Saturday, August 14, 2010

Progress report - 4am.

The purple quilt isn't finished, but I'm hoping the quilting is.

I planned to quilt across the seams and leave it at that but the top is a bit loose on a couple of the rows.

So, as per usual, I've done a square and chucked it in the wash with my work clothes and the fabric I'm using as binding for the Make Life baby quilt. Hopefully it will boof up, reassuring me that the quilting I've done already is enough (please please please) and I don't have to do some more across the blocks.

Also, even though I said I wasn't gunna, I made a start on the Make Life quilt. It's up to what I've referred to as quarter blocks since doing the retro star quilt, because each one was one quarter of the star block. So really, all I've done is reassemble my cutting from this evening, giving me the 48 blocks to arrange into a quilt, to match one of the patterns or otherwise.

I did a test to see if the staggered design would work with the blocks being the same colour on both sides 

It does.

I also had a play with a scattered design too.

Which also works. So I figure I'll be having a play around with the real thing tomorrow at some point.

Speaking of tomorrow, dad seems insistent that he will be getting me up at 9. I've put up with this whole "don't do stuff late at night" shit for the weekdays, but it's not applying tomorrow. It's a Saturday morning. If I had said I was going to be out till 3 partying, he would be actively encouraging me. Hell, he goes out and gets shitfaced 3 nights a week, so what the fuck is so bad about me being considerate, and only taking up the whole living room once everyone has gone to bed? Would he rather me be spraying fumey basting spray when Maddy is in there? When food is being cooked? Would he rather me fighting with Mum and Casey over bench space so I can have some room to press my seams, while they spread out cooking?

He whinges when I take up the floorspace for basting. And he whinges when I stay up late so I'm not in anyone's way.

But he doesn't whinge about the fact that Becky owes him, me and mum HUGE sums of money. Or the fact that Casey spends as much on alcohol and nights out with her friends as I do on fabric.

Staying up late on a Friday night to get shit done. It's not the worst crime in the world.

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