Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I cut the squares I did last night.

Turns out it was only 8 slices, and I could have done it in the credits of an episode, were it not for the fact that I need to be ready to pause it to read that bit at the end.

I finally got around to taking some photos of the new arrivals

That's 30 whole centimetres of fabric. I didnt include the nasty ones, which was about half of the random mixed bundle, but no matter. A couple of them were nice, and they bought down the average price, which is always the important thing. The bottom few are from eBay, for the ungrateful man's quilt.

Hearting the Soiree bundle, no longer in its proper order now that I've picked some to do something with. Maybe. The top 12, three designs in 4 colourways each, will probably be used to make the same design as what I'm gunna do for Helen's baby. Maybe.

Currently, it's being attacked by Babycat.

In other news, I'm currently experiencing the single worst cheese overdose of all time. Freaking time of the month food cravings. Maybe some fabric shopping would make me feel better.

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