Tuesday, August 17, 2010

It's not that I want them, you see, but....

This time it's Spotlight who are having the 20% off sale and giving me shopping angst.

Do I need more fabric? No. Note however that this didn't stop me from making a US$55 cart on fabric.com, though this was mainlt becasue the refund for the camera came through so there's $120 in my paypal account waiting to be spent. Oh, wait, I'll get the new Psych DVD.

All bought. There's still $70 there, but at least it's now a less burny-hole-in-pockety amount.

Anyway, back to the Spotlight dilemma. Obviously I'm already pretty overloaded with fabric - with the exception of the purple quilt fabric, most of what I've been buying lately has been either backings or for non-quilting projects. So the only thing I really need to stock up on is battings.

I've been using bamboo lately and loving it. I got 6 little ones for $17ish each from Lincraft and I have 2 left. At Spotlight, the cozy cotton ones are normally $25, so they'd be $20 at 20% off.

I'm not sure how many to get, if any. The two I have left aren't much, when you think of the rate I'm going at lately. Even if I slow down, that's probably really only a month or so and they're gone, and I'll need more. And they're not something I can pick up on eBay for the cheap, because they're big and bulky and cost a heap in postage.

The only other one I've done with the cozy cotton was Maddy's, and I cant really remember if I liked it or not. I'm loving how much Bamboo clings, but I think the cotton was a bit thicker.

So I don't know. Maybe 2? And then hope someone has something on special soon?

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