Sunday, August 15, 2010


The backing fabric that Helen chose is in the machine, along with some other random green bits that needed doing too.

To be honest, it's not what I would have chosen. It's a green with some very sparse peach and grey swirls on it, and even though it's very nice, it's a different shade of green than the green on the front, and being a bit OCD, that makes me twitchy.

I should mention though, that with regards to quilting at least, for me OCD stands for Over-Cautious-Disorder. I get really worried that something will fall apart, or that someone will notice some other little fault of part of it that isn't quite right. It's why I double sew my bindings and use an almost wastefully wide seam allowance. It's why I unpick 1/4 of what I've just sewn and ironed because the pattern that I never intended to put in there in the first place is wrong. It causes me to go and re-buy half the fabrics I've chosen because they're not quite exactly right and what if someone notices?

I'm fairly sure that noone, at any point, is going to ask me why the fabric on the back of someone else's quilt is a fairly cool shade of green when the fabric on the front is a very warm green. But if they do... It was the pregnant lady. She picked it.

To be fair, it goes quite nicely with the binding, and we did choose it in about 15 minutes, having only been to 1 store.

With regards to the back piecing, despite the fact that it's getting cut out in just 18 hours, I'm still not being told what is coming, so instead of the pretty flowers (because we are thinking girl) it will be the little stars on white in red, black and blue as well as a pastel blue stripe that came in the mixed bundle from (because it might be boy)

And if it is a boy, and there's flowers on the back, and someone even looks like they might mention it, I will spontaneously explode from embarrassment.

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  1. Sara, Sara, Sara, I love the quilt, Im sorry I was in no fit state to actually see it or say that on Monday but it is perfect and as for the back, I love that just as much as the front even though you didnt pick the backing I take full responsability for it and I think its awsome just like the maker. Esther is a very lucky girl to have it and I hope she treasures it for the rest of her life. We thank you from the bottom of our crafty little hearts =)