Friday, August 13, 2010

Progress report...

I told myself I wouldn't post anything until I had at least finished the top, and then when I had finished the top, I figured I'd press on with sorting out the batting, and since this quilt is a) more lofty and b) less clingy than the bamboo I'm used to I decided I'd baste in the ditch before I got the backing sorted, so I could at least turn it over.

So now I'm halfway through doing the backing, only having stopped because I was feeling a little faint from hunger.

Not sure on how or when I'll be doing my actual quilting - tossing up a bit between pulling an all nighter to get the damn thing over and done with and going into spotlight tomorrow and buying basting spray again - I haven't used it since the first quilt, which was wool - bamboo clings so much you hardly need baste. 

I basically have one strip of big squares to quilt and iron, then its joining my 2 strips of squares to my big bits and the back is all done. Quilting thus far (basting) has been a bit of a bitch, as this quilt is not only loftier but also larger than the bamboo I usually use, so I'll be struggling down in my slightly cramped bedroom space - The big rainbow quilt was done in the lounge in the wee small hours when I could do furniture shifting and have more space.

I think I'm gunna stop. Well, not just now, but once the back is done and pinned down to it.

Then I will either sleep or make a start on Helen's baby's quilt, which I've cut down to it's big squares (well, rectangles technically, I wanted 22x24 but have had to settle for 21.5x24 because of all the washing machine fraying) and need to do the two slices within it.

Due to a lack of response with regards to design, I've picked number 3 because I liked it and #2 equally, but #3 is a bit easier to do because both the sides are the same colour.

Actually, scratch 3 paragraphs ago. I'm beat, and going to bed. I've got tomorrow.

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