is come up with some similar sort of rule in relation to buying fabrics. So far I have these rules - $3 for fat quarters. No more than $10 per yard after postage is added and spread through the purchase. If you're gunna pay more than $15 a metre, you better bloody love it, or bloody need it. But these rules don't really have any effect on sewing time, or completed project useage time, which as good, as I've not done much in the way of completed projects lately.

No sewing today after work as I cant seem to get up the motivation for the quilting. Actually, I cant get up the motivation to clear around the machine, as there seems to be a bit of a pile up.

Only fabric purchase of the day was another $60 of fabric for dad's boat quilt - there were 2 sellers who each had about half the fabrics I wanted - the first had them 20% off last week and the second 26% off this week, so now I've got all the fish from the Odyssea range, as well as 2 lots of shells and 1 lot of bubbles, and that's enough for the whole quilt (probably single but maybe double) and backing too (well, if I do double, maybe the piecing of the backing, and I'll get a $3 blue from spotlight).

Tomorrow I'm only doing a short shift at work so I ought to be home in time to achieve something, and as always, I'm hoping there will be a massive box of fabrics at the post office waiting to be bought home and looked through. If there is, I don't expect much in the way of actual work to get done.

Randomness for the day... all this playing with the new phone takes me back to the last time I was trying to get a new phone sorted, which was the $30 Virgin one I got for Maddy for her birthday. That was back in January, or possibly the first week of Febuary, and the weather was fucking gorgeous. I've said a few times how little I remember of last summer, since I pretty much blocked it out due to ShitGoingDown. But I remember that afternoon, sitting in my warm car in a t-shirt, talking to the nice indian man on the phone as the sun went down, and then I went to Fasta Pasta and gave it to Maddy.

I am sooo ready for it to be warm again. Sooo ready.

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