Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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Last week we got our toilet replaced and I'm still not too fond of the new one - especially its flush. It seems almost violent, especially as it ends the half flush, as if there's some big medieval drawbridge inside of it slamming shut. Or maybe it's just me.


Tonight at work I did a 2 minute bit of math that I should have done Saturday night and saved myself two days of angst about the fact that I had suddenly become unable to do quilt math. Basically it goes:

tqs:1 side
neat16th is 418cm2
based on 19x21final
18av. neat16ths
one side needs
22 neat16ths
or 5 1/2fqs
to fill
22 neat16ths (5fq)
to make to 4by5 (tqs84x95)

I tend to abbreviate quite harshly when I'm doing math at work so noone understands it but me... tqs is total quilt size and a neat16th is 3cm less in each direction of what I can cut four of from a fat quarter. I have 4 1/2 fat quarters for each side, but I need at least 5 per side, which will get me an 84cm by 95cm quilt, with almost exactly the same setup as a cot sized quilt (but 4 and 5, instead of 6 and 8) Great. So now what?


I got a little envelope of fabric I bought from Etsy in the mail today, but silly me thought I was starting at 2.30 even though it's a Monday, when I always start at 3 (Tracey, who does the day shift on smokes needs to stay back for a half hour one day a week to get her 38hours) so I rushed to get myself lunch and to work instead of taking it to show Helen. Actually, I didn't even get it out of it's plastic, I only took it out of the envelope. Still, even that little tease was enough to put a big grin on my face when I was heading on my dinner break, prompting one of my co-workers to ask what lewd thing I had just been remembering. She seemed a bit disappointed when I said that I was only happy cause there was fabric waiting for me in the car. But it was a good night at work, and Simone and I went to Maccas afterward, because the "cheap" chickens only got down to $5.45 tonight. On a good night they are $2.18, but maybe we were a bit busier than we realised in amongst the planning of a Woolworths musical, the bitching about various exes and the massive sugar consumption.

But anyway, the fabrics are gorgeous; 3 Erin McMorris, 2 Michael Miller including the mushroom stripe which is a massive print (now that I've zoomed that word, it has become one of those ones that looks like it's been spelled incorrectly, even though it hasn't been - I think it's because I've trained myself back into going I've instead of ive) and the fabric that has turned out to be my favourite, which is by a company and designer I've never heard of.

It's called Wild Thyme and is by Carolyn Gavin for P&B textiles. And even though I have a preference toward more carefully drawn designs than this usually, my heart has recently been doing flipflops for anything that features bright colours on brown. I'm having my 70s throwback time, and everyone, including my bank balance, will just have to deal :)


I spent US$70 on fabric.com last night. They had 10% extra off on the under $5 fabrics, and I saved myself $9. I got about 16 yards too, including at least 3 of the Robert Kaufmann Autumn Nutmeg I already have a fat quarter bundle of, and a current season Michael miller bird fabric, which at $9 per yard, before postage, is pretty pricey by my standards.

I guess my bank balance will just have to deal :)

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