Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Purple plans...

I finally got around to putting in order and pinning the last 4 strips of the purple quilt, but I'm stalling on the sewing because of how much of a drag the other 6 strips were.

Granted, instead of having an old episode of Psych or Top Gear on I had new Big Bang Theory DVDs playing and that took up way more of my attention and slowed me down, but still... Sewing the strips was a massive drag.

The main reason I quilt over other kinds of sewing is the massive sense of achievement you get when you accomplish part of it. Usually I can stop for the night having done a whole lot of string piecing and feel good about how much I've gotten done, and the next day I only need to feel iron out all of my seams to get the same warm fuzzy.

But this purple quilt, in spite of the fact that I've tried to make it as quick as possible, feels really slow. It might be because I stopped for only 1 day between finishing the bluegreen quilt and starting this one. Or maybe it's because my parents are home, and its not as relaxing around here as it was a couple of weeks ago.
But, I have tomorrow off, and I've only got one Big Bang DVD left, which I'll be watching tonight. So no more of that to distract me, and hopefully, the top should be all done by tomorrow night.

Then it's piecing the back, which should be easy as its 2 strips of 23cm squares either side of the big bit.

And then quilting, which will be interesting as I'll be using a real actual quilt instead of batting. Because of this its going to be fairly spaced - I'm sewing over the seams on the across so that's about 20cm, if that seems too sparse I'll do through the middle as well. 

But that's for Friday.

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